dummy blue


@lildreamerteddy realising I was recording him

I am a minor in the Liltot and Cglre community, I don’t mind what community you belong to but please do not interact if you are N/S/F/W

What if Andalites could use their tails for balance like kangaroos?? It would be completely awesome, that’s what.

There were RUMORS circulating about an Animorphs movie earlier today, and I have no idea if that is actually happening, but I got in the mood to draw some speculative Andalite behavior either way.  These big blue dummies will always be close to my heart <3


Connecticon photo dump 4 of 4!

Dedicated to the badass @shiniest-knight , the Booster to my Beetle and the best damn costume maker I know.

To everyone who took our photos, we’re so honored, and we’ll definitely be on the lookout for them. And if you see yourself/someone you know, let me know so I can tag!

This weekend was so much fun. See ya next year!

Booster Gold: @shiniest-knight
Blue Beetle: me
Red Robin: @reddhoodie


Interviewer: You guys have these incredible powers but is there some that you guys maybe.. you could switch or maybe do something else as a power?
Evans: I wouldn’t mind being able to fly.


Thanks to all who joined the stream today! It was nice using a computer that was not a grandpa, and all you guys were nice and fun or whatever, so that was a bonus!

Underswap Sans at @underswapped
Error and Geno!Sans by @loverofpiggies
Cheftale @dokudoki (and like 5 other people ahaha tag yourselves I’m sorry)
UF!Napstablook over at @hiimtryingtounderfell
God!Frisk by @jendra82
And Neko!Chara @evilanon