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I headcanon that Link’s dad is the dumbest knight ever, and people are secretly shocked he could have fathered such a brilliant son. Like, I don’t think his dad even really read who signed the letter. He was probably just like, “Dude a lady wrote you a letter! SCORE!”, which is his very low threshold for caring.

Also: the one thing Link did inherit from his dad is his taste in loud, bossy women.

  • what kageyama says: dumbass hinata
  • what kageyama really means: hinata, i am quite socially inept and it's difficult for me to successfully show my feelings and respect for you, largely because of my behavior in junior high and how it affected me. however, you were arguably the first person at karasuno to put your trust into me and that has had a lasting effect on our relationship. i cannot communicate how much i appreciate you and how much you have helped me become a better setter, teammate, and person, but the use of this word is the best i can do. though you make a countless amount of errors and you can sometimes be too energetic, loud, and unnaturally confident, you astound me with your natural reflexes, speed, stamina, and jump. whenever you make a mistake and waste your talent, it makes me upset because i know you are capable of so much more. i have a unique relationship with you, unlike any of our other teammates, because you have truly helped me feel comfortable and realize that i should just accept who i am. i often have strong feelings of dislike towards you, but i love you for who you are and i would never change any aspect of you, even when you fumble a receive or miss a block. you really are one of the dumbest people i have ever met, but i wouldn't change it for the world.

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prompt; michael wants to ask gavin on a "heist" (read: date) but he needs geoffs blessing

This prompt was sent to me a looooooooong time ago. I almost forgot I had it still sitting in my messages, but I figured tonight is the night I should actually answer some of these so I’m so sorry anon and I hope you enjoy this.

Also send me more if you have any :)

“Look, Geoff, I just…” Michael trails off, shaking his head. “No, that’s not…” he sighs in frustration, pulling himself up to his full height, scowling at himself in the mirror. “Geoff, I know you’ve…” He throws his hands in the air, giving up.

“Fucking terrible idea anyway,” Michael mutters kicking at the air, walking out of Geoff’s bathroom and right into the man himself. “Fuuuuuck,” Michael mutters, hanging his head.

“Do I even wanna know?”

Michael shakes his head, moving aside to let Geoff pass, listening as the door closes behind him. He almost walks away, almost leaves and pretends he never had the idea, but a sudden wave of confidence rushes through him and he turns to face the door.

“Hey, Geoff!”

“Yeah!” Geoff calls back.

“So, I was like, you know, gonna ask Gavin to-” Michael tries really hard to think of a word other than the one he wants to use and in a panic blurts, “-heist with me.”

The door opens and Geoff looks at Michael skeptically. “Heist?”

“Yeah, you know, heist. Like, heisting. An evening of heisting. Just Gavin and me.” What in the ever loving fuck is he even talking about? “So, can I? Heist with Gavin?”

Geoff stares at Michael for the longest thirty seconds of his life before sighing and saying, “If you wanna date him why the fuck are you asking me?” He then walks away, muttering about how he isn’t Gavin’s father and how his crew can be the dumbest smart people he’s ever met.

“Okay, good talk!”

twin size mattress // the front bottoms

1x03 was bullshit

I’m sorry but drugging, handcuffing, and threatening a stupid ass teenage boy is not girl power. It’s literally the dumbest thing ever that people are trying to justify a boy writing down who he’s slept with being reason enough to drug him and threaten to “boil him alive” and then proceed to push his head under the water. What those boys did wasn’t cool, but neither was what Betty did. I did not feel empowered as a woman. I felt uncomfortable and ashamed. That wasn’t justice, that was vengeance. It was vindictive and creepy and cruel. I get that they did it to exhibit and further introduce Betty’s mental issues and instability, but fuck, stop glorifying what she did. Just because a show talks about feminism (purely because they know that teenage girls will eat that shit up by the way) doesn’t mean it’s being represented in the right way. I myself am a huge advocate for feminism, but tonight’s reaction to the show was disappointing. The end result, them getting kicked off of the team, great, awesome, perfect. They deserve it. But threatening their lives is too much. And it’s fine that the threatening was in the show. It’s fiction and who cares? It was a great way to show how fucked up Betty is, but glorifying it like it was totally reasonable is absolutely absurd.

Pack Mom 2

Pairings: Derek Hale X Y/n (romantic) Liam Dunbar X Y/n (mother/son)

Warnings: Cussing and arguing



It’s been a couple days since the night we (as in Derek and I) took in Liam. He has just been gold. He uses his manners, cleans up after himself, and controls his anger very nicely.

The reason Derek and I jumped at the opportunity to take him in was because I can’t have children. It was hard knowing we can’t conceive our own children. So, when I gained a mother-son relationship with Liam, I knew I had to take him in as my own. The best part is; it was mostly Derek’s idea.


Derek, Liam and I were watching a movie in the living room when my phone started to ring.

“Hey Scott!…yeah, we’ll come over… okay, I’ll get them ready in no time. I’ll see you later,” I hung up the phone.

“Scott wants us to come to the mall for a pack shopping day thingy,” I announce and move my arms in a quirky movement. “Do we have to go Y/n?” Derek asked in a whiny tone. “Of course we do! It’s for the pack, you lazy ass,” I responded cheerfully.

“Y/n…” Liam said quietly but loud enough for me to hear. “Yes sweetie?” I turn to him. “I-I-I umm… I uh, don’t have any clean or new clothes,” He stuttered out quietly with his head down. I walked over to him and brought him in a hug. “Don’t worry, I’ll put your stuff in the wash and Derek will let you borrow a t-shirt and you can wear the jeans you wore yesterday. They can’t be that dirty. And then when we get to the mall, we’ll most definitely getting you new clothes, yeah?” I pulled away to look at Derek for agreement which he reciprocated.

When all of that was said and done, we headed out of the loft and drove to the mall.

~skip car drive~

We met the pack in the food court and then split our separate ways. The first thing I did was drag Liam and Derek to a clothing store. I made Liam try on a whole bunch of clothes in which he liked many of. Except for the turtle neck that he looked so scrumptious in, I don’t understand why he didn’t like it. The world may never know.

We ended up walking out the store with a whole bunch of clothes but he still didn’t have shoes, so I bought him a pair or three.

“You really did not have to buy me all of this, Y/n,” Liam said very appreciative of what I have given him. “Oh, but I wanted to sweetie. You’re like a son to me and I’d do anything for my children,” I start to tear up knowing I can’t have any without adopting. There is nothing wrong with adopting, it’s just I want to feel what it’s like to go through the pregnancy process. “Y/n… why are you crying?” Liam asked with a look of concern. “I’m fine sweet cheeks. Where’s Derek?” I exclaimed to him so I don’t have to tell him in public. “I’m right here babe,” Derek announced his presence and hugged me.

Our moment was cut off by Liam’s whimpers. “Liam, sweetie, are you okay?” I asked but all he could do was point towards the two most awful people I have met.

“Well if it isn’t the little anger management case and two dumbest people I’ve ever met. I mean like, why would you take him in? He just brings problems, he worthless,” Liam’s “mom” told us with so much venom and evil coming out of her mouth. She had her husband behind her and he was hyping her up.

I got angry, real angry. “YOU DON’T TALK ABOUT MY SWEET LIAM LIKE THAT! HE IS AMAZING, HE DOES NOT BRING PROBLEMS, AND HE MOST DEFINITELY IS NOT WORTHLESS! BUT YOU- You are a worthless, trashy, abusive, manipulative, and hateful BITCH!” I yell at that witch, but calmed down towards the end to yell again. Derek had to hold me back, Liam was super upset and I hated seeing him like that. Once Derek got me under control, he turned to the horrific couple.

“If you even talk to, look at or even breathe the same way as MY family, I will personally rip your throats out with my teeth. Got it?” Derek growled at them making sure not to lose his control but he was close. He turned back to us and we left the mall not caring that we left the pack behind. We got in the car but I sat in the back with Liam to comfort him seeing as he had started crying. Once he calmed down, he was knocked out just like a light.

I looked at my gorgeous boys, perfectly content with my family and ready to take on any future problem as long as I have them with me.


Part 3??

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Won't pay us? Fine, we'll pay ourselves.

(This is a little long, sorry about that, but I’ve been waiting decades to tell this story.)

I grew up in a small town in the South. Summer jobs were hard to come by, unless you wanted to drive an hour away to the city. We had a few mechanics, some gas stations, a general store, and a church on every block. There were a lot of farms around that would hire high school kids, but summers in the South are hot and humid. The holy grail was an indoor job with air conditioning.

The summer before my senior year, I thought that my buddies and I– let’s call them Fred and Ben– had landed an awesome job at the general store. The owner, who I will call D*ckface, needed three people to unload the trucks and stock shelves in the morning. We had to report for work at 5 am, but it was only three days a week, and we were done by 10, meaning we had the rest of the day to lay around and fish.

Now, there were some red flags that I, being young, did not recognize at the time. The fact that D*ckface wrote IOU slips at the end of every week instead of checks was a huge one. He promised to pay us in full at the end of the month. We were kind of pissed that we wouldn’t have money to spend, but it was an easy job with good hours, so we kept working, looking forward to that sweet paycheck at the end of the month. With it being an under-the-table job, there wasn’t too much I could do.

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Taylor only hosted big 4th of July parties from 2013 to 2016. I don't understand why some people are upset now. we didn't really get shit from 2006 to 2012 like wtf???

because they’re literally the dumbest people i’ve ever encountered and i honestly can’t take it anymore

If they think EXO’s Twitter will get deleted because they are reporting and blocking the account they are the dumbest people I have ever seen. SM paid big money to Twitter for the promos, not even 1000000 reports won’t be able to delete it

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The people that think taekook don't have anything going on bc of the lap sitting thing are some of the dumbest people I have ever seen, the fact that jungkook got super flustered and checked up on tae several times and also taekook seemed to be inseparable means that it wasn't just fan service.