Catching up...on readings

So today was not exciting at all. Woke up late and had a quick lunch down at the beef noodle restaurant just outside our apartment! Two orders of house special dumplings and two bowls of beef noodle soups later and we were full and satisfied. 

The best part of the meal was that those dumplings tasted EXACTLY like the ones I eat back home ;—; so I was a little nostalgic. God I miss my mom and grandmother’s food already and it’s only been two weeks D: 

We didn’t stay out long. We went back to our rooms to catch up on some readings we need to do by this Friday. Our prof had sent us an email telling us to read a 300-something page book over a month ago and of course, being the typical university students that we are, waited until basically the last possible minute to start reading. I made good progress on it though! 70% done in a day :D Should be finished it by tomorrow!

May I also mention that today was the first day that I actually was shivering in my baseball jacket?? 15 degree weathers should not have me shivering! I actually wanted a heavier jacket while I was out today. (shamefully gives up Canadian card)

I had dinner with a friend at a ramen shop by campus afterwards! It was some good ramen, actually appreciated the fact that it wasn’t too heavy on my stomach! I didn’t appreciate that the lemon red tea that I ordered tasted basically like the Nestlé Iced Tea back home though :/ so we went to a tea shop close to Shida Park and got a hot Lemon Oolong Tea!

Good god now I know why there’s always a lineup there. THE TEA IS SO FREAKING GOOD. The oolong tea and the lemon taste really complemented each other and made wonderful memories in my mouth. (That sounded weird, but it made me that happy so there :P) 

Side note: My friend got a crepe for dessert while we were walking around the marketplace and I will have to go there one day! His crepe looks so good…

Artery-clogging goodness. Mmmmm.

My roommate was out of commission due to a stomachache and so we went out for her dinner right afterwards. Ended up going to Yoshinoya by Gongguan and had her dinner there. Came back home and got stuck on the internet for a couple hours before realizing that I should do a bit more reading…which I did for about 30 mins and now I’m here, writing this blog post. 

Yes I have a short attention span.

So what.

ANYWAYS, goodnight/good day everyone, will update tomorrow! ;)



Dinner tonight at Din Tai Fung - soooo SO so good. It’s my favorite dumpling house & the wait is always over an hour & always worth it.

Spicy pork wontons, fried pork chop, shrimp potsticker, shrimp & pork dumpling, spicy noodle & pork noodle. Not pictured - more dumplings, more potstickers & green beans.


Dumplings in the City

photo by Guillaume Dutilh at Kindgom of Dumpling in San Francisco

Something you should know about me, is that I grew up in a small isolated town surrounded by 30 miles of farmland. Ethnic food meant delivery pizza or Ortega tacos. I had never even tasted a proper dumpling until moving to Melbourne, Australia to study abroad when I was 23 years old. Melbourne is known for being a culinary delight (especially if you like street-kebabs), and they also have a decent Chinatown with a variety of dumpling houses.

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