“Gyoza No Osho” Nabe & Leftover Udon Noodles - November 2016

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Someone in my band ordered Chinese food in the middle of class today. The food dude shows up at the door that leads to the outside from the band room and everyone flipped their shit and started laughing. The guy paid for thirty dollars of food in quarters and nickles. He's my personal hero! He gave me half of his dumplings.

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Ghost! Or normal if someone asked ghost already.

This is both incredibly easy a n d incredibly hard ghost is my favorite typing in general and there are so few that I DONT like


Kinda an obvs one from me ;;;v;;;

my big foofy purple cat ghost child friend who gets all my pokebeans and hugs

2nd Favorite:

This dude was like- 1 out of several various pokemon I’d toss around in my head in the past for what Goro could be as a pokemon. (I settled on a different mon pretty recently though, which I might doodle later with Jirachi Kito ;D) 

Plus thinking about it- the Dusknoir I have in m’ games would get along with Goro pretty well since I always pictured him being shy and loving to cook kdfjhlasdhfsdjk (his name was also Emeril)


Pumpkin dumpling


It’s oNLY the female ones that really bother me, I think the big poofy water-staches that male jellicents have are awesome. But these ones I’m just eeeeuuhgjsdfljksdh

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I'd advise keeping Morrigan in your team, Salazzle are great and have ended up being among the best fairy counters in the game. Plus Nasty Plot-Flamethrower is always good. Also, would Dumplin' happen to be named after a certain Majin in Dragonball Xenoverse?

Sounds like a plan, though I think I’m going to do some selective breeding and retraining to get a new Salazzle for endgame stuff.  Toxic + Venoshock is always a solid combo.

And yes, you got the Dumplin’ reference spot on.  :3  It also helps that Snorlax looks like a dumpling already though.

The most interesting Yoosung calls I’ve got so far!!

(left-right up-down)

-Seven’s route day 7. Chopping onions make his eyes hot. ‘…Can I pour milk over my eyes??’ is a real dialogue.

-Casual route day 3. I can’t think about any excuse

-Jaehee’s route day 8. (My personal favorite because it’s so hilarious oh god) He struggled to get discounted pork in a market but he underestimated housewifes’ ahjumma-seizing-discounted-goods power. Grave mistake. 

He gave up and got mackarel instead.

-Seven’s route day 10, the infamous drunk Yoosung feat. Zen it’s so endearing I need more