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OMG more of foster mom Jyn and teacher Cassian pleaseee if you don't mind

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This one has some mentions of bullying, some discussion of racism, and references to a child beating up another child, so.

There’s a system, in their apartment. Jyn wakes up last, comes home last, and eats last, and she’s more than okay with that, if she stops to think about it. She spent so much time, as a teenager, in and out of juvenile detention and foster homes and a sixteen month stint of homelessness, not being sure if she was going to eat every day; she’s more than glad to make sure Finn and Rey eat before she does, and sleep before she does.

“You act like an angry mama cat,” Bodhi says one weekend. He’s come over for lunch and to take Finn out to the movie theater, as a Big Brother does. “You stare at them while they eat.“

“I want to make sure they have food.”

“They do, you know. Even if you’re terrible at cooking.”

Jyn doesn’t look up from her book. “What’s your point?”

 “Maybe hold off on the staring?” Bodhi says. “It worries people. They think you’re going to tear their faces off.”

Right now, though? She wants to tear faces off.

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