With all these guys being transformed into jocks, you think a coach would be needed to keep them in line don’t you think?

Aha, yes yes. I must say, I am a big fan of yours. So I have very glad you came to offer me advice at for all these jocks running around. Not to mention, the theft from the medical student. Well, you have seen he has become part of the institute in the form of a statue. 

I could do with a right hand man. A Coach, but also a head of institute security. What to you think? Oh, you’ll recommend someone? Hmm. Well, I think you’re the perfect man for the job. I know you have a busy life but just consider the job offer. There’s this - shiny sheriff badge you can wear! Haha, you think I’m joking? I mean, look. It is shiny. So shiny. It’s beautiful and I can see you can’t stop staring at it can you? It’s ok, you don’t need to speak now. 

As I said, I am a big fan. It is an honour to have you here - working for me, now. As my Head Of Security. The badge, emits a hypnotic wave that makes your mind..well, let’s just say you don’t really have one now. You respond and report directly to me. Here, have this jock juice and feel that body of your expand. Swell. Your chest becoming bigger, your waist becoming lean and tight. Your biceps, triceps becoming more solid and not to mention that cock becoming bigger as it swells in your pants….

Report in, Officer. 

That’s “Sir” to you…

Andy’s night at the stage hypnotist had been uneventful. He wanted to volunteer and even went under during the hypnosis suggestibility tests while in the audience but he didn’t get picked. The rest of the show was a bit of a blur - boring, Andy had thought.

What he doesn’t remember, is that the whole audience got tranced. He was picked out by the hypnotist and taken to the back room. Where his mind was hollowed out and rewired to that of a big dumdum jock.

When Andy was next at the gym, he’d feel a compulsion to show off and pose like a good little dumdum jock. Making his new hypnotic master very proud indeed.

I spend more time on Tumblr now than I do on my Facebook so its kinda like Im not really who I am on Facebook which is my old self nd now im More who I am on Tumblr which is my dumbjock self… maybe I should start editing my facebook or deleting parts of it.  what do you think bros?

I feel like Im fuckin horny all the time now and Im jerkin off so many times that my fuckin dick is sore.  Readin about turnin into a dumb jock.  Losin IQ.  Makes me so fucking hard bros.  Lookin at sneakers, lookin at gear, lookin at muscles, watchin dumbfuck musclebros flexin and grinnin and flexin and liftin weights and shit …. fuck.  Its like I got some kind of virus bro and its just gettin worse.  Feel so fuckin funny, like someone hit me in the side of the head.  Fuck just typing this is makin me so fuckin hard that I got fuckin jerk off and fuckin cum.  I wasnt like this last week.  Was I?  Fuck, I gotta jerk off.  Fuck.  Flex and jerk off and stare at nothin.  Get my dumb face on before I go to work.  Gonna be so fuckin dumb today.