can we also talk about summerteen romance, another amazing pinnacle of gameover timeline davekat in which karkat does everything in his power to not only give his friends a happy ending but makes it openly interactive for dave to freestyle his own rap. also the part where they continually edited that page of tavros oh my god that was the funniest shit.

special mention to the fact that going by the way everything else was narrated and this being in daves lowercase style while hes the one reading,, and it being in grey,,, this was very likely dave opening the comic with a poorly done impersonation of karkat lmfao;

looking for new fandoms should be referred to as dumpster diving, but in a mixed metaphoric way, like you’re a deep-sea diver constantly plunging into the deep and treacherous waters of media content in search of treasure-trash, and whenever you hit jackpot you immediately haul the wreckage up and dump it onto a ship

matt murdock is the only person allowed to use the line ‘justice is blind’