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hello !! ♡ so it’s been slightly over a year since i’ve created this blog.. and i’ve achieved a personal milestone/follower goal! i’ll also take this opportunity to thank every one of my followers, and my beloved mutuals ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ <333

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i forgot probably a billion people im sorry im bad at putting these together i love you all though 💜 사랑해

i reached 2k followers last night ( !! ) and there is my way to celebrate it  ♥  to all the people who enjoy my stuff, thanks to you i feel super appreciated and that’s the best feeling ever (✿◠‿◠) i love you !

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If I Have a Daughter

If I have a daughter

Let her be dumb

Let her eyes wander in class

Let her brain be absorbed in trivial things

Things that make life ridiculously lovable

When a test is placed on her desk

Let her heart continue to beat properly

Let her mind be at peace

Let her pencil move freely without concern

Without even a fleeting worry of failure

When her grades are sent to me

I will rejoice in B’s and be content with C’s

And I will enjoy a sublime moment of triumph

Knowing that my daughter is smart enough to enjoy life

Smart enough to live life

I want my daughter to breathe the thrilling air of life

Not suffocate in the dense fog of perfectionism

I want my daughter to bloom in the garden of society

Not wither in the pit of forced isolation

I want her to be joyously out of breath, exhilarated by activity

Not struggling to find air, immersed in a sea of expectations

And when she comes home after curfew drunk and happily out of sorts

I will pride myself on having a wonderfully normal daughter

I will pride myself on raising her to have an affinity for life

An affinity for thrill

An affinity for living a profoundly average existence


Hey what’s up guys! I finally got permission to go to my first ever Homestuck meetup!

So to make it really special I want to do a little project…

Which involves all you lovely cuties:

If you reblog this post I will write down your url on a piece of paper/Baby Dave/or a doodle I drew myself! (Basically any kind of paper I can get my hands on!)

I will be handing it out at the meetup!! c:

Please stop reblogging this by June 27th!

Thanks for reading!!!


Here are some I just did right now!!

Sorry for spamming the tag! Alright, I’m crossing my fingers because I believe I might actually get the chance to go to a meetup this time.

If you like/reblog this post, I will make a small picture and write your url on it and pass it around at the meetup!

Just stop like/reblogging this by July 19th!

Here’s an example of some:

I’ll most likely be at the Chandler Mall Meetup as I pass these out, so look for me please! (; o ;)/

(also if you’re going to be at the meetup i’d warn you to PLEASE PLEASE DONT make a bad impression of yourselves simply because my mom’s coming with me since she does not trust me being alone with people older than me. i’d really like to go to cons and other meetups with you guys knowing she trusts you and knows youre not predators or something so im begging you PLEASE DONT MAKE A BAD IMPRESSION)

Hello guys! It’s been awhile since I made a post in here at all really;; But!! I think we’re due for some announcements! :’)

Attack on Park // Feb. 1st Cancelled! :’((
ValentineStuck // Feb. 15th
Valentine’s Day Theme Cosplay Meetup // Feb. 8th
LoveStuck (18+ ONLY) // Feb. 8th
PromStuck // June 21st
Live Welcome to NightVale Show // Jan 30th

If I happened to miss anything or used the wrong information, please let me know!

As a reminder, please keep this tag clean! I love seeing your guys’ fabulous cosplays and fun adventures, but please! We have tags for your convenience. :>

#azstuckfun or #azstuck fun
#azstuck cosplay
#azstuckmeetup or #azstuck meetup
#azdr (If there are any other tags, please let me know! :>)
#azsnk (If there are any other tags, please let me know!)
#aznv or #nvaz (If there are any other tags, please let me know!)
#azmeets (New tag! For all the meetups of all Arizona groups.)

Also, please be careful since tumblr has a new tagging system! If you mention something in your tags, whether it is talking about one of these, tumblr will automatically put it in the tag regardless. Please be careful!

Have a great day you guys!