Three to get ready, and four to go [Dilf!Eren]

so i’m not sure about all this dilf eren madness, but i heard it’s a thing now and i saw this thing by cinnamonskull on my dash. and i couldn’t get this whole scenario out of my head so yeah. why did i do this.


As Levi’s towel-drying his rain-soaked face, Isabel announces that she’s going to take the first shower and leaves for the bathroom. Levi almost protests, not wanting to be left alone with Eren and his skin-tight shirt and fluffy shaken hair, but Isabel insists that she is a girland girls need to take showers first. There’s not much Levi can say after that.

When he hears the door close down the hallway, Levi’s all too aware of the gaze Eren has on him as he finds himself slinking closer and closer to the opposite wall.

“Levi?” Eren calls curiously from across the room, and it startles him.

Levi refuses to look at him and tries to angle his body insuch a way that his current boner isn’t quite visible. He’s about to answer back, but finds that Eren has suddenly crossed the room and sidles closer and closer to him until Levi is not sure what’s going on.

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