dun brothers

  • Mom: Oh who's this? They sound cool.
  • Me: They're Twenty One Pilots and I love them.
  • Mom: Oh cool. What type of music do they play?
  • Me: *cringes* Well, you see, it's not rap, it's not hip hop-
  • Six year old brother: It's just another attempt to make the voices stop!
  • Me: Young sire, have you been listening to my CD?
  • Six year old brother: *giggles* Maaayyyyybeeeeee.
  • Me: *fake cries* I'm so proud! I'm raising you right!
  • Mom: What the actual fuck??????????

Why is nobody talking about the fact that Elena was the one who suggested black face to Paul, was the one who suggested Mark throw the hot sauce drink into Josh’s face, and the one who now apparently touched Ramses’ penis when he asked her not to..? I’m so tired

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Quality BB19 Content That Should Happen:
  • Paul & Alex work together to take everyone out like they agreed to, while at the same time are worried the other is manipulating the other.
  • Dominique uses her Therapist Powers to try to get Mark to turn on Matt.
  • Matt puts up Dominique and Elena to try and BD Mark but Mark wins POV and can only save one.
  • Closer to the end, everyone wants to bring Christmas to finale because they believe they could beat her.
  • Christmas wins comps despite her injury.
  • Raven is healthy.
  • Cody is evicted and Jessica continues balding.
  • Raven is actually a comp beast and it takes everyone by surprise and they are conflicted about trying to get her out because of her situation.
  • Cameron returns and gets eliminated the same week (this always happens to the returnee lol)
  • Ramses becomes the Nicole of the season where everyone calls him a snake but there’s always a bigger target to take out and he slithers his way far.
  • Victor Arroyo or Bridgette Dunning host a HoH comp.
  • All the cats in the shelter get adopted to loving homes.
J2 × U

Jordan × You × Josh = A family divided (and a possible threesome)
Pairings: Jordan Dun × Fem!Reader , Josh Dun × Fem!Reader, Jordan Dun × Fem!Reader × Josh Dun
Warnings: light light light degradation, super light choking, very vanilla.
Word Count: 3.4k
A/N: loosely related to this

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“In society, we’re just not prepared for a woman to play like a man. If you look at all past winners who are female…they want to vote for the girl next door. They don’t want that sly woman who lied and calculated and backstabbed people. They’ll give it to a man because that’s what society is prepared for. Why’d they give it to Lisa? She was the girl next door.” — Danielle Reyes