dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

Unhappy Brewfest, mortals!!

It’s that buffoonish time of year, mortal fools; Brewfest!! When all the dratted drunks of Khaz Modan guzzle down that blasted beer until their guts bust and their minds boggle, and then keep going!! Bah!! The Great Nyehehe despises it so!! A whole two-week holiday to celebrate this dratted drink, that awful alcohol, but no month-long holiday to celebrate The Great Nyehehe’s limitless power, undoubted evilness, and fiendish sense of fashion!?! How ridiculousness!! 

Well, don’t fret, mortals!! The Great Nyehehe shall be sure to ruin it for all involved!! They won’t even want to THINK about that dratted drink by the time The Great Nyehehe’s done with it!! He’ll ruin Brewfest!! Forever!! Nyehehe!!

Why do you give away and sell these dratted drinks like so? It’s un-beer-able!! 

“Forget that, get yer rat outta me booth! Yer scarin’ away customers! Oh, and remember to drink Barleybrew! Thunderbrew’s for the Elves! Harhar!”

You oafish Ogres are here too!?! Bah!! They truly let in any dratted drunk with a bottle of beer to brew, nyeh!?!


“Me would crush your spine, but Nokk say no crushin’ on the job. Aww.”

Even these unbearable mortals over here are just giving away their dratted drinks!! Oh, for evilness’s sake!!

“*Ahem* It’s pronounced ‘Sa-ke’, thank you.”

The Great Nyehehe must remind himself to obliterate that mortal later. Bah.

These glass-eyed goggles are supposed to let The Great Nyehehe see something called… “Wolpertingers”, nyes…? Where are they…?

Hmmm? What’s that?

Oh, definitely nyet!! The Great Nyehehe shan’t help you with your transportation, even if he didn’t have to ride that rabidly rambunctious ram!! He shan’t ever d-

Bah!! Dratted Ram!! Halt yourself!! Haaaaaaaaaalt!! 

Ugh, dratted Rams!! They’ll rue the day they ever-




Nyeh? What are you doing, mortal fool?

“We’re terrorizin’ these grounds! They won’t give me a booth to sell our famed Direbrew!? Harhar! I’ll show these Bronzebeard brats what’s what!! Drink up, boys! Feel free not to pay for those pretzels! Harharhar!”

The Great Nyehehe doesn’t not to relate to your dastardly desire to crash parties due to the lack of a formal invitation, but no one can ruin Brewfest for these boozy buffoons except for The Great Nyehehe himself!! Take this suspicous sausage and begone!! Bah!!


“Oh, me dear ‘ol dome! Ach! Retreat, boys! We’ll get ‘em next time! Oh, me head’s achin’ like nothin’ before! Ach!”

*Tiny Gnomish Clapping Noises*

“Oh, good shot! Truly! You’re quite good with sausage, aren’t you! If I may dare say it, I’d even say that you saved Brewfest!”

Saved… Brewfest…?

“Yes, that is indeed what I just said!”


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melchoinsassy  asked:

-poof!- H e l l o ! Y o u s t i l l m a d a t m e D a r k ?

Still mad at you, little Warfstache? 
Mad at you?
Perhaps you’re referring to throwing an entire bomb of GLITTER into my world!?
Or the time you threw a squeaking marshmallow at me?
Y E S  I M  S T I L L  M A D  A T  Y O U  !

Not at all, Wifif. I can appreciate a prank, believe it or not. I fall victim to your older brothers idea of pranks quite often, but I have learned to predict them now… you on the other hand I have yet to sit down and talk to properly. We should fix this. 
It is… rude of me not to properly know every one of Mark’s Alters now isnt it.
Yes by all means step into my office some time and we shall chat

W H I L E  I  C O M P L E T E L Y  O B L I T E R A T E  Y O U ! !

It’ll be nice to spend some time together and get to know one another…

-Cerevire Darkiplier