I’ve been watching TLC all day today, and I got really mad.

-I’ve been watching an entire family using just one tooth brush, another one using no toilet paper, and another family of 10 kids eating grass instead of salad, showering together, and eating stuff from the dumspter, and they were NOT poor at all, on Extreme Cheapskates.

-I’ve seen brides throw huge fits in order to spend more money on their weddings to men they clearly don’t give two shits about.

-I’ve seen women coming from Russia, India, Japan, to marry a man they barely knew on, 90 Day Fiancé.

My point is.

What the fuck?

You praise and advertise stuff like this on TV, for other people entertainements, and we STILL can’t get married?

How the fuck is being gay  STILL a taboo, you allow much crazier shit on television!

How come it’s STILL hard for gay people to adopt childrens, when CLEARLY, NO CHILD IS SAFE FROM HAVING BATSHIT CRAZY PARENTS?

As a lesbian, I just find that incredibly...insulting, It’s insulting for gay couples who really are in love,  and just want to get married, or if they’re ready to start a family they still have to wait forever to do so. But watching all those crazy and insanely weird people have it all, when they don’t really deserve it? I mean really, America?

It’s just really insulting.  Like, explain to me how are we the weirdos when obviously there are truly insane people out there running around getting married 5-6 times or threathing their kids like shit.

Thank god I live in Canada, I mean I love USA sometimes but most of the time I’d just be really ashamed if it was my country.