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holtzbert for the otp thingy lol

lmao my loves 

  • Drinks all of the coffee- erin??? she lives off the stuff?? holtz is kinda meh abt it cause her pick me ups are like 2 cylinders of pringles and gummy worms which makes erin frown and take them away bc her girlfriend is going to clog her arteries 
  • Brings up adopting a pet- holtz. because one time while dumpster diving for new/old parts for her machines she found a stray cat and like it was nothing she brought it to the firehouse. erin screamed when she felt it rub up against her leg affectionately under the table but instantly fell in heart eyes with it. (it was a tabby and they appropriately named it abby. much to said abby’s protest. ) 
  • Kills the bugs- both. except erin is partial to cockroaches and like jumps on tables to get away from them. holtz doesn’t mind them bc they’re so chill abt her nuclear radiation. “babe. holtz. no, we can’t also have pet cockroaches”
  • Cooks the meals- both?? except last time they tried to cook together holtz used a blowtorch to cook bacon and erin swears yes it tasted good but no because abby (the cat) nearly got set on fire
  • Starts getting into holidays way before they should- erin!!! she basically wears christmas sweaters in the summer!! knits them for the whole team!!! places chocolate in inconspicuous places on easter for the girls to find!!! holtzmann loves it so much, she love love loves how much erin gets into them 
  • Initiates the couple selfies- both of them because when they hashtag it on instagram as ‘just gals being pals’ the internet loses their shit 
  • Forgets the birthdays and anniversaries- holtz mainly bc she’ll be so intent on her new project but erin doesn’t really blame her bc even her own mathematical equations keep her up at night. sometimes they BOTH forget and it isn’t until patty pops her head in like ‘guys haven’t you been together for four years now?” them: “oh yeah” but they cherish the anniversaries so so much and make up for it. birthdays they never forget. 
  • Always ends up with too much junk food after grocery shopping: both!!! but erin has to be the token Mum again. “holtz, it’s humanely impossible to consume that many sugary foods” “Erin, watch me”
  • Nicknames the other- both!! holtz calls erin ‘ez’ sometimes when they’re lazing around and casually working together. erin calls her ‘holtz’ or ‘babe’ rarely jill or jillian (unless she set something on fire again) one time erin let ‘honey’ slip and patty wouldn’t. let. her. live. it. DOWN. 

These photos are the choice cuts of some photos I found in a dumpster in Iowa City last year.  These pictures show a magic time in Bruce and Jennifer’s lives (names taken from the back of the photos), two young deadheads in love following the Grateful Dead around before settling down to raise a family.  I found these photographs tucked in with a bunch of papers detailing life insurance, but lets not paint a morbid picture here. 

Of interest is the last photo from a Grateful Dead concert.  Date and location unknown.

I just want a low rent romance. We can speak about carbon footprints and forget to brush our hair most days. I’ll charge our phones at Best Buy when you distract the employees with technical jargon. Maybe one day we’ll stop traveling and settle down into a paint peeling apartment. What we do have, we’ll throw away. Our studio can really be a large closet. Besides I just need your body, and a small twin bed. You’ll understand it isn’t the size of the bed that keeps me close to you at night. Even during the summer nights when everything is sticky. Thieves will see nothing worth taking, so we’ll never use keys or locks. You can insist on giving me a leg up when I get into dumpsters even though it’s not necessary. You can even show off your strength pulling yourself up and over the side, again and again. I promise I’ll give you half of the best of my treasure every single time and you get to name most of the stray cats.

This meal was 99% created from dumpster diving (all but the salad dressing)

The sandwich is a faux bbq pulled pork. The filling is eggplant cut into shreds and pan-cooked with homemade barbeque sauce made from fried tomatoes, onions, garlic, and some spices. The bread was home-baked from fresh dough that gets thrown out on the daily at a local bakery.

The salad is a romaine, iceberg, carrot, red cabbage blend. The dressing is olive oil, avocado oil, tangerine balsamic vinegar, and a dash of salt and pepper.

The smoothie is dessert tofu, avocado, bananas, mango juice, and a touch of lime.

One person’s trash right?

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Isn't dumpster diving illegal?

It’s regulated locally. However some unjust laws need to be broken a la King.

It is often illegal, but always necessary. What should be illegal is that we throw away 40% of the food we produce while simultaneously 60 million go to bed hungry [12 million of them being children].

My higher allegiance [to the Slaughtered lamb] and to live under the ethos of the risen and reigning Christ as opposed to the ethos of empire requires me to not stand idly by while this injustice persists.

Rat cages! Perfectly perfect rat cages. Or, I suppose, many-a-rodent could call these home, but I’m going to assume it was rats living in these for there was also a bag of rat food along with them. They look a little weird because I just washed them, so they were dripping a bit, but they were pretty much clean when we found them, anyway. But really, now, I’m sure someone would love to have these. I’m sure the one behind cost a pretty penny. Will donate, for I have a feisty kitty who would not love a rodent companion as much as I would…