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My gf has gained a lot of weight during our first year at university. I don't like fat girls, they actually repulse me. She went from being 140 and athletic to basically lazy elephant in the course of the year. She even stopped going out and being all different and emo. How would you go about dumping someone like this??

“ So, I need to tell you something…
I am not a supportive girl/boyfriend. Instead of being concerned about you, and worrying if you were alright after stopping all your favorite activities, and becoming more reclusive and sad - I decided I should instead look at you with disgust because you’ve gained weight. I obviously can’t see how that could be attributed to any possible stress or depression you’re going through. So, instead of helping you and loving you, I am going to leave you more alone, because the insignificance of a number on a scale means more to my shallow ass than you do. 
You can do WAY better than me. So don’t spent a single second crying. 
The only weight you really need to lose are of those like me who act like you’re something to be ashamed of.”

Coragyps atratus, reporting for duty!

An estimated 10 million people call Lima, Peru, their home. And a city of 10 million creates a lot of waste, which is problematic given that the city has just four landfills. Illegal dumps are a common find around the city, and are dangerous breeding grounds for pestilence and disease. The run-off is also a big problem, contaminating land and waterways (including the city’s primary source of water, the Rimac river). It has been a problem for years, until the U.S. Agency for International Development and Peru’s Ministry of Environment decided to bring in the big guns.

…make that the big wings.

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Documents Show Australia Ignored Expert Advice Against Dredge and Dump in Great Barrier Reef

Last December the Australian Federal government gave the go-ahead to dredge and dump in the Great Barrier Reef. It did so despite strong, expert advice from the independent authority charged with protecting the reef that it was dangerous to the reef’s health.

Newly released internal documents clearly show that the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority repeatedly advised the Environment Department to reject the controversial dredging and dumping proposal …




Fracking is an inherently dangerous and dirty activity – whether it happens on land or offshore.

What’s more, oil companies have EPA permission to discharge up to 9 billion gallons of fracking wastewater into the ocean off California’s coast – as though it’s a dump instead of a cherished home for all kinds of rare and vulnerable wildlife.

Whales, dolphins, sea turtles and sea otters have no way of defending themselves. And the burden of proof shouldn’t be on the public either to decide which and how many of these chemicals are toxic.

The EPA has a clear responsibility to interveneto protect our health and wildlife from oil companies fracking off our coasts.

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seeing though her
screaming beyond her precious face
lashing out in random silences
this inner vision
this tunnel vision
this screaming silence
these seditious addictions
breeding viral infections
never knowing love
never feeling peace
scraping by without hope
c-clamped arteries
chaotic visions
delusions overtaking my mind
clashing with impotent obstructions
like reality and clarity
psychotic interludes bleed into
my daily bread
I see disease in my breath
I feel it in my words
solidifying and crumbling
under my feet
sticking to my soles
I feel steel
I taste gunpowder
I hear nothing
as my limp body
bleeds out into a basement drain