Every fucking day some homeless guy starts Dumpster diving at the building across the alley from me and every fucking day some guy who lives there comes outside and starts screaming at him.


Every day. Literally every day.


These photos are the choice cuts of some photos I found in a dumpster in Iowa City last year.  These pictures show a magic time in Bruce and Jennifer’s lives (names taken from the back of the photos), two young deadheads in love following the Grateful Dead around before settling down to raise a family.  I found these photographs tucked in with a bunch of papers detailing life insurance, but lets not paint a morbid picture here. 

Of interest is the last photo from a Grateful Dead concert.  Date and location unknown.

I just want a low rent romance. We can speak about carbon footprints and forget to brush our hair most days. I’ll charge our phones at Best Buy when you distract the employees with technical jargon. Maybe one day we’ll stop traveling and settle down into a paint peeling apartment. What we do have, we’ll throw away. Our studio can really be a large closet. Besides I just need your body, and a small twin bed. You’ll understand it isn’t the size of the bed that keeps me close to you at night. Even during the summer nights when everything is sticky. Thieves will see nothing worth taking, so we’ll never use keys or locks. You can insist on giving me a leg up when I get into dumpsters even though it’s not necessary. You can even show off your strength pulling yourself up and over the side, again and again. I promise I’ll give you half of the best of my treasure every single time and you get to name most of the stray cats.

anonymous asked:

Isn't dumpster diving illegal?

It’s regulated locally. However some unjust laws need to be broken a la King.

It is often illegal, but always necessary. What should be illegal is that we throw away 40% of the food we produce while simultaneously 60 million go to bed hungry [12 million of them being children].

My higher allegiance [to the Slaughtered lamb] and to live under the ethos of the risen and reigning Christ as opposed to the ethos of empire requires me to not stand idly by while this injustice persists.

Only hit up one dumpster but here’s my little haul for today. Going to go try to beat the garbage trucks in the morning and hit up some more. Organic romaine, corn, bananas, and grapefruit :)