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We were supposed to celebrate

A/N: I wrote two fics for Dean’s birthday so it only felt right to write two for Sammy too. This fic just sorta had a mind of it’s own & escalated.

Sam x Daughter!Reader  Dean x Niece!Reader  Jody x Reader

“Hey Y/N.” Jody said from the kitchen where she was finishing up dinner, “Y/N, sweetheart. Come here.” The sound of your feet stampeding through the house caused a smile of break out on Jody’s face, she loved having you there. Now that Claire and Alex were out of the house she couldn’t help but feel lonely and having you in the house erased that pain.

“Yeah Auntie Jody?” You asked while wrapping your arms around her hip.

Jody wiped her hands on the towel before turning her attention to you, “I got a message from your dad, him and your uncle should be here really soon.” She told you while running her hands through your hair.

“Oh.” You replied in a quiet voice.

“This is a good thing Y/N/N, means you can celebrate your dad’s birthday with him like we planned.” Jody told you.

You shook your head, “No. Dad’s a meanie, I don’t wanna celebrate his birfday anymore.”

“Aw sweetie,” Jody said as she knelt down to your level, “Why don’t you wanna celebrate his birthday anymore? We made a cake and everything, we can make him a new one; and what about the big birthday banner you made him?” You pouted your lip as you once again shook your head. “What’s wrong? You were so excited to celebrate it with him.”

“He didn’t come back.” You responded in a sad voice, “He said he was gonna be here but he wasn’t. He’s never back when he says he will be but this time was special.”

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Me : Sure! Here, he’s sleeping now after eating too much food today. And make sure you have a comfy blanket and hotdog or any food is okay !



Me : Gyaaa— I dont want to be called that by someone like you!! *screech while running away from Divide*

“Josh Dun wouldn’t treat me like this.”

Requested by @bitchyteen16

Sitting on Ashton and Calum’s, sofa you were visiting your boyfriend Calum for the week while you were in LA. You were excited to see the new place they were so happy about owning. Since you had some time off from school you thought now was the perfect time to see the new place.

While Calum and Ashton were on the couch playing GTA you decided to go look for a snack in their pantry. Opening the door, you quickly realized they didn’t have very much food because both of them do no cooking what so ever. What did catch your eye though was the bag of Doritos in the top shelf.

“Cal!!” You yelled over to him.

“Yeah?” He screamed back.

“Can you get the Doritos for me?” You asked him.

“I’m kinda busy here…” Calum said.

You looked over to see what he was doing. He was car jacking someone while Ashton laughed.

“Please Calum!!” You whined.

“Just wait ok?” Calum said a bit annoyed.

“Josh Dun wouldn’t treat me like this.” You huffed. Causing Calum to hit the pause in a second.

“What did you just say?” He questioned looking over at you from the couch.

“Josh Dun wouldn’t treat me-” You started to say before Calum cut you off.

“When were you with Josh Dun?” Calum threw the blanket off of himself standing up.

“We hung out when they came to my city. Remember?” You said narrowing your eyes. You could recall sending Calum a snapchat of the two of you hanging out.

“Like 3 weeks ago.” Ashton mentioned.

“Oh yeah.” Calum scoffed crossing his arms, his muscles prominent, him being without a shirt.

“Super cool guy.” You added.

“Ok, shut up about Josh.” Calum said with a bit of jealousy. He walked into the kitchen grabbing the Doritos for you, handing them to you. Calum then kissed the top of your head and walked back to the couch, unpausing the game and continuing his gameplay.

“Josh Dun wouldn’t treat you like that.” He said under his breath. You and Ashton both exchanging wide eyed glares. You started to quietly chuckle to yourself making Ashton smile shaking his head. You walked over to the couch and snuggled up to Calum while he ignored your presence.

“I was just joking around, C’mon Cal.” You said squeezing his torso.



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