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Monet on the Run - 2. Refusals
In 1868, the Jury of the Paris Salon had still admitted Monet’s work to the Salon, but when the exhibition was rearranged mid-way to spotlight the medal winners and the government purchases, his paintings were moved to a remote gallery, known as the ‘dépotoir’ or rubbish dump. The entries of his friends Renoir and Bazille suffered the same fate.
One year later, Monet’s submissions didn’t even pass the Jury’s verdict. To a large extent, he could blame it on Jean-Louis Gérome, a successful academic painter and an influential member of the Jury.

‘The Magpie’ was Monet’s other refused work of that year. Today, it is considered to be one of Monet’s best snowscapes (and there are about 140 of those).

Claude Monet, La Pie (The magpie), 1869. Oil on canvas, 89 x 130 cm. Musée d’Orsay, Paris

Warriors Words and Terms, and what they mean.

~~~ Official Erin Hunter General terms ~~~

Carrionplace = Dump, or Rubbish Heap.

Crowfood / Crow-Food = Dead rotting prey.

Cutter = Vet. Specidically a vet that neuters/spays animals

Dirt = Feces, poop

Fresh-kill = Freshly killed prey animals, including fish.

Greenleaf Twoleg place = A holiday reserve, boating lodge, camping place, etc.

Halfbridge = A Dock.

Horseplace = Stables

Kittypet = Pet Cat

Loner = Lone stray non-aggressive cat. Can have some knowledge of Clan Life

“making dirt” = Im taking a shit

Monster = Vehicles operated by humans, including tractors, cars and vans.

Rogue = Aggresive stray cat with 9usually) no interest in clan life

Sharing Tongues = Grooming and gossip

Silver boulder = Trash-can / Bin

Silverthorn  = Barbed wire

Tree-Eater = Bulldozer

Twoleg / Twoleg Nest /  Twolegplace = Human, A sole human house, Village/town/city

Water-Monster = Boat

~~~~~ Time Terms ~~~~~

Newleaf = Spring

Greenleaf = Summer

Leaf-Fall = Autumn/Fall

Leafbare = Winter

Moon = 28 - 31 Days

Moonhigh = Midnight

Half-Moon = Two weeks/fortnight

Quarter moon = A week

Sunhigh = Midday

Sunrise = One day

Season = Four months/moons

Claw-moon = Cresent Moon

~~~~~ Distance Terms ~~~~~

Fox-length = A yard (80cm)

Kittenstep/Kitstep = An inch

Tail-length = A foot (30 cm)

Rabbit hop/length = Foot and a half (45cm)

Mouse length = 2/3 inches

Pawstep = 6 inches

Tree-length = 40 - 50 feet. (15 m)

~~~~~ Insults, Exclamations, Phrases ~~~~~

“As easy as swallowing a minnow” = Saying how easy a task is.

“As much use as a dead fox” = An insult. Calling someone/something useless

“Crowfood” = An Insult, comparing someone to rotting flesh, or implying they eat it.

“You’re crazier/madder than a fox in a fit!” = Calling someone crazy/ acting crazy. (Used by Lionblaze to call Ashfur)

“Doesn’t matter a whisker” = Doesn’t matter a bit.

“Doormouse” = Cat who sleeps a lot

“Drypaw“ = Cat who dislikes getting paws wet

“Dungface” =An insult: Shithead

“Like Lionclan/Tigerclan” = An action thought to have taken great courage and bravery.

“Featherbrain” = Mousebrain, for Windclan cats AKA Stupid

“Fishface, Fishfur, or Fishbreath” Insult against Riverclan

“Fleabrain” can be used as “idiot” or “stupid” or worse

“Fox-hearted” = Mean, cruel or evil

“Fox dung” = Insult, used to compare one to feces. Also an exclamation (IE: Thats fox-dung!”

“Furball“ - Severity depends on tone.

“Fuzz-Brain” - Friendly insult.

“Great Starclan!“ - “Oh my god!”

“When hedgehogs will fly” = When pigs fly

“How in Silverpelt?” = How in the world?!

“I don’t/they don’t give a mouse-tail“ = They don’t give a shit.

“I’d of shredded you to mousemeat/dust“ = a threat, wanting to injure/maim enemy

“It’s better to scare away a mouse than welcome a badger“ = It’s better to scare a friend than welcome an aggressive enemy

“May Starclan light your path/banish all fleas from your nest“ = a wish of goodwill on another

May the Sun warm your back and the fish leap into your paws“ = a friendly blessing for Riverclan cats. Can mean sleep well,or wish goodbye to a dead clan mate.

“Minnow-brain“ = Mousebrain, aka Stupid

“Mousebrain“ = Stupid. Can be mean or friendly insult.

Mouse-dung“ = Insult, comparing one to mouse turds. Also used similar to “damn it!”

“Mousefodder“ = insult, used to compare someone as useless or a kittypet.

Once a kittypet, always a kittypet!“ = Used by forest cats to insult kittypets.

(Only) Starclan knows (what)“ = Exclamation, similar to “God knows what”

“Pain in the tail” = Pain in the ass

“Scaredy-mouse/sparrow“ = The cat term for “scaredy-cat!”

“Snake-heart / Snake Hearted“ = A varation of “Fox-Hearted” Usually used by Riverclan

Sorry catches no prey or Sorry fills no bellies“ = You can be sorry, but it won’t change the past.

StarClan’s kits“ = An exclamation of disbelief, also can be used as an expression of pain, similar to “Jesus christ that hurt!”

“Tabbies don’t change their stripes“ = ‘A leopard can’t change its spots‘

What in StarClan’s name?“ = “What in the world?“

That’s a load of badger droppings “ = Harsh exclamation, calling something nonsense.

Thistles and thorns“ = A variation of “Mousedung“

You fight/hunt like a kittypet! “ = Used to describe a poor hunter/fighter

Who made dirt in his/her fresh kill/nest?“ = A way of asking “Whats eating them?” or “Who crapped in your cereal this morning?”

Frog-dirt and Fish-guts “ = Riverclan variations of “Mousedung”

Rabbit-chasers“ = A less aggresive term to describe Windclan

Who ruffled their fur?“ = “Whats gottenunder their skin?”

Rabbit-brain“ = Windclan variation of “Mouse-brain”

~~~ MY Fan-made terms! (Feel free to use!) ~~~

Tom-Taker = Male Gay/Homosexual (Also includes Bisexual and Pansexual) cat.

Kitty-Cuddler = Lesbian/Homosexual (Includes Bisexual and Pansexual) She-Cat

Queen/Tom-Catcher = A cat term for rapist

“Go stick your paws in your mouth“ = roughly “Go fuck yourself”

Mystery stone structure under Neolithic dump on Orkney

Archaeologists have uncovered a mysterious stone structure buried under what they describe as Scotland’s “largest Neolithic rubbish dump”.

The layout of the stone slabs, known as orthostats, found during a dig at Ness of Brodgar on Orkney is unlike anything previously found on the islands.

Archaeologists are also mystified as to why the structure was covered over by a huge midden.

They have speculated that it could possibly be a chambered tomb.

However, the dig team, which is led by University of the Highlands and Islands Archaeology Institute, said further “hard work” would be needed to properly understand the find.

Since 2002, Neolithic buildings, artwork, pottery, animal bones and stone tools have been discovered at Ness of Brodgar, the location of the Ring of Brodgar standing stones. Read more.

Cuddy peered at the letters hacked deeply into the stone.
“VIA CLOACA”, he said. ‘Hmm. Well, now… via is an old word for street or way. Cloaca means…’
He peered into the gloom.
'This is a sewer,’ he said.
'What that?’
'It’s like… well, where do trolls dump their… rubbish?’ said Cuddy.
'In street,’ said Detritus. 'Hygienic.’
'This is… an underground street just for… well, for crap,’ said Cuddy. 'I never knew Anhk-Morpork had them.’
'Maybe Ankh-Morpork didn’t know Ankh-Morpork had them,’ said Detritus.
'Right. You’re right. This place is old. We’re in the bowels of the earth.’
'In Anhk-Morpork even the shit have a street to itself,’ said Detritus, awe and wonder in his voice. 'Truly, this a land of opportunity.’
—  Men at Arms, Terry Pratchett
Egyptian mummified child saved from French rubbish dump to go on display for first time

A 2,000-year-old Egyptian child mummy discovered in a rubbish dump in France is to go on display for the first time outside Paris.

The mummified body of the toddler in a casket first came to publish attention when an unidentified local resident of Rueil Malmaison showed up at the municipal dump in 2001 and asked where to throw her “cumbersome” unwanted goods.

“She said: ‘Where shall I put this, it’s a mummy?’ We weren’t sure exactly what she was on about. She just said she was clearing her cellar,” Jean-Louis Parichon, an employee at the dump, recalled shortly afterwards.

“I immediately saw it was an extraordinary thing and put it to one side. Then when I’d stopped being astonished, I called the town museum.” Read more.

One day, one rhyme- Day 833

Those who, when using public loos,
Don’t flush for number ones or twos,
In my opinion, should all jump
Into the local rubbish dump
And stay there ‘til they end their days
Content in their unflushing ways.