dumpling dinner



Sweet chili tofu poke burrito; brown rice veggie sushi, veggie dumplings, cauliflower mac n cheese; tofu scramble, ten veggies patty, chik’n nuggies; pad thai with veggie beef; pad thai with veggie shrimp; pad woon sen; green curry with veggie beef and rice



vegan mandoo!!!

making dumplings w/ my mommy- the person who instilled in my heart the love and passion for food. she is the reason i love to make food, share food, eat food savor food, and yearn good food..

she is also given the dubious honor of being the reason why i dream about food 24/7. sadly.


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Dating Markiplier Would Include

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- Your relationship would be kept a secret for a long time

- Until one day your reflection is seen in a video or someone catches on to how many times Mark keeps looking behind the camera

- You’re then terrified that his fans won’t like or accept you

- But HOLY SHIT they love you so much

- You start recording videos with Mark

- It starts off with a few couple challenge videos

- Until it escalates into so much more

- You’re in pretty much every collab video now

- He doesn’t listen to much music but you manage to convince him to listen to your favourite artist(s)

- Him secretly memorising every line to your favourite song so he can surprise you later

- Chica basically becoming your child

- You’re not too touchy-feely in public

- But he always finds a way to sneak in a quick kiss

- So many romantic dates

- But even more casual dates at home

- Stealing his clothes

- Kissing each other whenever you can

- Whether it’s in your favourite part of town at sunset

- Or even when you’re in bed with the flu

- Mark ending up catching your illness because he kissed you too much

- Dying your hair together

- Having matching hair

- Him having cute pet names for you

- Pretending to freak out every time he posts a selfie

- “Oh my goooood Mark!! I’ve watched all your videos plz follow me back”

- Worrying about his health all the time because he is always sick

- Meeting Momiplier and instantly falling in love with her

- You get jealous whenever someone recognises him on the street

- But him reassuring you that you’re the only fan that matters

- If you’re stressed then he’ll just talk to you about anything. His voice always manages to calm you down

- Having chicken and dumplings for dinner at least twice a week

- Lots!!! Of!!! Cuddles!!!

- Walking Chica with him and holding hands as you walk through the park in the morning

- The man wakes up ridiculously early so he can cram in everyday activities before work

- So you’ll usually wake up to pancakes and coffee every day

- You love to take cute pictures of Mark for his Instagram

- Him forcing you to be in a few

- Mark making heart eyes at you in every single one because he can’t believe you’re next to him

- Tyler and Ethan teasing you both all the time

- Mark just laughing it off because he already knows how whipped he is

- He would be such a gentleman when he wants to be

- Basically just the perfect boyfriend, and no one can convince me otherwise

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stuck underground and missin’ you

The subway comes to a screeching halt and Lukas nearly topples over into the man beside him, trying to hold onto the bar. Everyone starts muttering to each other and Lukas looks around, peering out the door that he’s standing beside. He can only see the wall and it doesn’t look like they’re anywhere near the next station.

“Not this again,” the girl behind him says.

He turns to look at her, narrowing his eyes. “What?”

She sighs, glancing up at him from under heavy lashes. “About a week ago I was stuck on the C train for an hour,” she says. “Threw off my whole goddamn day.”

“An hour?” Lukas asks, raising his eyebrows.

She nods at him, clicking her tongue. “That’s the longest I’ve ever dealt with. But I’ve heard of longer.”

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If I Had My Choice: Part 8

Alexander x Female Reader

Part One

Previous Part


Word Count: 4964

Tags: @yehummno @robotic-space @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough @unprofessional-inhumanbeing

A/N: Oh boy. I ignored my usual schedule for imagines to write this. This chapter, y’all. The scene at the end is the inspiration for the entire fic. I hope I did it justice. Enjoy.

Edit: I can’t believe I forgot this earlier, but this part wouldn’t have been possible without one of my favorite human beings and my one and only bae-ta Maddy ( @aaronburr-sir-imagines). 

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here’s some soft daytime rhink in case anyone needs it today ❤︎

one saturday in summer, after they’d filmed a bunch of episodes all week and ached for sun, randl go out for an all-day city adventure. they leave early in the morning for a good breakfast at their fav place, walk off their waffles and fruit by touring all the streetside markets, and end up at the pier by early afternoon.

they look around and do some shopping there for a few hours, snap a few pics with some fans, and generally just have a blast. they tend to flourish most when able to explore and adventure just the two of them, so they take this saturday to go all the places they’d wanted to see but couldn’t the last few weeks - their favorite bookstores and trinket shops, walks through the park to admire local artists at work, newly renovated hotels with marble floors - the works. 

they get dim sum for a late lunch, as well as a little tipsy off sake. for a moment, they forget that they live in the future. they film episodes weeks in advance and are constantly revolving around “internet time,” so it’s nice to just take a full day to be present and silly and lovely. after lunch, they stroll down to the water and sit for a bit, letting the slight buzz fade as they talk about where they’ve been, where they are, where they’re going. this is how they ground each other.

after that, they decide to see a show. they don’t know what they’re going to see until they find it, a random little hole-in-the-wall theatre putting on a modernized production of hamlet. they’re the two tall guys in the back sitting thigh to thigh, flirting quietly in the dark, completely enthralled by the actors’ passion. it inspires them to consider more shakespearian sketches, but all thought of work and mythicality scatter as the play unfolds. they watch, captivated, as lady macbeth spirals towards insanity. by the time it’s over, they feel they’ve lived a thousand lifetimes, and when they step back out onto the LA streets, the sun has set. 

to finish off the friend date, they go for dessert (they’re still too full off dumplings for dinner) at an ice cream place with a magnificent view of the vincent thomas bridge as a lonely violinist serenades them. they assume he thinks they’re a couple, but they don’t correct him. instead, rhett drapes an arm along the back of the bench behind link smoothly and just admires the scene - navy landscape and massive bridge, no stars but mist instead, low-hanging gray clouds, and the familiar beauty next to him. rhett smiles - it’s been a good day, to say the least. 

when link drops him off back at home, however, something seems to slip rhett’s mind. as link walks him to the door, rhett stops on the stoop, looks down at him, and says goodnight by leaning in and smooching him right on the lips as if its the most natural thing in the world. “thanks for a wonderful date, baby,” he slurs, mistaking link for jessie, kissing his short, dark-haired companion as if an instinct, and it’s only a moment after he says this does his brain catch up with his lips. 

link doesn’t seem to mind, though, and instead just smiles, big and goofy and blinding, giggles in the way a grown man probably shouldn’t, and says, “anytime, brother,” before skipping down and back to his car quicker than rhett can realize what he’s done. not that he really minds either, in all honesty.