dump me in the trash

thoughts on illyrians

So I was thinking about Az flying Mor up to the House of Wind, and of course Rhys flying Feyre up there too, and I was thinking… that must take a lot of strength. I mean, obviously our baby bats are strong, but it just hit me that not only are they carrying their ladies, but flying at the same time, so…

Their arms…

And their muscles…

And that wingspan…

Just buy me a literal trashcan right now, please.


Fallout 4 trash bin doodle dump! A disgusting amount of this–okay, like 100%–is my OTP(s) and sketches in relation to an AU plot-baby @lady-of-rohan and I have and talk about pretty constantly, flip floppin’ from fluff to angst like there’s no tomorrow. I’m going to keep coming back to this like a goddamn drug! Comments/descriptions included in each pic. 

Why Hetalia has ruined my life
  • In my history class today we were on the topic of Prussia and Frederick the Great, and the lecturer asks if anyone knew what instrument he played, out of curiosity
  • Me: *waits in the silence for someone else to say something, then finally, very quietly* ...Flute.
  • Everyone: hears and turns around to look at me like I’m super clever and intelligent
  • Me: This is it, I have sinned my last and am descending into the deepest level of trash hell
  • Goodbye friends
I'm 100% over the whiny attitude of my juniors.
  • Principal on PA: Teachers, please do not allow students to leave the room at this time.
  • Student: I have to pee.
  • Me: you'll have to hold it.
  • Student: I'll just pee in the trash can.
  • Me: Seriously, I will dump it on you if you pee in my trash can.