dumbledore's escape

In 12 Grimmauld Place

Sirius Black x Reader

Summary: You come back hurt after a mission and Sirius takes care of you. You two finally confront the feelings you two have for each other.


Tonight in 12 Grimmauld Place it was especially dark. Most of the Order was out, except Sirius. He of course had to stay. You had just returned from a nasty mission. A very bad mission. You had barely escaped alive. When you apparated here you almost fell over. You gripped the wall next to you for support.

“Sirius!” You weakly called. He didn’t come, maybe he didn’t hear you. Time was running out, your vision was going blurry and your legs were failing you.

“Sirius.” You said softer and desperately. You tried to walk towards the kitchen but the cuts on your body burned every time you moved. You fell over and didn’t have much energy to get back up. You closed your eyes, and the next time you opened them he was with you.

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I can totally see this happening. And now I want to write something on it:

Snickering to herself, the short Hufflepuff girl morphed into the likeness of their Headmaster and cast around for her first victim. A weedy looking Ravenclaw boy caught her eye and she grinned, a tad madly, as she made her way over to him.

The boy looked extremely startled and a little bit frightened as, what appeared to be Albus Dumbledore plopped down beside him. The Headmaster was grinning and the boy felt even more scared. “So, dear boy,” the “Headmaster” started. “Have you ironed your socks today?”

“Uh… Uhm….” The child stuttered, wondering how on earth he was supposed to answer that. Was he supposed to have ironed his socks?

“Now, now,” a voice tutted from his other side. Turning, the boy went white. Sitting on that side was none other than… Albus Dumbledore. A strangled noise escaped the child’s throat. This was a dream right? It had to be a dream. He was dreaming… Squeezing his eyes shut, the boy mumbled “I’m dreaming” over and over under his breath. When he finally dared crack one eye open, nothing had changed.

The Dumbledore on his right was calmly spreading jam on some toast and the Dumbledore on his left was smiling at him. It was that same smile that had terrified him not five minutes ago. With a despairing cry, the boy scrambled off the bench and ran out of the Great Hall as fast as his legs could carry him.

The Dumbledores regarded each other. “Quite an excellent job Nympahdora, however you missed a mole under my left ear.”

The left-Dumbledore seemed to shimmer slightly and in his place was left a madly grinning short girl with bright pink hair dressed in Hufflepuff colours.

“Thank-you sir,” she responded automatically, not even minding his use of her hated first name. “I’ll get it right next time. Same time next week?”

“Most certainly my dear. This is far more fun than listening to Severus moan about how he feels the students are stupider than last year. Good day to you Nymphadora.” With a last twinkling smile, the real Albus Dumbledore swung himself back over the bench and sauntered back to the High Table, whistling cheerfully to himself. What fun indeed!