dun it for money

last night i realized that usually the rich-poor relationship is the girl being a rich, elegant and preppy gal full of luxuries and the boy being a humble, poor ( or not sooooo wealthy ) guy, kinda like in lady and the tramp or the famous ship formed by serena van der woodsen and dan humphrey in gossip girl !! sooooo why not make a plot: where MUSE A is a rlyyy rich boy, always dressing in suits or expensive clothes from famous brands (( even his sweatpants cost lots of $$$ )), elegant, with this misterious thing around him and maybe kind of an asshole, ((( +++points if he’s a bit of a womanizer, dont mistake it w being a fuckboy they different things ok !!!! ))) with high standards when it comes to women, and MUSE B is a humble middle class girl that could work in a not-so-chic place like a cafeteria or some fast food place??? or is just a student and she has to work hard to pay her studies bc her bank is full of - - - and not $$$, her personality could go from being classy, shy and a rly nice girl to ‘i hate u and ur money i dun lyk u!!!’ type of girl, its up to your imagination idc?? ofc they dont know each other so they could meet anywhere. u can do a lot of things w this plot tbh that’s why its so great just let your imagination fly and yeah !!!!

Morning of Goodbyes

Josh Dun X Reader. Josh is leaving for tour today so you have a very bittersweet lazy morning. Word Count: 665 This is more of a blurb than a full on story but…

Please feel free to send in any Josh or Tyler requests! (Sorry if this is rubbish) 

You felt a strong arm drape across your waist and a light sigh escape Josh’s lips. Your eyes squinted at the clock on the nightstand.

10:00 AM.

Geez. You guys slept in later than normal. Last night you had stayed up until two o'clock, fearing the fact that the sooner you went to bed, the sooner tomorrow would come. You two had rolled back and forth in a restless pile of blankets, talking about how you would get through your days without each other. Josh was promising to call everyday and calculated at what time he would have to talk to you with the time zone change. You listened to his voice as if it was the last time you would ever hear it and fell asleep tracing the tattoos on his arm.  Josh was leaving for another leg of the ERS world tour this afternoon. You rolled over to face Josh and buried your face in his neck. “Joshua. Have you finished packing?” Packing. Oh gosh. He really was leaving. You hated that word. Whenever Josh’s familiar suitcase was laying out on your bedroom floor, you took it as a sign of the heartbreaking goodbye that was to come. It seemed like he was always getting up and leaving. “No.” he whispered. “I haven’t figured out how to fit you in that suitcase yet.” You giggled as Josh took your hands in his and kissed your knuckles. This boy. What in the world are you going to do for the next month? 

“Please come Y/N…” Josh mumbled to himself, even though he already knew that was impossible. He already knew you would kiss his cheek and whisper “I can’t Joshua” into his ear. He knew because you did this every time. You two would see each other for a week or so and Josh would beg you to come on tour with him, even though he was sure you would deny his request. So you were once again lying in bed, trying to assure Josh that if you had it your way, you would be with him every second, but you had to stay in Los Angeles for your job.

“You could quit your job.”

“No Josh… I have to support myself I-”

“Jenna doesn’t work Y/N. She comes on the road with Tyler.”

“They are married Josh… I can’t take your money. It’s different.”

No matter how much Josh tried to convince you that you could quit your job and he could support the both of you (because Lord knows he honestly could afford to) you hated when people said you were “with Josh Dun for the fame and money.” The gold digger rumors were something you really did care to avoid. Besides, Josh works so hard for what he earns, it’s not fair to touch his bank account any time soon.

Josh placed another soft kiss on your temple. “You could. I wouldn’t mind. One day we will be married anyway.” You could feel the heat creeping up your face and your blush becoming more noticeable by the second. “I’ve never pictured myself in a wedding dress, Josh.”

He looked into your eyes and smiled that oh-so-heart-melting smile of his. “One day you will be in one. And I’ll cry. I’ll cry because: a. You will look so fricking gorgeous, and b. Because having something you can’t bear to lose is scary, and after that moment I know we will never say goodbye again.” You didn’t even realize a tear was running down your cheek until Josh wiped it away with his thumb. “Don’t be sad, Y/N. When you cry, I cry, and that makes leaving so much harder.” You shook your head rapidly and laughed at his small mistake in judgement. “No, no Josh. Of course I’m sad about you leaving, but that’s not why I’m crying.”

“Why then?”

“Because you truly believe there is going to be a day where we will never say goodbye again… I’d love that.”

For the lovely @stickytablet, who’s recovering from a horrible sickness. I wanted to lift her spirits a little and wrote this based on her request for more Boba Fett and reader. Hope it’s okay; it’s what came out of my fingertips!

“Alright, tall, dark and dangerous, what’s got you in a mood?” You spun absently in the captain’s chair as Boba Fett entered the cabin, immediately sensing the dark mood radiating off of the Mandalorian. You could see it in his body language and the tense way he held himself. You had gotten much better at reading Brooding Bounty Hunter in the time you had been stuck with him.

He didn’t immediately answer you, instead dropping into the other captain’s chair and punching controls furiously on the dashboard with enough force to nearly break them. The ship hummed to life beneath you, tearing away from the docking port on the planet. You waited, fiddling absently with a loose string on the clothes you had gotten from a shop some time ago.

“Someone’s looking for us.”

“Someone’s always looking for us. It’s the perks of the lifestyle you live.” You reminded him, but a growing sense of worry started to bloom in your gut. Boba’s life was always in danger of people who wanted to hunt him down, but he never worried about it. If he worried, then you definitely should be. “Why are you freaking out?”

“I am not freaking out.” There was an undertone of annoyance running through those words.

“You’re freaking out for you. C’mon, don’t make me play twenty questions.”

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I really want to buy a comission!! (ive been a big fan of you chibi style for a long time <33) Unfortunately my parents dont understand on why I need to pay an artist for a commission drawing thats "digital" (and i do keep explaining to them MULTIPLE TIMES But yeah sorry...)

That’s 1000% comprehensible  ~ヾ(^∇^) !

 i had to deal with such kind of things when i was younger too and it’s an hard concept to understand for them.It’s like throwing money for getting “nothin’” in your hands. (゜▽゜;)

Dun’ worry! when you’ll grow up, u’ll be able to do waaahtever you want with your money money !

if money can’t buy happiness then why is it so fabulous

Anonymous said: Totally wanted to say thank you so much for all your hard work❤️❤️❤️

Anonymous said: Hi there ! I’d like to thk you for yr hard work ! I just discovered your team by reading Crack Star. I have a lil question, hope it’s ok :). I checked on your Progress sheet (great idea btw) and noticed that the Crack Star progression is completed. There’s a 7th chapter though, and I just wanted to know if the translation was over on your side or if you just ended the project. I know it’s hard and long for you so I don’t ask you to hurry up or anythin. Anyway thks a lot for yur hard work ! Byye 

Anonymous said: Hi:) I don’t mean to be rude or ignorant and I’m sorry if someone has already asked and you already answered in the past, but I don’t understand what happened to the manga Crack Star by Kurahashi Tomo. Is it complete? Is it not? Or is it just not released to the public? It really puzzled me as if I recall correctly, it was marked as complete but I can’t find the last chapters anywhere… Thanks:)

Helloo, no you’re not being rude! There’s no 7th chapter, it was a bonus chapter. The translations for Crack Star ch1-6 are all complete, if I’m being honest I don’t follow the english releases since I read it in Japanese, but you can keep yourself updated on the anon’s new site! She had to deleter her old one, and she’s asked me to only share her new link to people off anon. 

Anonymous said: Hi, I was wondering if you or anon are going to translate the new chapters of Motto Musunde, Aite Waya. Anon already translated the first two chapters before the Mangaka decided to continue it (kinda like Batsu Game, I think). I already asked anon but she never replied. Or maybe I just don’t know where to look. I did see her posts that she has no internet though. Since you are good friends with her, if you get any info, please let us know. I love the series so much I couldn’t hold back.

(fyi I’m not the translator for that series) She says she never got your message, you can send asks here. She says the 3rd chapter has been translated and she just needs to typeset, so look forward to it! I love that series too though!!! I’m psyched to buy the tanko😩 

Anonymous said: Hello! Thank you for all your hard work! Would you consider picking up Koketsu Dining? It seems to have been dropped by Acme, and it’s such a good manga!! Please think about it.

I’m sorry, I don’t accept translation requests! I’m surprised you even asked me… I literally take so long with all my projects… I’d recommend you to other scanlators but like I have any scanlator friends…

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Anonymous said: This has nothing to do with yaoi but I LOVE your gif’s they’re so funny lmaooo

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🍑 Peachy Updates 🍑

  • A beautiful soul sent me the Rift extras, it’s being cleaned by my saviors sentimientoyaoi atm
  • Another beautiful soul sent me the Ai ni Dekinai Koi extras, I’ll leave that for when I’m done with chapters 3-5 lmaoo
  • Batsu Game ch5 raws has been received and sent to be cleaned. Yall….. Get ready….
  • I haven’t touched any justpeachy stuff in the last 2-3 weeks, so I’ll work on Ai ni Dekinai Koi and release it soon
  • Do you guys remember Michinoku Atami? I’m working on the continuation of one of her couples with some people it’ll be lit omg the smut… (hint: it’s one of her crossdressing couples😏)
  • I bought a macbook and ifg it only has ubs-c ports so I’ll go to the apple store tomorrow to get an adapter then I’ll get to scanlating everything bc school starts in 3 days🙄
  • Code: will be the last justpeachy scanlation, it’ll be released as a volume once I’m done with all my other projects

I’m sure everyone wants a little Batsu Game teaser, and I’m not a good person so here, have this little scene: 

Money - That Poppy

On my birthday
  • Grandparents: Here's £20 to spend on sweets and toys
  • Parents: Here's £40 to put away for a rainy day
  • Friends: Here's £10 to spend on makeup and clothes
  • Me: *Logs onto computer and ferociously buys memes*
  • Me: Money well spent.