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Tatara usually prefers wearing scarves when not using his mask just to fill space, because almost 24/7 he is wearing said mask.
He is not much of a drinker but when he gets drunk, he is the type that just stares at nothing in silent wonder.
He prefers actions rather than words, doing something can say and demonstrate more than weightless blabbering.
He doesn’t only likes reading in his own native language rather in Japanese, it can get overwhelming after a while.
He was a rather outgoing child, and would be the kind what would chatter endlessly [mainly to Yan and Fei]
Yan and Fei are his sort of adopted siblings, they grew up together since they were children.
He also doesn’t like hunting with just any random ghoul, since he had a tradition of hunting with his siblings and now the act seems rather intimate.
They joined Chi She Lian during their early teens, even though he was adamant in joining.
He held the leader of Chi She Lian in high esteem, and respected him and was almost fond of him.
After the extermination of Chi She Lian, he is mostly driven by the concept of revenge against CCG, but mainly Houji.
He suffered from Survivor Guilt for many years, but then just replaced the anger at himself on the ones he saw as guilty.
That was also the main reason he became part of Aogiri, and his drive to better himself led to his growth in strength.
He doesn’t like wasting time- or just doing anything that doesn’t further his goals.
He does care about Eto, and even is protective of her.
Morals were thrown away for him, and the only concept he goes by is
He prefers the mild weather, and walking in the wilderness is quite calming, given where he was raised.

imagine eren and levi being group partners and they meet up to work on the thing, and it’s just full of sexual innuendos like “how deep into this topic are we going?”, “next time we’ll put our sections together”, “what other times are you free? i can meet up with u anytime”, “can u stay late? i can go all night” and by the end of it eren is so horny he excuses himself to go to the bathroom but levi comes along saying he has to go too, and eren is like goddammit i was going to jack off in a stall. so when they get there, eren just heads to a urinal but levi immediately pulls him into a stall and slams him into the door and they just make out for 2 hours

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I GUESS. this is my warm up drawing of the day. im sorry i dont draw these two much

Three to get ready, and four to go [Dilf!Eren]

so i’m not sure about all this dilf eren madness, but i heard it’s a thing now and i saw this thing by cinnamonskull on my dash. and i couldn’t get this whole scenario out of my head so yeah. why did i do this.


As Levi’s towel-drying his rain-soaked face, Isabel announces that she’s going to take the first shower and leaves for the bathroom. Levi almost protests, not wanting to be left alone with Eren and his skin-tight shirt and fluffy shaken hair, but Isabel insists that she is a girland girls need to take showers first. There’s not much Levi can say after that.

When he hears the door close down the hallway, Levi’s all too aware of the gaze Eren has on him as he finds himself slinking closer and closer to the opposite wall.

“Levi?” Eren calls curiously from across the room, and it startles him.

Levi refuses to look at him and tries to angle his body insuch a way that his current boner isn’t quite visible. He’s about to answer back, but finds that Eren has suddenly crossed the room and sidles closer and closer to him until Levi is not sure what’s going on.

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