In one of my solo trips to Las Vegas, I made it a goal to see comedian George Carlin perform at the Hollywood Theater. Seeing him on stage with notes that he referred to was a surprise, as well as his confirmation that his dog indeed had sex with his cat. Or was it the other way around? Hearing him play with what may be inappropriate and what may not was a delight, and I wonder if his comedy would be taken as so in this day and age, or will he be shamed by a rabid Internet to drop some subjects. I would like to think he wouldn’t care, but he’s not here anymore to prove it. This souvenir cup from the Hollywood Theater at the MGM Grand, was a reminder of that event, but I don’t think I need this to remember anymore. #DumpDumpDump

#FromTheVault - Nike SB E-Cue “Yassutaka” - If there are any regrets, it’s that I didn’t get to wear this pair enough. The damage caused was from leaving this pair on the bottom of my closet and it being loaded with lots of stuff. The shoe is still solid, but the cage is cracked and ripped off. Not ready to #DumpDumpDump till I fricking destroy this one.