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okay miss alex ow is a flop but if she ever smarts up and realizes raven stole her cat ears and dumped her coke, I’d be so ready for alex v raven and I’d root for alex tbh

Cold Pt 3 ~ 10K/Reader

Here is another part to Cold. Let me know if I should bother with a Part 4!


“I miss just being able to go to the salon. My hair is disgusting.” Addy ran a hand through her greasy locks, pulling a face of distaste.

“I just miss being clean in general.” You huffed, burying your hands in to your hoodie pockets and continuing down the road. Warren had declared you all split up and look for supplies but it had just turned in to a waste of time considering all the shops appeared to already have been looted. 

“Look,” Addy grinned, pointing towards the shop window. You grinned back as you both made your way towards the window. 

“Well, Warren did say supplies.” You agreed as you pushed the door, which opened on its on. 

Great, it isn’t locked.

Addy walked through first, her weapon held tightly in front of her. You came in behind her, pointing your gun ahead, just in case. You took a quick glance round the store and noted, while it had been looted, there was still items worth taking.

10K would definitely appreciate these you thought in your head as you walked towards one of the shelves.

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Preference #5.) He bullies you & then feels awful when he finally sees you cry.


Three months, four days, eleven hours. That’s how long you had been a victim to the relentless bullying. It had all started when you moved with your dad to Australia after he divorced your mother. Sure you were a bit awkward looking, but you certainly weren’t ugly. Not that you would agree with that. It all started on the first day, you backed away from your locker and right into Calum Hood. The school’s jock. Everyone loved him. Every since then he’s bullied you.

As you walked into the school you heard the whispered and laugh, which you chose to ignore. You made your way to your locker and opened it, getting your things and taking a look at the picture of you and your old best friends. God you missed them. Suddenly your locker slammed shut and you yelped. “Hey cunt.” Calums voice whispered and you instantly looked down. He’d called you this many times, and it seemed to hurt more and more each time. The crowd began to form around you as he teasing began. When he slapped your books out of your hands you felt the tears begin to well up in your eyes. You stared up at him, letting a few tears go free. “Shut up! Leaving me alone!” You screamed and his face turned to one of shock. “Please.” You whispered the last part before reaching down to pick you things up. The crowd slowly moved on when a hand reached down and picked up your final book for you. “I-I didn’t mean to make you cry.” He whispered and you glared at him. “Yeah, I’m sure you didn’t.” You snapped before walking to Homeroom.




You were never sure why Ashton Irwin had hated you so much. Ever since third grade he’d picked on you, and it just got worse in middle school. When you hit middle school was when everything fell apart. You made the mistake of losing your virginity to your boyfriend at the time. Right after he left, waiting two hours before texting you and breaking things off. Soon there was a rumor going around you gave him a disease. You could only guess this rumor had started from the one and only Ashton.

You were showing the new boy around, glad someone was actually speaking to you like a normal human being for the last couple of weeks. Suddenly the boy was pulled away from you, Ashton taking his spot. “Don’t stand to close, new boy. You might get a disease.” He smirked. You looked at the boy who looked around before slowly walking in the other direction. There goes your chance of having a friend. You bit your lit before looking up at Ashton, you felt the tears gather in your eyes and you didn’t bother hiding them. “Are you happy?” You asked as your voice cracked. He stood there, watching you walk away from him. Ashton moved to catch up to you, grabbing your arms. 

“Be fucking careful! You could catch something!” You half yelled as you pulled away from him. His head shook back and forth as he looked down at you. “You’re crying..” He said slowly and you scoffed. “Yeah, thanks so fucking much.” You said before making your exit.




Slut, skank, cow, fat ass. All the words that were spat at you whirled around in your mind as you sat alone at your lunch table. Things had never been easy for you after your.. Accident.. Your parents know you couldn’t stay in America any long after the constant reminder of your brutal torture and.. Rape. Things seemed to be better for you in Australia, but in reality it was worse. The constant bullying had you ready to fall off the edge, but you never showed your weakness. Never. There was however one boy that was worse than everyone else, Michael Clifford. “Hey slut.” A voice said and speak of the Devil. He walked past you, smirking before sitting at his own table. 

You went to stand up but someone caught your arm. “Listen here, cow! You need to leave, you’re clearly not wanted here.” A girl said as she threw her half eaten tray at you. The food staining your shirt before she dumped her coke over your head. The whole room erupted into laughter and you turned, looking directly at Michael. That smirk was still plastered onto his face and you bit your lip. Leaving everything at the table you ran out of the cafeteria. You ducked outside the schools emergency exit and began taking deep breaths. It caught in your throat as you let out a loud sob. You face was covered in tears and make-up when you felt a hand on your shoulder, you turned around and sure enough there he was. 

“What now? You wanna fucking dump feathers and went paint on me? You wanna make me cry? Tell me I’m stupid come on! Tell me I’m fucking stupid!” You yelled before turning to walk away from him. When you felt arms wrap around your shoulders and started struggling against him, but he didn’t let go. “Stop, I’m not- I won’t.. Just breathe.” He whispered in your ear. You hands moved up, pulling at his arms which didn’t even move. You struggled against him one more time before giving up and leaning back, suddenly feeling light headed. “I never meant for this to happen.” He whispered.




Luke was.. Well he was a bully. Day after day he tormented you, tugging on your hair, making fun of your outfit, calling you names. It was like a never-ending cloud of hate that came pouring down on you at the worst of times. You never knew why he hated you.. He just did.

“ ‘Sup slag.” He spoke as he bumped into you, causing your bag to fall off your shoulder. You reached down to pick it up, but he beat you to it. He slowly began dumping your things out, ripping a paper hear and there. When all your things were on the floor his kicked your bag to the opposite end of the hall. Your heart slammed against your chest as he smiled, proud of what he’d just done.

At that moment any thought of this just being an act left your mind. You felt the tears coming and the last thing you wanted to do was cry in front of him. As you turned on your heels and ran out of the school as ran as you can you heard footsteps behind you. You picked up speed until you were at least a block away from the school, panting. “Y/N!” Luke voice rang out and you sobbed a bit harder. “Y/N… I didn’t know you’d…” He trailed off as he stared down at you, unsure of what to do. Instead he walked you home and when you woke up the next morning your bag was on the front porch, all of your belongings inside.



There’s a lot of talk about how Wall Street has “changed” since the financial crisis. Compliance is up, bonuses are down, the holiday parties are boring.

But you wouldn’t necessarily know that from what these guys were cheering at [“The Wolf of Wall Street,” Martin Scorsese’s highly-anticipated biopic about ‘90s-era pump-and-dump charlatan Jordan Belfort].

When Belfort — a drug addict who later attempts to remain sober — rips up a couch cushion to get to his secret coke stash, there were cheers.

Then, intercut with Popeye eating spinach, Belfort is irrevocably high on Quaaludes (or “ludes,” a muscle relaxer) and dumps coke into his nose to remedy the situation — more cheers.

The worst, though, mild spoiler alert … At one point later in the movie, the feds get Belfort to wear a wire to implicate others at his firm. Meeting with his No. 2, Belfort slides over a piece of paper: “Don’t incriminate yourself. I am wearing a wire.”

And the crowd goes wild. Don’t rat! Stand by your firm!

Bankers: First of all, don’t cheer in a movie. It’s weird. You can laugh, but no cheering. Second, guffawing while Leo attempts to evade federal indictment doesn’t exactly help America’s perception of your societal value.

A Night Under the Stars (Chapter 1)

Requested by ohshititsvoldemort
Written at spnfanficskatoli

Author: Assbutt

Character: Castiel

Reader gender: female

Warnings: cussing, bullying

You wiggle your way through drunk seniors and cheering parents to get a seat at the bottom of the bleachers. This was the championship football game for Lawrence high and there was no way you were gonna miss the winning move. You got out your camera and snapped some pictures of your favorite players.

Being in yearbook could be a pain in the ass, but going to these games were all worth it since your crush was the quarterback.

Okay, your crush isn’t a huge, passionate one. You just kinda think he’s cute. Castiel Novak is his name. He’s one of the hottest guys around and damn, was he amazing.

“Move it, loser. Gotta watch my boyfriend.” The plastics came walking down the aisle, bumping you out of the way. Castiel’s girlfriend, Meg, was the one who pushed you to the side.

You’ve hated her since the moment you met her in fourth grade. She’d always been this terrible, manipulating person that got whatever she wanted. And Castiel was one of those things.

“Excuse me, bitch.” You said, emphasizing ‘bitch’ with a bump to her hip, shoving her out of your way.

The horn called halftime and Castiel came off the field, coming your way, but not before Meg took her diet coke and dumped it all over you.

“Meg! What the fuck?!” Castiel said, running up to you two.

“What? She’s a nerd. She deserves it.” Meg smirked down at you.

“No! Jesus, Meg. You’ve done this one too many times! What’s wrong with you?!” Castiel cursed.

“Nothing’s wrong with me. And she pushed me!” Meg folded her arms.

“That’s a fucking lie. You’re so cynical, Meg. It’s over. I’m done with you.” Castiel’s voice was deep and gruff, showing his anger.

She scoffed and stomped off. Castiel found a few napkins and handed them to you. “I’m sorry about her. Are you okay?”

You look into his big blue eyes for the first time and blushed. “Y-yeah. I’m- I’ll be fine. Thanks.”
You smiled.

Castiel nodded and ran back onto the field. You gawked after him for a minute before checking to see if your camera was okay. Luckily the diet coke missed it and you were able to continue taking pictures.

The game flew by, and your school won in the last ten seconds with Castiel’s friend, Sam, making the winning touchdown.

Sam was so tall that you were sure if he walked by with his arms up he could’ve touched the goal post at the end of the field.

Sam’s brother, Dean, had a little crush on you when you were kids. But with your reputation, he would never admit it now, much less talk to you.

They wouldn’t bully you or anything, they were at least that nice. But a jock interacting with a nerd? Forget it.

The plastics, those were who you needed to worry about. Meg and her army of bitches.

Your only real friend was this girl named Charlie. She was so cool and was into the same kind of stuff that you were.

You found Charlie in the crowd of people, “Great game!” You called.

“I know right!” She smiled. “Suck it, bitches!” She shouted down to the other team on the field although they couldn’t hear her.

“What’s up?” She asked.

“I was wondering if you could walk me to the yearbook room to return the camera. I don’t wanna go alone.”

“Of course!” She smiled.

You two went and returned the camera as the campus cleared. You drove home and went to bed, thinking of how sweet Castiel was to you.



Monday. Ew.

You sat up and rubbed your eyes lazily, looking around the room.

You crawled out of bed and threw on your jeans and your Metallica shirt. You put your hair in a messy bun and threw on your high tops, finding your bag and then heading downstairs.

“Hey, sweetie.” Your dad came over giving you a hug and kissing you on the cheek.

“Morning, dad.” You smiled.

“I made you breakfast!” Your mom called from the kitchen.

You walked in to see bacon, eggs, sausage, fruit, and pancakes. “Mom!” You laughed. “You didn’t have to do all this!”

“Well, I wanted to. Because I love you.” Your mom smiled and made you a plate of food.

“You’re the best.”

Your dad cleared his throat. “The best mom. And you’re the best dad.” You poked him in the chest as you started to eat.

“What’s that project?” Your mom asked.

You tilted your head.

“We got an email from your teacher saying that you were getting partners for a big project today. He didn’t say anything in class?” Your mom asked.

“No! Ugh, I don’t like getting paired up if I can’t choose. And Charlie isn’t even in my class!” You whined.

“I’m sorry sweetie. You’ll make it through. Maybe you’ll get paired up with a cute boy!” Your mom smirked, nudging you.

“I’m not letting that happen.” Your dad joked.

“Alright, well let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I gotta go.” You stuffed a piece of bacon in your mouth and kissed your parents goodbye each with an “I love you”.

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john boyega is such a handsome leading man. lol i'm going to be swooning when i see him in episode 8, especially after all that training in the gym ;)

It’s actually getting to the point where I think I’ll need to start saving up so I can buy out a theater or something because I should NOT watch this with a general audience. My yelling and crying and flailing will just not be fair to regular folks. 

Finn: *appears*


Finn: *confirmed force sensitive*

Me: HAHA YAAAAS! WHAT NOW BITCHES?! YOU THOUGHT! *grabbing stranger* YOU. THOUGHT. BITCH. *takes pic of screen posts it to Tumblr captions it BITCH. YOU. THOUGHT*

Finn: *reunites with Rey & they share a kiss*


Finn: *shirtless for any or no reason at all*


Finn: *gets his own lightsaber*

Me: *resurrects from the dead* *starts jumping on chairs* *high fives every Black person I see* SUCK IT HOES! SUCK ON FINN’S LIGHTSABER! OPEN WIDE YOU FINN DOUBTING PUNKS! LOOSEN YOUR GULLET!  

Finn or Rey: *revealed to be a Skywalker*

Me: *pulls out bullhorn* BLACK. SKYWALKERS! SAY IT WITH ME FOLKS! BLACK MUHFUCKING SKYWALKERS! WE IN THIS BITCH, LIIIIIIIIT! IT’S LIT FAM! *pops bottles* *pours champagne on self*