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Maybe, I just ask for too much.
Maybe, I give too much expecting the same in return.
Maybe, I should stop being disappointed when I’m alone again.
—  Excerpt from the book I’ll never write// Maybe…

;;;it’s such a self destructive thing to be in love with the stars but to be afraid of the dark;;;
quote by : @thecolourlesssunrise

|||ig:@radicallillusion||| i made a youtube video out of this, check it out if you’d like to 🖤 : https://youtu.be/lIsRkwNgwss

must watch anime: fullmetal alchemist (2003) & fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood (2009) [action, military, adventure, drama, magic, fantasy]

“Even when our eyes are closed, there’s a whole world out there that lives outside ourselves and our dreams.”

  • Mahiru: I take that as a compliment!
  • Kuro: I must have said it wrong..

“It went from butterflies fluttering in my stomach to bees stinging in my heart”

“My first impulse, when presented with any spanking-new piece of computer hardware, is to imagine how it will look in ten years’ time, gathering dust under a card table in a thrift shop.”
― William Gibson

I’m sure you remember that time when you and I talked, about what scared us the most…I sure do remember how quiet you become and how you somehow, more and more closed in on yourself - when I never mentioned that losing you would scare me. You took me wrong but at the same time not. I wasn’t scared of you leaving me, not that action alone anyway. I was more afraid of, scared of the time afterwards. That time that would come after you had left. A time without you, was more hard to imagine than the whole leaving business. You thought of course that you didn’t matter to me. You were so wrong. You did matter and it scared me to death. Not you leaving, as the action itself didn’t scare me but every time I tried to imagine a life without you, I couldn’t cope and broke down. And then you left, for real - because of those misunderstandings and now, I’m living the hell. The time after you. It sucks. I still wonder how to go on, with the living. With everything. With all. Without you.

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