dummy dancing


he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda


It’s easy to get the songs from Undertale mixed up.

predebut seventeen was so weird rolling around the floor and running around in circles and breaking light bulbs and having to kiss each other for punishment and just meanie moments in general and them speaking english and jisoo with his chocolate song and seungkwan bursting in during his freestyle session and turning off the lights for horror time and them just casually eating bananas and jihoon shaking wonwoo like he’s a dummy and girl group dancing what have i gotten myself into




Reaction no. 87: When you’re in the car with your friends and your favourite song comes on the radio . 

The Devil and the Dancer: Chapter 2

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Elide was given the rest of the semester off, and she didn’t want to tell Vernon. Asterin and Manon had no problem with her staying in the apartment, but it meant that she had nothing to do most days. She only worked a few hours a week at a dance studio in town. She had been teaching the younger kids, but it was a little harder to do with a broken ankle, so she’d resorted to merely cleaning up. Ms. Kathy had been incredibly kind and told her not to worry. She still paid her the same amount for a lesser job. Elide couldn’t have been more grateful.

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BTS as Authors

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JHOPE: Girl Group Dances for Dummies

RAP MONSTER: a step-by-step guide on how to accept your fate as a god of destruction

JIMIN: *writes fanfiction about bangtan*

V: Arts and Crafts with Tae Tae (Includes mole elephants, DIY shirts, and much more)

JUNGKOOK: How to Make Jimin Your Bitch 101

I know it’s fanon, but just imagine Darcy working for Tony/generally hanging out in the vicinity of his lab teaching his robots and AIs popular songs.  I mean sure they have access to the lyrics and recordings, but Darcy teaches them how to sing and dance along.  Then late one night/early one morning Tony quietly slinks back into the lab to get something he left there and sees Dummy dancing to Uptown Funk.