dun blanket

This just goes to show that you cant leave me alone with a fluffy request. I take it and change it to the point that it is something different.

Okey. I changed the premise of the imagine but i think its still pretty cute. Requester: if you this isn’t what you wanted, I’m sorry. Send me a message and I will write something else for you.

No warnings unless you dont like cussing. There is minimal cussing though.

1,400 words.

I really enjoyed this but made myself a bit sad.

You woke up feeling warm breath on the back of your neck, Josh had his arm wrapped around you and had pulled you as physically close to him as possible. There was no way that you could be anything less than content when you woke up next to your own little ray of sunshine.

You lay there for a few minutes, contemplating if you should even get up. By the time he begins to stir, you have resolved that today was not going a very productive day.

“Mm. Good morning beautiful.” Josh said, his voice distorted by the lack of use, you smiled and turned over to face him. He smiles at you and presses his lips to your forehead in a light kiss.

“Did you sleep well, love?” you ask.

“I haven’t slept that well in six months. I love touring with Tyler and all but holy hell, I miss you so much when I’m gone. Now I don’t ever want to move.” He says as he runs his hand down your side pulling you closer to him after brushing your hair out of your face.

“Luckily, we don’t have anything that needs to be done today.” You say before pressing a light kiss to his lips. He hummed lightly against your lips.

“Can we just stay like this forever?” he asked as you pulled the blankets closer.  The next couple hours were spent laying there listening to Josh tell you about the adventures he went on while on tour and how much he missed you.

Eventually the decision was made that the two of you would build a blanket fort and watch movies for the rest of the day. You were in charge of snacks like popcorn, candy and pizza. You called the pizza delivery and ordered what the two of you always ordered.

You popped popcorn and found the movie candy that the two of you stashed in the pantry for special occasions. You and Josh were considered mature adults, but that was only in public. At home, the two of you had pillow fights and tickle wars. There were water gun battles and dance offs.

You had met Josh through your brother Tyler when you were really young. You were a couple years younger than Tyler so Josh had always been your older brother’s friend. You started dating when you were 19 and Josh was 23. The relationship had started off and progressed quickly as the two of you had known each other for so long.

You put the freshly popped popcorn in a bowl and put all of the individually boxed candy in a basket, placing both of them on a tray along with bottles of soda. You walked back to the bedroom to find a fort partly constructed and Josh lying on the ground.

“Joshua, love? Are you alright?” you giggled at his look of distress as he explained that he needed help building the fort.

“Every time I build one wall, the opposite wall collapses. I need help.” He pouted. You smiled at him and set the snack tray on the bed. You walked back to Josh and tugged on his arm.

“Come on, sweetheart. I can help you with that. No problem. I didn’t expect you to do it on your own.” You say as he pulls to his feet. He pulls you in to his chest and presses soft kisses to your head. Josh had always been an affectionate person and he loved to point out his height by putting his head on yours. He thought it was funny, you thought it felt safe.

He could wrap you up in his arms and he often did. He had a habit of running his fingers down your sides and back and tracing patterns on your skin, it always sent warmth through your body when he touched you in any way.

You walked over to the partly formed fort and held the wall that was standing in place as Josh reaffixed the blanket to the chair that was holding the other wall up. You spread duvets and blankets on the ground in the fort to form a squishy place to sit or lie down.

You pulled a string of fairy lights from a drawer that held random décor and strung the lights across the ceiling. You put all the pillows from the bed in to the fort as Josh set up the laptop so the two of you could watch movies.

The doorbell rang and you went to answer it, you were wearing a low cut twenty one pilots tank top and black shorts with your hair in a messy bun. It had become habit for you to answer the door after Josh had opened the door to some fans and the two of you had to move apartments to keep your privacy.

You opened the door to the pizza delivery guy. He was probably your age and had good intentions when telling you that you ‘were the sexiest girl he had ever seen’ but seemed a bit distraught when you took your order and told him you had a boyfriend. You could only tell his distress was present as he walked away and called you a whore and a slut. You didn’t know how having a boyfriend made you either of those, but it made you happy to remember that Josh was finishing a blanket fort for a relaxing afternoon in the other room.

You took the pizzas in to the bed room and see that Josh moved the tray of snacks to the fort. You crawl in next to him and put the pizzas out. He pulls you in to his lap so that you are sitting on him and he wraps his arms around you.

“I don’t know how many times I have told you that I love you, but it will never be enough. How did I get as lucky as for you to think I am worthy of your presence, nevertheless the fact that I get to hold you. Even if we weren’t dating, which I don’t want to imagine, you would still be my best friend. I love you so goddamned much.” He says as he looks in to your eyes.

“Even after dating you for almost 3 years, I still get butterflies when you say that you love me. I am so in love with you that it is absurd how I could feel so much for one person. But I feel that way about you and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. You are the light of my life. You’re my person and the one who I feel like I’m dreaming when I kiss. I have to convince myself that this is my life because I will never deserve you, not in a million years, Joshua.” You say as he presses his lips to yours.

You run your fingers through his hair as he pulls you closer. His tongue enters your mouth and the kiss becomes more passionate. He runs his hand down your side and you smile. He smiles as you smile and the kiss is broken.

“You are too cute.” He tells you with a chuckle. You stick your tongue out at him and move so that you are sitting next to him and you can lean on him. You hand him his pizza and turn on a movie. The both of you eat and watch the movie. You eat cheap candy and take turns seeing who can throw it in to the others mouth.

After the movie, Josh lies down in the fort and pulls you with him so your head is rest on his chest and you can still have a conversation. The plans to have a conversation are ruined as the two of you start to fall asleep, your hand tangled in his. You fall asleep to the sound of his heartbeat and steady breathing.

You loved him so goddamned much.

Love you the mostest.


Blanket Fort - Joshler

Josh takes Tyler gently by the hand and leads him into the bedroom where Josh begins gathering pillows and blankets in his arms. He hands Tyler a small stack of blankets and Josh decides to carry several pillows into the living room where Josh began to construct a fort around the TV.
Josh pushed the couch closer to the TV, spinning it around so he could use it to drape the blankets over. The whole fort took maybe thirty minutes because Josh wanted everything to be perfect, despite Tyler telling him the fort was perfect 15 minutes ago.
Josh then places the pillows inside of the canopy and arranges them into a comfortable makeshift bed. He smiles to himself when he’s finished, he’s actually proud of it. He allows Tyler to climb inside first and he immediately lights up like a Christmas tree. His eyes were wide open, it was too cute and Josh couldn’t stop biting his tongue in that silly smile he always does.
He lets Tyler adjust for a moment before Tyler pokes his head out of the entrance. He’s smiling so big, he’s completely speechless. Josh kneels down to join him in the fort, but before he does, Tyler very quickly kisses Josh’s lips and duck’s back inside. The kiss happens so fast that Josh can’t comprehend what Tyler just did until he found himself being tugged inside of the fort by his forearm.
“C'mon Jishua!” Tyler encouraged.
He was already lying down across half of the pillows, so Josh took up the spot behind him. For some reason, Josh was so anxious. He was afraid to lie behind his best friend. It was the first time Josh had felt so anxious in Tyler’s presence and he wasn’t completely sure why, but it only intensified when Josh lied down. They were too close for Josh to rest his arm on the pillows and he didn’t want to make himself, or Tyler, uncomfortable by putting his arm around his friend.
When Tyler didn’t feel Josh’s arm around him he felt a little a disappointed. He wanted Josh to cuddle him so bad. So Tyler gathered his courage and turned around. He nuzzled into Josh’s chest and he gently draped his arm over Josh’s middle. A small smile crept across his lips, he was so smitten.
Josh, however, was in panic mode. His heart started racing because now that he’s this close to Tyler he’s suddenly forgotten how to breathe. Tyler is so soft and fragile against him, and Josh loves him so much, but of course, not in the way Tyler loved him. But Tyler was cuddling even closer now, and even though Josh was shaking terribly, he put his arm around Tyler. At Josh’s soft touch Tyler sighed and relaxed deeper into Josh’s chest, moving his legs closer with the intent to tangle between Josh’s. Josh stiffens. He can’t help but thinking about just how close Tyler is.
Tyler hums softly and now that he has Josh’s attention, he slide closer so their bodies are pressed completely together. He hooks his leg around Josh’s because he’s never been able to be this close to Josh before, and he wants to act upon every urge he’s had since day one because he’s wanted to express his feelings for Josh for so long and now they’re flooding out all at once.
Tyler could hear Josh’s heart racing, so Tyler hums a a little louder for Josh to hear while he slowly began rub Josh’s back up and down, dragging his nails softly against the fabric every once in a while. Josh began to relax into the smaller boy and he even found himself sighing at Tyler’s touch because to Josh, this moment was much more intimate than sex.
Josh’s eyes drifted closed at the sensation of Tyler’s nails gently dragging over his T-shirt. He was shapes on Josh’s back as he scratched and Tyler could hear Josh humming back at his touch. It made him smile wider and he wanted to get every hum out of Josh that he could, so he slid his hand beneath the hem of Josh’s shirt and scratched directly onto his skin.
Josh held Tyler a little tighter around his waist and he leaned his head back to get a better look at Tyler with a contented smile. “Mmm,” He hums groggily. “You keep doing that and I might fall asleep.”
This makes Tyler’s heart jump. He looks up at Josh and he smiles innocently, and seeing the way Josh was lying before him made Tyler he really wants to kiss him, but he could still feel Josh’s heart thumping wildly in his chest. Oh god, he thinks. Tyler wants so badly to feel the gentle pressure of Josh’s mouth.
Tyler starts chewing his lower lip a bit and Josh immediately picks up on the nervous tic. He looks directly into Tyler’s soft eyes. “What’s wrong Ty?”
Tyler makes a split second decision to say what’s on his mind before he could talk himself out of it, because Josh looks so lovely. So Tyler sits up a bit, leaning into his elbow so he could look into Josh’s eyes. “Can, um,” Tyler suddenly becomes overwhelmed with nerves, himself. He looks away and begins to trace his fingers along Josh’s collarbones. The soft touch is totally driving Josh wild. “Can I…kiss you?”
The question gets Josh’s heart racing again but he gets stuck staring at Tyler’s lips and all he is be able to to is nod. Josh has never had the chance to actually kiss Tyler, and now that Tyler was asking to kiss him Josh couldn’t resist living out his thoughts.
Tyler slides his hand our from beneath Josh’s shirt and up to cup the back of Josh’s neck. He starts to play with the hair at the base of Josh’s neck as he to leaned closer. He could hear Josh’s breath hitching because he’s so nervous and he wants to be perfect for Tyler after keeping his feelings buried for so long.
As their lips begin to brush, Tyler whispers against Josh’s soft flesh, “It’s okay Josh, it’s me.” And before he kissed Josh he takes a second to watch the way Josh’s eyes hooded. He slides​ his fingers along Josh’s neck and into his hair, causing Josh to sigh and close his eyes.
Tyler already had a huge grin before he pressed his lips into Josh’s, and when he did Josh allowed himself to lean back against the pillows. He slid his hands up to Tyler shoulder blades to carefully guide him downwards, slotting their bodies together perfectly and Tyler’s other hand gently cup Josh’s cheek.
Tyler rubs his thumb gently on Josh’s cheek because he still can’t believe he’s finally kissing him. Josh mirrored Tyler’s awe by slowly running his hands down Tyler’s back to where his spine dipped. From the back of his throat Josh hummed loudly, making Tyler smile again into his lips. He hums and groans over and over because Tyler makes him so happy, and Tyler’s so infatuated with Josh and his sounds that he can’t help breaking their lips apart to stare.
Josh is breathless and Tyler drinks in every inch. His warm chocolate eyes, his blush-filled cheeks, his messy cotton candy pink hair, his kiss swollen lips, the hot skin of his cheeks beneath Tyler’s fingers; it’s all so perfect and Tyler can’t help himself from smiling.
He pressed their lips together almost as fast as he broke them apart, keeping the kiss gentle and they would naturally part their lips at the same time as if they’ve done it a million times before. They tangle their tongues together, keeping the kiss slow and loving as they explore and taste each other for the first time. Taking in the gentle flow they’ve created of swirling tongues and gently nibbling on lips drives Josh completely insane.
They get so lost in their kiss that even when a small line drool began to dribble down Josh’s chin, they didn’t stop.
They didn’t stop because kissing Tyler was so cathartic and it made Josh feel weightless. But Tyler noticed the line of moisture and he gently wipes away the streak with his thumb and a light giggle. Tyler’s laugh sounds so pure and so sweet to Josh that he definitely couldn’t help himself from kissing Tyler again, enveloping his lips in a series of soothing waves.
Josh rolls so they could both lie on their sides but Tyler was relentless and he refused to break their lips apart, so they lied there in the fort, completely ignoring the movie and kissing each other deeply until their lips eventually began to slow against one another and they both fell asleep with their noses pressed together.