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“Despite the fact that he had spent every waking moment of the past few days hoping desperately that Dumbledore would indeed come to fetch him, Harry felt distinctly awkward as they set off down Privet Drive together. He had never had a proper conversation with the headmaster outside of Hogwarts before; there was usually a desk between them. The memory of their last face-to-face encounter kept intruding too, and it rather heightened Harry’s sense of embarrassment; he had shouted a lot on that occasion, not to mention done his best to smash several of Dumbledore’s most prized possessions.”

Chapter Twelve: The Mirror of Erised 23/06/17

If you want to participate in #hogwartsreread the rules can be found here. Here’s my thoughts on the chapter:

  • Classic Weasleys hitting Voldemort in the face with snowballs
  • Candles on a Christmas tree sounds like a bit of a fire hazard if I’m perfectly honest
  • This is why wizards need google folks. Siri could have told you who Nicolas Flamel was in two seconds
  • Ron if you think the 50p is a weird shape wait till you see the new pound coin it’s a mess
  • So if someone was wearing the invisibility cloak over part of their body, would you be able to see their insides? Like if just their arm was invisible what would you see instead of their arm?
  • Dumbledore in a flowered bonnet is incredible please can someone draw that 
  • Why does the screaming book exist? what is its purpose?
  • I like that in the books it’s not just Harry’s parents in the mirror, but his whole family
  • Why is the mirror even chilling in that random classroom? how long does it take for dumbledore to move it to the stone?
  • It honestly took Harry about 20 minutes to realise that socks line was a lie my innocent, gullible child

Jonerys Hogwarts AU 

“A Spell of Ice and Fire” by TotallySpies3  http://archiveofourown.org/works/11873550/chapters/26810934 

 Tyrion gawks at the three of them quietly, “A technical error? Not bloody likely. …Those were dementors. I’ve read about them.“ 

 Dany furrows her brow in curious demand, "What could they possibly be doing on our train though? Aren’t they supposed to be guarding…the prisoners in Azkaban?" 

Tyrion shrugs at her, blinking back a pair of alarmed, wide eyes. 

Unsatisfied, she huffs, and then crawls towards the door, carefully creaking it open. 

Missandei inhales sharply, “No. Stop,” reaching for her arm, "Dany? Dumbledore said to keep the cabin doors closed." 

 Ignoring her, Daenerys is already stealthily peeking out. "He said ‘advise’ not ‘forbid,’” she reminds her. Squinting, she’s able to catch a glimpse down the aisle. 

Her lips curve downwards subtly, as the blood drains from her face, processing the sight before her. 

Dany holds her breath, while her eyes fixate on a collapsed boy with soft dark hair, laying limp on the ground, surrounded by grim, aiding professors. 

Dany turns to Tyrion solemnly, “It’s… it’s a boy. Here. Can you tell who it is? …I think he’s dead.” She makes room for Tyrion to see for himself. 

Unsure of the situation, he peers over at a nodding Greyworm and then a frowning Missandei. And though skeptical, he leans his face forward anyway, peeking out through the slightly open crack. 

Dany huffs impatiently, waiting as he still observes the scene, “Well? Who is it?" 

"One second, Daenerys,” he chides. And then carefully pulls back a moment later, quietly closing the door with him. “Well, he definitely was attacked by a dementor, they were feeding him chocolate…” Then he wavers out a hand sarcastically, “But he was sitting up… so I don’t think he was dead, Dany. …Though he did look dreadful." 

She purses her lips sharply, ”…Who, Tyrion. Could you tell?“ 

 His eyes dart over suspiciously towards the door, and then taking a breath, he whispers in towards them secretly, ”…That’s Jon Snow. He’s the transfer boy… that’s been in the Prophet.“ 

Dany’s eyes light up with sudden curiousity, as Missandei harrows, "Jon Snow? My father told me about him… He said to stay away from him,” she warns. 

“His parents were muggles…and he was expelled from Durmstrang, for classified reasons." 

Dany sighs, "What does him being muggleborn have to do with him getting expelled?" 

Missandei rolls her eyes, "That’s not what I meant. I was just saying what my father said. He thinks he must have seriously endangered the lives of the students to have gotten expelled from there." 

Then she lowers her voice, reciting darkly, "Or worse. Some people think he actually killed his parents." 

Dany snorts sadly, retorting, "He was a child… How could you say that?" 

Missandei hums, and then shrugs, glancing at all three of them, "All I’m saying is…it’s not a crime to be cautious. …Do you know who the last wizard to be expelled from Durmstrang was? …It was twenty two years ago." 

Tyrion bows his head in realization then whispers faintly, "Gellert Grindelwald." 

Dany crosses her arms. "Well it’s two unrelated things…” she argues, staring curiously out the window, “I stopped believing the papers a long time ago when they sent my father to Azkaban… I want to find out the truth.”

#The Chosen One That Was Promised 

Cedric Diggory Imagine

Request: I loveeeeee ur blog :) could u plz write a Cedric x female reader one? In a very happy universe where he lives after GOF lol….. maybe him and the reader have been dating for a long time so after graduating from hogwarts, they get married and have 3 kids? :) and remain close to the golden trio of course! Thank u :-*

AN: Thank you so much! Here you go :D

Originally posted by voldemxrt

“Go Cedric!” you screamed from the crowds. A bang went off and the four champions ran into the maze. You couldn’t see anything. You began talking to Hermione, whose hands were shaking. 
“They’ll be fine, Hermione,” you said, squeezing her arm gently. She looked down and nodded. 

You saw a light go up in the maze and your heart fluttered. One of the professors went in and, thankfully returned with Fleur. Cedric wanted to win this more than anything. You continued looking around the empty maze, pulling your sweater tighter around your body. Amos Diggory was sitting beside you, the two of you silently watching and hoping for the same result. 

There was a flash of light and Harry and Cedric lay in a heap on the ground. They don’t appear to be moving and your heart stops. You push your way through the crowd and throw yourself beside Cedric. You take him into your arms and see the cuts covering the visible parts of his body. 
“Someone help him!” you scream. 
You look over and see Harry in the same condition. Amos is by your side and takes Cedric into his arms. Dumbledore pushes through the crowed, leading a group of people to the infirmary. Hagrid is carrying Harry and lays him on a bed beside Cedric’s. 

Madam Pomfrey pushes you out of the way and you’re left in the hallway alone. Dumbledore is leading Professor Moody into his office, but you don’t have time to worry about it. You sink to the floor and feel the tears stream down my face. 

After you had cried to my heart’s content, you felt a hand on my shoulder. You looked up to see Amos smiling. “He’s going to be okay.” 
You run to his side and sink into a chair. “I thought you were dead,” you cried, taking his hand into mine. 
“Mm,” he murmured, too tired to talk. 
You kiss his forehead. “I love you.” 

Cedric proposed on the train ride home. It was nothing big or a big show, just Cedric confessing his love and you confessing yours. He got down on one knee and proposed. You, of course, said yes. It only took you two months to plan and have the wedding. Money was short and didn’t provide for a honeymoon. All of your funds went to getting a small house. 

It didn’t help that you got pregnant four months into your marriage. 

With Voldemort at large and the world fearing Voldemort, we had a baby on the way. Cedric cried when you told him. He wrapped you in his arms and kissed your forehead. “We’ll get through this, (y/n).” 

Nine months later and you were going into labor. The two of you apparated to outside Hogwarts and Dumbledore led you in. He had agreed to let you have the baby there instead of St. Mungo’s. You got to the ward and Madam Pomfrey gave you a robe to change into. Cedric held your hand when your contractions became too much. Hermione joined you inside. You had permitted her to be the only other one in the room. 

Through blood, sweat, and tears Katherine Amy Diggory came into the world. “She’s as beautiful as her mommy,” Cedric said as he held her close to his chest. Tears flowed down your cheeks. Harry and Ron came in to meet Katherine. Cedric handed him to Hermione first, who gently rocked her. You leaned back against the bed and reached up to Cedric. He held your hand to his chest and kissed it. “I love you, (y/n).” 

Katherine’s first two years were filled with many emotions. Cedric and you were both fearful of the life of your family. You were doing your best to make life happy and fearless for all of you, but it didn’t always work. 

Voldemort was killing muggle-born wizards at every corner, and you were always on edge. With two muggle parents, you were a prime victim. You now had a half-blood baby, as well. 

But, Voldemort never did get to you. He was brought down and you could finally breathe. You celebrated Katherine’s second birthday and soon had another baby on the way. 

Ten years later, you could barely remember what your life used to be. You walked through King’s Cross Station, a sense of familiarity making your heart flutter. You had Percy on your hip, who was 5 now. When Cedric told Percy Weasley he’d named his kid after him, he’d nearly burst into tears. 

You looked over at your husband who was holding your sleeping one-year-old, Jean. 

“Are you really okay with every house. You won’t be mad if I don’t get Hufflepuff?” Katherine asked. 
“Of course not, baby. We had friends in every house and will be proud of you no matter what happens,” you say. 
“Make sure you write us as soon as you’re sorted! We love you, sweetheart,” Cedric says. 
Katherine hugs both of you and then runs on the train. 

aroacehogwarts does #AAWFC 2015
(Asexual Awareness Week Fandom Challenge)

Day 1: Post about a canonically ace spectrum character.

Coming at ya from your Ravenclaw Mod, a fic about everyone’s favorite canonically aroace character, Charlie Weasley! Enjoy.

Bubblegum Defence, a one shot

“Weasley! Have a moment to chat?”

Charlie paused at the door of the Gryffindor locker rooms and attempted to stifle a sigh. He worried the noise that did escape would be interpreted as a “yes.” And, unfortunately, it was.

His teammate Brown clapped him on the shoulder.

“Excellent flying out there today, Weasley! Though that’s no surprise. Everyone knows you’re the best seeker Gryffindor’s had in decades–”

“What do you want, Brown?” Charlie didn’t mean to be rude, but Sterling Brown always had ulterior motives. He never spoke to Charlie otherwise. (Tonks was convinced it was because Brown thought his talents were being squandered as a chaser and he wanted to replace Charlie as seeker.)

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Thinking About You

Harry Potter x Reader

Request: Can you do a Harry one in the ootp where you go to the ministery with them and you like harry, after bella killed sirius and dumbledore fights voldemort and harry has this inside fight w voldemort and he sees his friends family he sees you and cute? 

A/N: Sorry guys, this ended up being very dominated by Harry. It was the only way I could get the entire scene and memory/vision shit in. I hope you guys like it anyway. :)


Your name: submit What is this?

“Harry!” You yelled, casting a shield charm as the death eater threw another spell your way. Harry didn’t seem to hear you, as he fought against Lupin, whose arms were locked around Harry’s body.

“No! NO!” Harry yelled, his eyes fixated on the ghostly arch.

Bellatrix’s laugh echoed off the stone walls and you saw Harry’s head snap towards her.

“Harry, no!” You yelled, shooting a stunning spell at the death eater before running after Harry, who had taken off towards Bellatrix, a deathly glaze in his eyes.

A shot of green light zoomed past you, causing you to duck on reflex. You shot a spell back at them and snapped your head towards the door. You could after Harry, or stay here and help your friends.

“Dammit, Potter.” You muttered, turning your back on the door as you ran to Tonks’ side, who was battling two death eaters.


“I killed Sirius Black! I KILLED SIRIUS BLACK!” Bellatrix cackled, “HA! ARE YOU COMING TO GET ME?!”

“CRUCIO!” Harry yelled, a red light shooting out of his wand and hitting Bellatrix, who fell to the floor.

Bellatrix whimpered, turning on her back as she looked up at Harry, who was huffing as he stopped near her, his wand still aimed at her.

“You’ve got to mean it, Harry..” A voice whispered in Harry’s head, “She killed him. She deserves it…”

Bellatrix gazed up at him, a small smirk adorning her features as she noticed Harry struggle, his head whipping in spastic motions as he attempted to rid himself of Voldemort’s voice that resounded in his head.

“You know the spell… Harry…” 

Bellatrix started giggling. Voldemort’s ghostly body glided towards Harry, his face the only clear limb as the rest of his body flickered like smoke.

“Do it.” 

Voldemort’s voice was no longer in Harry’s head, Harry realised with a jolt, turning around with his wand raised. With a grunt and a swift flick of his arm, Voldemort forced the wand out of Harry’s hand, sending it clattering to the floor.

Harry froze as Voldemort looked at him with something close to disappointment, seeming almost bored as he faced his opponent. “So… weak.” Voldemort hissed.

There was a rush of green flames in one of the portals and Dumbledore stepped out, his face solemn as he glanced at the trio. Voldemort’s stance changed, his face falling slightly in disguised fear as he glanced at the only man who ever scared him.

“It was foolish of you to come here tonight, Tom.” Dumbledore spoke calmly, his wand in his hand as he steadily approached Voldemort. “The Aurors are on their way.”

“By which time, I shall be gone.” Voldemort stepped backwards, creating a distance between himself and Dumbledore, which seemed to give him some confidence as a smirk grew on his face, “And you… shall be dead.”

Dumbledore pushed Harry down, as he swung his wand sending a ray of red light towards Voldemort. This collided with the blue light shot from Voldemort’s wand, sending sparks flying. The air crackled as Dumbledore forced his power through the wand, trying to disarm Voldemort, who fought back with the same vigour.

Sparks of lightening escaped from Voldemort’s wild magic, hitting the stone walls behind which Harry hid, who covered his head with his arms, curling in on himself for protection.

There was a sudden absence of power and Harry hoped for a brief moment that Voldemort had given up. Voldemort raised his hand to his mouth, a flame of untameable fire spiralling in his palm before he sent it flying. The ball of fire shrieked as it morphed into a large snake. The flaming snake hissed as it turned it’s attention to Dumbledore, who stumbled back slightly.

Voldemort cackled at Dumbledore’s show of fear, the laughter sounding odd from a man who rarely laughed. The snake lunged it’s giant head towards Dumbledore, who with a flick of his arm, sent the head of the snake barrelling into the ceiling. With a few more arm movements, Dumbledore had destroyed the snake, instead forcing it into a wall of fire which he sent in Riddle’s direction…


“Nice one, Tonks.” You grinned at her, as the body-bind curse hit the death eater opposite you, sending him falling to the floor.

“Thanks, Y/N.” Tonks grinned, twirling her wand in her hand, “How did you get so good at duelling?”

“Dumbledore’s army.” You shrugged, “Harry has been teaching us.”

“He has, has he?” Tonks grinned cheekily, raising her eyebrows teasingly at you.

“Shut up.” You muttered, a blush rising to your cheeks. You had previously admitted your crush on Harry to Tonks, who took every moment she could to tease you about it. “Crap.” Your eyes widened in realisation, “Harry went after Bellatix!”

Tonks froze, her eyes growing as she stared at you. “GO!” She urged.

You took off, the rest of your friends following behind you.


Harry squirmed on the floor in pain and Dumbledore turned to him, crouching down at his level. Harry’s eyes darted towards Dumbledore’s, and Dumbledore started at the sudden light blue of Harry’s eyes.

“You’ve lost old man…” Harry’s voice was raspy as he spoke.

Dumbledore’s eyes widened as he recognised the voice as Voldemort’s.

“AH!” Harry threw his head back in pain as he tried to fight off Voldemort, his mind flashing through all his memories.

His mother screamed as she slammed the door closed, young Harry in her arms. Sirius was hit by the killing curse, his face portraying no pain as he stumbled back. A flash of green and Cedric’s body hit the floor, his eyes lifeless and dull. A flash of white light and suddenly Harry saw a Dementor hovering above him, it’s faceless head growing nearer to him as it reached out. A flash of green, Cedric’s body was thrown by the killing curse. Sirius fell back into the ghostly archway, his body disappearing from view.

Harry grunted from pain as he tried to expel Voldemort from his mind, his eyes still that light blue.

“Harry,” Dumbledore said softly, reaching out to him.

Harry screamed in pain as another group of memories hit him.

Mr Weasley’s body hit the floor, multiple wounds littering his body. Your body was thrown as a flash of green light hit you in the chest. Voldemort’s face appeared in Harry’s mind.

“So weak.” He spat. 

Harry saw himself back in the Gryffindor common room, staring at the flames that crackled in the fireplace. Another flash. Harry was sitting on his bed, his head snapping sharply from side to side.

“So… vulnerable.” Voldemort hissed.

Another flash. Harry stood in an empty classroom which contained nothing except for a mirror, in which Harry’s reflection stared back at him. The moonlight filtered through the dusty windows and Harry felt pain flare up in his neck once again. He shook his head violently to get rid of it.

Harry started in surprise as Voldemort looked back at him in the mirror, dressed in the same clothes as Harry.

“Look at me.” Voldemort ordered.

A flash of light, Harry saw your eyes as they blinked, crinkling in happiness.

“Harry.” Dumbledore muttered softly, “It isn’t how you are alike, it is how you are not.”

Harry screamed in pain as he arched his back.

Voldemort grinned at him, pointing his wand at Harry.

Harry glanced up at Dumbledore, who looked at him with a hopeful gaze.

“Harry…” Dumbledore said softly.

Harry stopped squirming, his body lying still on the floor, his hand or leg occasionally twitching.


You ran into the Atrium, flanked by the other members of Dumbledore’s army who had joined to fight.

Broken glass crunched under your foot as you slowed down upon seeing Harry, Dumbledore partially blocking your view of him. You stopped and let out a ragged breath, Dumbledore was back, he’d help all of you. You were safe now.

Harry’s eyes roamed over the group, and as Dumbledore shifted you saw the damage Harry had been through. There were cuts on his face, and he seemed to struggle in his own body and instinctively you moved forward to heal him.

Hermione reached out and grasped your wrist gently, stopping you from moving further. You glanced back at her and she shook her head, seeming to see and know something you did not.

Your movement caused Harry’s eyes to dart towards you, and you gazed at him sadly, wincing when he groaned in pain again, throwing his head back.


Hermione ran towards Harry, capturing him in a hug. A white flash. Harry was back at the Burrow at age eleven, and he and Ron shared a humorous glance. Lily smiled, her green eyes glittering at Harry as she stood by her husband James, who grinned down at his young son. 

Flash! Harry was in potions class, you opposite him as you stirred your potion, you glanced up at him and upon seeing him staring at you, you blushed, a smile tugging at your lips before you looked back down, tucking a stray piece of hair behind your ear.

Harry was in Grimmauld place, his godfather standing in front of him. Sirius reached out and pulled Harry into a hug.

Harry was with Hermione and Ron in Hogsmeade, they stood in the snow laughing.

Harry saw you throw your head back as you laughed at something Ron had said, your eyes catching Harry’s across the room. A white flash. You smiled at Harry as you passed him, your hand gently squeezing his shoulder as you walked past him. Flash! You ran your hands through your hair as you sat down for breakfast in the Great Hall, a tired yawn escaping your lips. Harry thought you looked beautiful.

Flash! You were in the room of requirement, learning how to cast your patronus. On your seventh attempt, a silver streak escaped the tip of your wand, barrelling into a doe, which pranced around you, causing you to laugh in wonder.

Flash! Ron, Hermione and you sat in front of the fireplace, the golden flames reflecting off you as you all laughed merrily.

Your laughter echoed in Harry’s head as the pain numbed.

“You’re the weak one,” Harry spoke, his eyes focused on the ground, “And you’ll never know love,” Harry’s eyes snapped to your face instinctively, and you gave him a small smile.

Voldemort’s sadistic smile fell from his lips and he lowered his wand slightly.

“Or friendship,” Harry’s eyes moved towards Ron and Hermione, “And I feel sorry for you.”

The Dementor pulled back, seeming to retreat. A flash of green encased Cedric’s body as he was thrown in the air, his face lifeless as he hit the grass. The giant fire snake created by Voldemort moments before flinched back, a startled hiss leaving it’s mouth. 

Harry screamed in pain once more and you flinched, locking your joints in place to stop from running to him.

Time seemed to be moving backwards; A flash of light focused to the air above Dumbledore as he clasped it.

Harry punched the glass that contained Voldemort, destroying his reflection. Voldemort flinched back, but immediately swung his wand once again. Harry punched the mirror again, and Voldemort screamed from pain, his arm falling as he flinched back.

Harry could feel Voldemort withdrawing from his mind.

Harry punched the mirror again, feeling no pain on his enclosed fist as the mirror shattered. Sirius wrapped his arms around Harry in the doorway upon which Remus leaned, a small smile on his face as he watched the reunion. You threw your arms around Harry’s shoulders, pulling him into a hug, causing a small warmth to bloom in his chest.

Suddenly, the air around Harry swirled, the dust creating a small vortex around him. 

Time seemed to still. The dust particles slowed down, and no one moved. Your body was frozen, your arm outstretched as you tried to reach to Harry and force yourself from Hermione’s grasp, where she clenched the material of your jacket in her hands.

Harry panted in relief as he felt the pressure on his lungs disappear. Voldemort approached Harry, leaning at the waist to look down at him.

“You’re a fool, Harry Potter.” He hissed, “And you will lose…everything.”

There were multiple crackles of green flames as the members of the Ministry emerged from the fireplace, starting when they saw Voldemort, who disapparated with the wind.


“Hey, Harry.” You smiled softly, as you caught up with him, “Hello, Luna.” You greeted.

“Hi, Y/N.” Luna greeted softly, a bunch of papers in her hand.

“Hey.” Harry smiled at you, the look in his eyes softer and different. You felt a blush rise to your cheeks and you forced it down.

“What’s wrong Luna, I thought you were coming to the feast?” You asked, your crows furrowing in genuine concern.

“I’ve lost all my possessions,” She said in her usual, whimsical voice, “Apparently people have been hiding them.”

“That’s awful.” Harry said as you walked with Luna, who was going to stick another poster up.

“Oh, it’s all good fun.” She smiled. “But as it’s the last night, I really do need them back.”

“Do you want any help finding them?” You offered.

Luna shook her head, smiling softly at you. She turned towards Harry with a genuinely sympathetic face, “I’m sorry about your godfather, Harry.” She reached out and clasped his hand, squeezing it gently.

You forced down the jealousy which flared up. Luna knew of your crush, and she was a trusted friend, she wouldn’t make a move on Harry.

Harry glanced down at their hands, his eyes darting to your face, which you purposely kept stoic and facing forward. But Harry knew you too well, he knew ever tick and he also knew that your eyes were the biggest tell of your emotions. He felt a small warm spark in his chest as he saw disguised jealousy in your eyes. 

Luna let go of his hand and you relaxed visibly, prompting a small smirk from Harry.

“Are you sure you don’t want any help looking?” Harry asked softly, thankful to have a friend like Luna.

“That’s alright,” She shook her head, “Anyway, my mom always said the things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end.”

You smiled softly, Luna truly was one of a kind. She glanced up and you followed her gaze, your lips tugging upwards as you saw a pair of converse dangling from a hook above an archway.

“If not in the ways we always expect.” She turned towards you, “I’ll think I’ll just go have some pudding.” She raised her hand in farewell and you smiled at her before she skipped off to the Great Hall, leaving you and Harry alone.

Harry’s eyes snapped towards yours and a smile threatened your lips as Harry looked at you confused, before his face fell slightly.

“Hey,” You muttered softly, gently nudging his shoulder with your own, “I’m sorry about Sirius.”

Harry smiled softly, sighing deeply to recollect himself. “When.. Voldemort was in my head,” He started, his eyes gazing into yours, “I had these.. these memories. And you know what I saw?”

You shook your head gently, your eyes darting down as Harry reached out and grabbed your hand.

“I saw Ron and Hermione, my family, but I also saw you.” Harry admitted. Your eyes whipped to his in surprise. “It got me thinking. The prophecy said some things that made me realise that I have to live whilst I still can.”

“Harry, you’re not dying any time soon.” You said sharply, “Voldemort has me to get through before he gets to you.”

This caused Harry to smile, “I know,” He said softly, “That’s why I was wondering… if you would like to go on a date with me sometime?”

Butterflies erupted in your chest and you gave him a small grin, barely containing your happiness, “I would love to.”

“Great!” Harry grinned. He faltered for a moment, as if contemplating something. You were about to ask him what was wrong when he leaned closer, kissing your cheek softly.

A slight blush rose to your cheeks and Harry grinned at the effect he had on you, tugging on your hand as he led you towards the Great Hall,

“Let’s go get some pudding.” He said, you could hear the smile in his voice.

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Everyone’s up in arms about Dumbledore “calmly” asking Harry if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire and I’m over here wondering why there’s like five billion students in the stands at the Quidditch stadium like 1. who are you all and 2. where do you belong

I like to think that somewhere between fifth year and sixth year Lily’s mum got annoyed with her daughter’s messy, long hair and said, “Alright, you are a young lady, you should start acting like it.” Much to the redhead’s shock, her hair gets cut right under her chin. Then she goes back to school. Remus notices first and can only stare wide-eyed, then Peter (but Peter didn’t care), James notices afterwards because he wants to know who the new redhaired chick is because “she’s really ho–LILY????!?” and stares with his mouth open.

Then, finally, Sirius notices in the middle of the Welcoming Feast Speech and he literally SCREAMS. Dumbledore stops speaking, McGonagall is furious and is about to chastise Sirius but Sirius climbs up on the Gryffindor table and sprints over to Lily. He’s full out sobbing and demands, “WHERE IS YOUR HAIR, EVANS? WHY IS IT GONE? WHERE DID IT GO? FOR THE LOVE OF MERLIN LILY W H A T HAPPENED TO YOUR FECKING HAIR???”

Embarrassed, Lily explains and Sirius plops down, leans his head in his arm, and just screeches. For a full minute. Finally, he whispers: “Kill me. I learned a really neat braid this summer just for your hair and now I can’t even.”

After a minute of silence, she leans down and hugs him awkwardly while he sobs in her arms. Dumbledore starts speaking again slowly while the unSorted first years slowly inch away from the Gryffindor table.