Well. The first few days of college have been alright. Of course, the days I have just an art class are amazing. But the days I have English, history, and psychology are a bit more overwhelming. Thankfully I have a good amount of time between classes, so I pass the time by sketching a bit. (My only way to calm down.)

ya know, i am so fucking glad that in supergirl alex and kara didn’t hate each other, that the writers didn’t include the clichéd ‘family adopts a new girl and now i’m going to have to fight for attention’. instead, alex turned that concept around and said to kara, ‘yeah, it was tough for me to feel amazing next to you but that doesn’t mean that i love you any less because it’s not your fault. i’ll just work harder and work towards my own goals instead of bringing you down like some jealous lazy bitch’ THANK GOD AM I RIGHT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

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I've tried to explain the importance of lgbt representation on TV to my straight friends and I used season 3 of Skam as an exemple of that. But they don't get the hype at all and they both prefer the second season. They think people are making a big deal out of something that shouldn't be a big deal. So I told them season 3 means a lot to me because it's probably the first time in my life that I can relate to the main charater of a show and they still don't get it

that’s so frustrating, oh my god. esp if you’ve told them how much this season means to you as an lgbtq person and they’re still writing it off and shittalking the show to you? rip i don’t want to say dump ur friends and leave them to their wrong opinions but also…….

let this man call his brother cute