Vise Review - Restore Your Lost Files with Dumpster for Android

Files get accidentally deleted all the time. Dumpster for Android prevents such mishaps - Read More on #TechVise

If you are an android user, chances are that you do loads of things with your device. You take hundreds of photos and keep tons of audio/video songs, movies and documents; that is to say you use your smartphone the smart way. But still you are human and prone to making mistakes and what if some of your favorite photos get accidentally deleted? Or some freak incident deletes your important…

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The Vandal

Back a few years ago, there was a vandal in my neighborhood. He or she would go around doing horrible stuff, keying cars, stealing car pieces, breaking windows, etc. But one crime was so injurious that I thought about moving.  The juvenile troublemaker took all  the wheels from five cars, and rolled them down into a valley. One of the victims being me. When we finally found the location of the wheels, when most of us already bought new ones, there was a piece of paper saying: “Hope you enjoy my wheel-egg hunt!” Not only did he still are wheels, he stole are dignity as adults. We were going to catch that defect of a teenager if it was the last thing we did. We put up CCTV cameras at the most frequent criminal hot spots, and one where the teenagers like to hang out. For the first few days, the only interesting thing we got was a teenager in a dumpster, doing something in there (if it was nowadays I would say they were taking dumpster selfies.) But that didn’t stop us. When finally, we caught the teen we were after, but not in shoes we wanted. He seemed angry and sad, and was taking his rage out on other peoples property. But that didn’t stop me, I went to his house and yelled at him, He was very apologetic and told me he would stop, but the reason he was doing the crimes was not to be bad, but because his friends aren’t really friends, they are bullies. I said it was, but he was still going to go to court. You don’t mess with my tires!