dumbshit au


AU Links bc im exhausted and theyre my weakness and honestly they just came outta nowhere–

The roaring 20’s Link by @lightsintheskye
Hero’s Requiem Link by @ferisae
Voice of Legacy Link by me (i just fricked up the order didnt I)

hey look a dumbshit au post

meenah has this terrible problem where she instantly adores anyone who has a spine and can stand up to her and/or vriska

despite being friends with vriska which is a feat in itself meenah hates tavros because hes a fucking wimp

but she once saw aradia fighting with vriska and spent the rest of the day asking her who the “cool sea cucumber anglin for a fight” was

(but then she actually met aradia and was severely disappointed.)

((but shes liked karkat from the first day she overheard him arguing with john))

dumbshit au time

everyone in the dumbshit au has a disney movie ringtone except john who has the ghostbusters theme

and sollux who has kim possible just to be an asshole

karkat is disappointed in the both of them because they’re his two best friends but they abandoned him

(karkat’s ringtone used to be part of your world. it’s not anymore. he hasn’t watched the little mermaid since That Fateful Night)