I’ve been working on Avenue a little today and I’m so excited I have so many ideas but at the same time I still have no idea what I’m going to do with all the space???

I’m pretty sure I’m gonna make a “farmer’s market” out of the diff npc tents you can add like Katrina’s tent and Redd’s fireworks stand :-) like around the town plaza and move the tree to another spot for a park or something.

the interiors are gonna be fun to design. basically a replica of my apartment, an antique store, and a restaurant of some sort.

Joey’s has a house in Avenue as a tent in a secluded woodsy area bc we like to hike and camp and stuff. ^o^

I can already tell I’m gonna be brain dumping a lot of town ideas here so be prepared for that lol

•I thought the cats didn’t miss me, but I just came home after two nights at my stepdads and my pillow and the bit of duvet I sleep with are supposed to be white but are covered in black hairs. So I’m taking that as they missed me!
•I’m so excited to have time to go running and do yoga again (I know people use lack of time as an excuse, but whatever, I don’t have time or energy right now)
•Laura and I just had a nice whirlwind catch up since despite living in the same flat we’ve barely seen each other for weeks
•I can’t wait for Saturday morning since I don’t need to set an alarm!!!