dummy dancing


he didnt think she’d get this far

inspired by this kinda


Made cutouts of these dummies dancing in Konosuba season 2′s Opening. Not the cleanest of jobs, so I might still work on them later.

Edit: Since this post somehow got pretty popular I’ve decided to add the two missing dances. These should look a bit nicer since I used a better process this time. You can use these gifs for anything you want, just don’t repost them as your own edits. If you notice something weird, throw a message my way and I’ll fix it.

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SO I HAVE A LITTLE PRINT OUT OF DALLAS IN MY SCHOOL ID JSUT BC I LOVE HIM SO MUCH AND ONE OF MY FRIENDS IN THEATRE RECOGNIZED HIM AND ??? IM SO ??? HAPPY AND SHOOKT AND YA KDNSNSBSNX I really really love your comic like I struggle to attach their names to their characters parin but Im working on it I rly love ur comic esp Dallas I can relate esp with the whole gender dysphoria and its skdbnd d :) thank u for blessing us with this ily


BakuYama Headcannons

- These dummies danced around each other for months before Aoyama got frustrated with the achingly slow build and made the first move. Bakugou will deny this one hundred percent, but the entire class knows. They were THERE.

-Aoyama loves surprising Bakugou with little gifts, even if it’s just a cool charm or matching keychains, because he always gets flustered no matter how small the gesture.

-One time Bakugou called Aoyama ‘Princess’ and that boy almost died from how red his face got.

-A scenario where Mineta calls Aoyama the f slur and Bakugou kicks that bitch like a football across the hallway. (Bonus points if Mineta calls Bakugou the f slur and days later Mineta is found stuffed inside a book bag in a locked locker with a laser hole straight through his grape hair.)

-Okay, Bakugou loves his boyfriend so much and you will never hear the end of it. Look at him. He’s fucking perfect. Have you seen his boyfriend? He’s such a good boy.

-Aoyama would be the same but every time he so much as mentions how great Bakugou is, Mina decks him directly in the throat. She had to suffer his relentless pining for EIGHT MONTHS before they got together. No longer.

-They’re the official classroom lovebirds and any anti’s are blocked from the group chat. And from real life. Tokoyami and Yao have started flinging the haters out the window.

-Speaking of the group chat!!

-Shouji has said one thing in the group chat, ever. It’s become the name of the group chat and anyone who tries to change it is shut down by Uraraka. “I didn’t think gay people existed until I saw Bakugou start crying because of how much he loves Aoyama.”


-When Bakugou discovered that Aoyama licks the icing off of frosted animal crackers and puts them back in the box, they got into their first ever couple fight. It ended with them never buying frosted animal crackers again.



-Sometimes, when it’s really late and Bakugou is still up studying (even though Aoyama told him to go to bed three hours ago), Aoyama sits up in bed and just SCREAMS until Bakugou at least lays down. He passes out immediately afterwards. It’s the most terrifying thing Bakugou has ever witnessed.

-“Who’s gayer, Aoyama or Bakugou?”




“Tf??? Aoyama.”


-Aizawa has a secret cork board behind his desk dedicated to Bakugou and Aoyama’s relationship. Any time one of the students takes a picture of them being cute, it’s put on the cork board. He thinks they make each other really happy, which makes him happy.

-Aoyama isn’t too fond of Bakugou’s fashion sense, but still wears his clothes sometimes because… he likes the thought. Aoyama Yuuga, wearing Katsuki’s favorite sweatshirt and not being burned alive.

-You’d think it’s Bakugou who’s the possessive one. You’d be wrong. Aoyama’s super possessive and gets jealous so easily it’s ridiculous. Bakugou LOVES it.

-One time, a girl touched Bakugou’s upper arm while they were at the mall and Aoyama threw himself into Bakugou’s chest and made out with him passionately until the girl was forced to just walk away.

-You’ve heard of 'love bites visibly on your man’s neck so people know what’s yours’. Now get ready for ’ YUUGA DID YOU JUST SUCK A HICKEY ONTO MY FUCKING CHEEK WHAT THE FUCKING CHRIST’

-He was so pleased with himself.


-(Bakugou would never admit that it was a little hot.)

-Whenever Aoyama’s insecure or gets into a Sad Mood™, Bakugou gives him a piggy back ride to his favorite cheat day restaurant.

-Aoyama sucks at studying because he can never concentrate, so Bakugou finds himself spending entire days dedicated to getting his boyfriend ready for the upcoming test.

-Some people would find it annoying, but Bakugou loves every minute of it.

-Bakugou yells constantly and gets frustrated over the smallest things like losing his key, breaking his pencil, or people being too loud in the commons. Aoyama’s practically an expert at getting him to calm down, at showing him how to care for himself and letting him know that it’s okay to relax.

-Some people would find that taxing, but Aoyama has never minded being there for Bakugou.

-They just love each other. It’s almost sickening sweet.

-And I’m making this too long, but feel free to add on!

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So basically Bendy would just grab like a salt shaker or some shit, fucking down it, then his face just contorts into the physical embodiment of dissapointment

More like SUFFERING. Have you tried eating that much salt? YUCK!

Probably not a salt shaker though, it’d have to be less obvious

predebut seventeen was so weird rolling around the floor and running around in circles and breaking light bulbs and having to kiss each other for punishment and just meanie moments in general and them speaking english and jisoo with his chocolate song and seungkwan bursting in during his freestyle session and turning off the lights for horror time and them just casually eating bananas and jihoon shaking wonwoo like he’s a dummy and girl group dancing what have i gotten myself into


to myself–

* go to bed between 11:30 and 12:00 so as to get enough sleep

* going to bed earlier is good for your well being

* get up between 7:00 and 8:00. you’ll get a lot more done that way.

* eat b r e a k f a s t, dear one. two meals a day is not good for you. plus it makes you crabby and that’s not good for other people.

* continue clearing out clutter: focus on physical, but include mental and emotional

* go easy on your neck and shoulders: stop leaning and sleeping on them in weird positions

* learn the difference between indulging yourself and being kind to yourself.

* doing whatever you want, whenever you want is not self-care. it is self-sabotage.

* learn to recognize what’s going on inside your own head (self analysis and acceptance)

* figure out your labels or lack of same

* less screen time; less time numbing yourself; use this time for existence

* practice your languages again. you like them, remember?

* practice piano again. you like that too. you just don’t do it much anymore.

* you wanted to learn Dummy! and Spider Dance. do it. and learn more too if you like.

to myself and others (take what you need from this)–

* Your mind tends to wander if left unchecked- this is usually not healthy, so try to keep it in check.

* Remember- a war where the enemies’ strategy is to convince you that the war isn’t actually happening.

* You don’t *have* to do something every day, but you’ll feel extremely bored and guilty if you don’t.

* If you wait till motivation strikes, it will never strike. Do things even without motivation, else you’ll never get them done.

* Don’t forget the struggles you’ve been through, but don’t allow them to overwhelm you either. Learn your lessons and keep hold of them.

* You tend to absorb other people’s emotions, even though you can’t consciously sense it. So if your mood changes suddenly and drastically, it’s likely because of someone in your vicinity. Don’t let it frighten you.

* There’s a very simple solution to waking up quickly- get upright. Whether you’re standing or just kneeling, being upright will trick your brain into waking up quicker.

* Don’t go on Tumblr first thing in the morning. Your brain will be on completely the wrong tangent for the rest of the day and you’ll be frustrated by the amount of fog that exists in your head.

* Yes. Life is short. You are going to die one day. So right now, live. Remember your own mortality, and use it as fuel. Radiate love and support (or rather learn to). Learn everything you can. See other worlds; show other people. Alter reality with what you know.

* You are not worth only what you produce. It doesn’t matter what they say.

* Gender roles are the worst kind of bread (with all the truth that entails).

* Other people are often better or worse than you at things. Don’t expect the same expertise and knowledge from everyone.

* Stop compromising on things you can’t compromise on. If you’re allergic to peanut butter, don’t eat peanut butter! (callout post @ me)


It’s easy to get the songs from Undertale mixed up.



I know it’s fanon, but just imagine Darcy working for Tony/generally hanging out in the vicinity of his lab teaching his robots and AIs popular songs.  I mean sure they have access to the lyrics and recordings, but Darcy teaches them how to sing and dance along.  Then late one night/early one morning Tony quietly slinks back into the lab to get something he left there and sees Dummy dancing to Uptown Funk.