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Harry Potter Characters As Dogs

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Howlmione Grrrrranger

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Ginny Woofley 

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Severuff Snarl

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Peter Pedigree

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Leashius Muzzlefoy

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Draclaw Muzzlefoy

Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemutt


              Professor? Is this all real? Or is it just happening inside my head?”       

     “Of course it’s happening inside your head, Harry. Why should that mean that it’s not real?”

one thing I did like about Fantastic Beasts: 

Graves asks Newt what Dumbledore sees in him and Newt can’t answer, but in the next couple of minutes he proceeds to do something which the entire MACUSA apparently can’t; he figures out that Graves is bad, and calls him on it. 

After being in his company for two minutes.

What makes Dumbledore so fond of Newt? There’s your answer. 

J.K.Rowling on Dumbledore

“You will see Dumbledore as a younger man, and quite a troubled man. Because he wasn’t always the sage. He was always very clever and we will see him, what I think an affirmative period of his life.“

J.K. Rowling (people interview, 2016)

I wonder where have I heard this before……


  • Troll: *is in the dungeon*
  • Dumbledore: Prefects, lead your houses back to the dormitories immediately!
  • Slytherins: lol k not like our dorms are IN THE DUNGEONS OR ANYTHING
  • Slytherins, what should have happened: We recognize that the Headmaster has made a decision, but given that it's a stupid ass decision, we have elected to ignore it

anonymous asked:

Does severus act less sarcastic towards dumbledoor than everyone else

Oh no. Severus is a total sassmaster around Dumbledore because he insists on playing the “straight man” even though both of them know how far it is from the truth.

I mean, come on. One of the most iconic lines from the last book is from Severus’ memories where he asks Dumbledore if he’d like to compose an epitaph after Dumbledore asks Severus to kill him.

AU where after after Voldemort decides that it’s the Potter’s that the prophecy is referring to, James and Lily fake Lily’s death while she’s still pregnant, so Voldemort thinks that Harry and Lily are dead, and then James just kind of drops out of the war because no one would expect him to be alright after Lily dies, and they move to Finland and they feel a little guilty, but their baby was literally marked for death by Voldemort so like, not too guilty and they live.

Meanwhile, Regulus, who also isn’t going to die in this AU, doesn’t go to destroy the horcrux on his own but instead goes to Dumbledore and confirms a theory that he already had. Together, he and Regulus (and the order probs) hunt down the horcruxes and destroy them and Voldemort faces Dumbledore a mortal man and dies.

And then everything is great because Lily and James come out of hiding and everyone is really happy that Lily’s not dead, and surprise they now have two babies because what else were they going to do in Finland, and Sirius and Regulus make up and are best bros again and Peter never betrays anyone because he never had to choose between his fears and his friends, and Remus doesn’t loose all his friends in one night and Neville grows up with Frank and Alice who weren’t tortured by Bellatrix.

Doesn’t that just sound wonderful?

go to bed

Snape’s love for Lily was enduring. It was not obsessive. Loving someone for a long time, even after they’ve died, doesn’t make that love obsessive. Snape’s love for Lily made him strong, it made him brave, it inspired him to make good choices. (It didn’t make him nice or kind or gentle, but those weren’t qualities he needed to help Dumbledore defeat Voldemort, the man who murdered Lily.)

Bellatrix is the character meant to epitomise obsessive love. Her obsession with Voldemort inspired her to torture people into insanity and murder her own niece and cousin.

compare and contrast

Wylan Van Eck: Hogwarts Au
  • at first, Hogwarts for Wylan meant nine months without seeing his father, but now it’s much more than that
  • it’s putting ingredients into his cauldron during Potions, watching the liquid slowly change colour, feeling satisfied when Professor Snape grudgingly awards Ravenclaw five points because Wylan is the only one to perfectly brew the Draught of Living Death
  • hiding a smirk as Jesper furiously informs Professor Snape that ‘‘he should’ve got at least twenty’’
  • it’s his love for Arithmancy, because, unlike words, all the numbers make sense
  • it’s studying for exams in the library with his five best friends, feeling grateful for the spell that reads out his notes for him
  • and midnight Astronomy classes, looking through his telescope at the enchanting night sky, mapping out the stars on fresh parchment
  • making Polyjuice potion in secret, watching gleefully along with his crew as twenty confused students transform into Professor Dumbledore, while the man himself chuckles heartily at the High Table
  • it’s setting off fireworks by the Great Lake after the OWLs, all the students celebrating as the display lights up the sky in a multitude of colours
  • discovering the flute thanks to a few Muggleborn friends, learning to play and eventually starting the first Music Club at Hogwarts
  • sneaking into Jesper’s dormitory when the nightmares get too bad, having whispered conversations well into the night
  • but during the summer holidays, everything is different
  • summer means flying to Jesper’s house on his broomstick when Wylan’s father goes into one of his (frequent) rages, fighting back tears the whole time 
  • Jesper hugging him close when he arrives, Wylan melting into Jesper’s embrace, because Jesper is always content to offer him a flask of Butterbeer and shelter 
  • both of them under the covers, Wylan feeling safe in Jesper’s arms, and if he can’t sleep, Jesper fetches a book from Wylan’s backpack
  • listening to Jesper’s soothing voice reading Beedle the Bard or a Muggle adventure book (reccommended by Inej) always lulls Wylan to sleep
  • moving permanently to Jesper’s when his father kicks him out, feeling safe at long last
  • Hogwarts and his friends will always make Wylan feel at home, because, as one Muggle put it, “home is not where you were born; home is where all your attempts to escape cease”

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