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— Yves Navarre, Friends Gone With the Wind

So I wanted to draw a bigger pic of Suffix, since the drawings i’ve done thus far have been sketchy, made on drawpile, and/or itty bitty. So here he is, with his hood off so you can see his lovely little head fins~

and yes, you are counting correctly, he only has seven tentacles Cx he is a septipie, but i will still call him an octopie~

I’ll just never get this “Achilles is straight“ thing like ??? the heck man, Homer himself wrote it both in The Iliad and Odyssey that Patroclus and Achilles were lovers BUT modern critics say “they were like brothers Achilles loved Briseis“ first of all you dumbos, Briseis (I love her, nothing againist Bri) was Achilles’s war prize and Patroclus - his companion, not vice versa. Second, when Briseis is taken from Achilles, he’s just angry at Agadamnon and cries, refusing to rejoin the war, but then he loses Patrolus, joins the war again for Patroclus and he becomes a fcking terminator.

So Patrochilles is /was/ canon and Alexander the Great was Patrochilles trash *squeals*

Once someone told me that I’m as “deep as an ocean,” and it wasn’t until recently that I realized, I didn’t really believe it. Sure I have the occasional passing philosophical thought chain, but I’m too wacky and ridiculous to be like an ocean. 

Then I remembered this fucker: 

And suddenly being as deep and full as an ocean didn’t seem so far fetched. Because sure the ocean is full of majestic creatures: 

But then there’s shit like this: 

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So never believe that your depth is only limited to the things you feel are majestic, but realize that it extends to your flopping sea pancake side as well. 


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