capsep replied to your post:How come you never tag your gifs with the name of…

tags havent followed reblogs for like two or three years. I liked when they did tho

From my post, it’s hard to tell if I meant:

Tags are supposed to be applied to reblogs but because tumblr is broken, they don’t


Tumblr has chosen not to have tags be applied to reblogs.

I meant the latter. I always forget how easy it is to be misunderstood in text. It’s probable that you weren’t even replying for that reason.

I wish tags were applied to reblogs too. But if anybody wants to know what movie a gif is from, I’d be happy to get something in the *blows x years worth of dust off* my ask box. Some anon on dumbmug asked me if I thought Billy Dee Williams is the antichrist and I still don’t understand why.