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thoughts on illyrians

So I was thinking about Az flying Mor up to the House of Wind, and of course Rhys flying Feyre up there too, and I was thinking… that must take a lot of strength. I mean, obviously our baby bats are strong, but it just hit me that not only are they carrying their ladies, but flying at the same time, so…

Their arms…

And their muscles…

And that wingspan…

Just buy me a literal trashcan right now, please.

Three’s a Crowd (Part 15)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13. Part 14. Part 15.

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I have into the dark side of Bendy and the Ink Machine. But I’m human trash, so…no surprise there right? 


Anyways, just here saying…hii. This is the first post in my art/rp blog, sooo yay? Also please DO NOT repost, or trace, or steal my character? I know she’s a fan character but I’m most likely going to use her for other things as well besides bendy and the ink machine. Please do report anyone who you see is stealing my art and inform me, thank you!~

Also this bendy’s design was made by the talented @devilswinginbendy I think that person is awesome, we never talked, but i would like too-but me a smol mun who shy


shimada (+1 mchanzo) doodle dump.. all i can say about these is that im sorry

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Okay, I was thinking about the finale (as if it hasn’t been the sole thing on my mind for the past 18 hours, let’s be honest) and I just realized something… 

Alex had the smallest, tiniest smile on his lips. That can only mean one thing: When he died, he saw Norma.

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okay i felt bad something posi: yolanda lesbian head canons? what is she doing thats Gay

yolanda has had a crush on regina since they first met and the reason they’re friends is because she kept stuttering trying to tell her she was pretty

that crush transferred to mylene when they first met and she heard her sing (but like she still would 100% go for regina if she was down)

yolanda introduced mylene to misty holloway because first because she’s fine as hell and used to have her posters on her bedroom walls

she really does not understand the appeal of boys at all (think shao when it comes to girls) thinks they’re too loud, smelly, annoying, and boring

tells mylene to dump zeke every time she says his name (“zeke” “dump him” “i was gonna say he bought me flowers” “throw em in the trash”)

complains to shao get his mans so she can date mylene

has gaydar. knows thor is dizzee’s boyfriend. is 1000% supportive. keeps this all to herself.

How would Jotaro, Polnareff, and Kakyoin react to their s/o being de-aged by Alessi?

So, this had been for a request I accidentally posted w/o properly answering to it because I wasn’t paying attention. I am so embarrassed that I messed up so badly by posting the request alone! I’ve never done that before, but I guess that happens when you’re not paying attention…

Jotaro (P3):

  • At first, he wouldn’t really know how to approach the situation. Yes, a part of him is relieved that you were found safe and sound, but the other part of him would be completely confused on how is he meant to take care of a toddler.
  • Because this is Jotaro we’re talking about, he’ll at first carry you around either at his hip, with you dangling through the hole of his arm, or over his shoulder. It’s not that he doesn’t necessarily care about your safety as it is an easier way for him to lug you around.
  • Whenever you’d act whiny or you weren’t behaving, out of instinct, Jotaro will most definitely snap at you, only causing you to cry or end up making you fear him. Only then will he put in the effort of taking care of you and showing how much he cares.
    • Seeing you wipe your tiny fists against your eyes as your small frame was racked with sobs, Jotaro felt a lump form in his throat. It felt bad to say the least to see them cry, but even more so upon knowing he was the cause to them feeling this way. Crouching down to their height, he grumbled, before taking them into his arms with their head against his chest.
    • “Yare yare, you can quit your crying now, alright? I’m saying sorry.”
  • When he sees you curled up in his lap or against him while asleep, he’ll blush ever so slightly before carrying you off to bed. Who knew you’d be so cute when you were younger…


  • He’ll be the most competent on taking care of you. In the back of his mind, he’s probably questioning himself on how to deal with this, but he was just so relieved that you didn’t end up hurt that he goes with the flow.
  • He’ll treat you with outermost kindness and would behave pretty fatherly. Because he’s aware he’s acting so affectionately, he won’t be too surprised to have been mistaken by a father. That doesn’t stop him from blushing though.
  • Whenever you misbehave, he’ll try being diplomatic with you by having you talk out what’s making you so frustrated. To others, it’s funny seeing him act so civil towards a five year old, but surprisingly, it does work.
  • To entertain you, he might bring out Hierophant Green to play with you… And by that, I mean to mercilessly tickle you with his long tendrils. It’ll be a surefire way to get you tuckered out, and then he’ll be more than glad to rock you to sleep.


  • Although he’d be as relieved as Kakyoin, he’d be a bit lost as Jotaro at first. He doesn’t have any experience whatsoever when it comes to taking care of children, but then he’ll remember how he treated his younger sister, and go off of that knowledge.
  • He might entertain you by asking you simple questions, such as “Why is the sky blue?” or “Why are clouds white?” He’ll find your explanations adorable, and swoon when you cutely justify clouds to be cotton balls.
  • For the most part, he’ll treat you the same as you did before, but he’ll still hold a parental air about himself. For example, he won’t have you walking by his side, seeing it as dangerous, and instead he’ll lift you on his shoulders and carry you like that.
  • You’re the only person he will willingly allow to mess with his blocky hair. As long as you’re content, he will have no issue with it. He’ll even use this to bribe you into behaving.
    • “If you promise that you’ll be good, I’ll let you play with my hair again!”
    • “Deal!!”
    • “M-merde, should I be worried that you agreed so quickly?”

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Ardyn Izunia thought - *spoilers!*

You know, I feel really bad for Ardyn. I mean, yeah he’s the villain and he killed people, but he wasn’t always a bad person. He was basically screwed over by the Astrals for trying to be a good king.

I’m not saying he didn’t do bad things (I’m still salty about blind Ignis), nor that we should pity him. But the guy went through a lot and should at least be shown a little compassion. After all; desperate men do desperate things. ….Plus, I’d be pissed too if I had my family, kingdom, and throne taken away. Then I was denied death because I’m too corrupt from doing the job I was chosen for and had to wait 2000+ years in order to finally die.