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Well, @momma-dread-wolf tagged me and I can’t very well just ignore a summons from the pack leader. ;)

My wallpaper (look! You get to see G and his half Irish face for the first time!) - a picture we took at Niagara Falls. Last song - for writing. And my face AND my boy. He kind of sunk into the couch and didn’t know what to do hahaha.

Let’s see, who to tag… @savvylittleminx @buttsonthebeach @theladydreadwolf @ntbogoni @katalyna-rose @empresstress13 and whoever else would like to do it! If you don’t want to share a selfie, show us your pet or some artwork or something! No pressure, lovelies.

meatballmeatballspaghetti  asked:

Is Ex ok with being called "doof noodle"?

“So yeah I’m okay with it. It’s nothing but a pet name Juniper gave me, and then Cadmium shortly after. To me it’s my name just as much as Excalibur Arthur Penndragon is my name.”

anonymous asked:

HOLY COW IS PALPS GOING TO ACTUALLY TRY HIMSELF??? Oh noess. Also oh yeshh ;) I'll just wait here and watch as Anakin comes to heroically rescue the new chancellor... and accidentally flips Sideous's hood off with the breeze from his Dramatic! Entrance! (Cue scandal? ^_^)

This is from frickin’ december 17th…. :’I But yeah, no, Palpatine isn’t going to try himself. Too much risk involved. :’I

Hiring Darb and Murr had clearly been mistakes. If there is one thing Palpatine is good at, beyond all others, it’s learning from his mistakes.

He avoided hiring assassins belonging to guilds because getting involved with a guild is generally bad business when you have no intention to let the assassin live once they’ve finished the job. However, all the best belong to one guild or another, so for the sake of finally being rid of Kenobi, Palpatine will simply have to risk gaining some enemies. More of them, at any rate.

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“So, let me get this straight. You are like Steve, but you are working for Hydra?”

“That’s correct.”

“And you want to kill Steve. How original. Ah, you’re wasting such good threesome material – YGHH!”

“Oh, I don’t want to only kill him for the sole pleasure of doing it. When I kill him, there will be no one to stop me. There will be no one to stand in my way to you. I will erase every trace of him from your life and make you mine.”

“Step away from my husband!! – The hell!”


“Tony, are you alright?! Did he hurt you?!”

“I am fine! Watch out for him!”

“Ah, isn’t this a sweet reunion.”

“Who the hell are you?”

“I am you. The version you always longed to become, but never had the courage.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Power. You long power. You are in shackles now. Following orders of corrupted people. You and I… We know how to heal this world. The star on your chest is an illusion. This the way for you to follow.”



“Join me, Captain. Lose the stars and stripes and take in your hands the real symbol that guarantees power and freedom.”

“Steve, don’t listen to him! Steve, don’t–!”

“Tony… I am sorry.”




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