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Pixar or Disney?

Week 13 of @one-shots-supernatural hiatus challenge. “Um…are you watching a Disney movie? Pairings: Jared and pregnant!Reader Triggers: self doubt, pregnancy, fluff

I’m going to be a terrible mother YN thought to herself. What soon to be mother doesn’t know the difference between Pixar and Disney? What mommy to be rather watch 21 Jump Street than Sesame Street?

This mommy.

YN wasnt raised by cartoons, or sat in front of a movie, while eating hotdogs, or spaghetti ohs, no, YN started reading at age 2, doing martial arts at age 5, and theatre at 12. Then she got her guest spot on a hit television show, Supernatural, met and fell in love with one of the main actors, and here she found herself, married and pregnant at 26.

DVDs strewn about her swollen feet, YN stated at the collection the salesman helped her choose: The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Dumbo, Bambi, Monsters Inc., Wall-E, Lilo and Stitch. The list went on and they all stared up at YN screaming, pick me, choose me, love me.

It was her break and she was going to spend it watching one of these movies or so help her God, her baby will be cultured in the classics. She played The Little Mermaid, finding herself tapping her fingers in beat to the catchy flamenco styled music, laughing at the crustacean with a Jamaican accent, and longing to be part of Ariel’s world. Not realizing it, YN began to tear up at the father daughter argument when the door to her trailer opened up.

“Babe, your final take is in ten minutes–” Jared stopped short.

“Um, are you watching a Disney movie, YNN?!”

“So what if I am,” you sniffled as Jared sat crosslegged next to you on the floor of your trailer.

Pulling you close towards him he chuckled, “You know Jensen was only kidding around when he said moms are experts in kids'movies, right?”

“Tell that to my hormones,” you huffed, “or your baby for that matter.”

“Our baby, YN,” he pointed to the screen and fast forwarded to another place in the film. Ariel and Prince Eric were in a rowboat.

Kiss the Girl started to play and he rubbed circles into your shoulder blades, and you started to chant, kiss the girl, kiss the girl, kiss her damnit! The eels flipped the boat and you grumbled,

“Or don’t kiss the girl.”

“How about we skip to the end,” Jared offered, tilted your head, and kissed you full heartedly on the lips.

“You’re going to be a great mom, YNN,” he reassured you, “how about we watch Captain America after filming is over?”

“Really?!” You squeaked.

“Really.” He lifted you to your feet and handed you your boots, “Ready for your last scene?”

“Let’s do this.”

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