dumbest leader



HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY!!!! I can’t believe you’re all grown up now :’) I know alot of people give you shit for being lazy or for not saying the right things all the time, but the truth is… yah. You’re really lazy;;;; probably one of the laziest leaders I know! hehe, but I still love you no matter what because you light up the stage with your amazing charisma and you’re such an amazing and talented leader. Idk how you’re the dumbest, yet coolest leader at the same time. You’re so crazy and weird yet so funny and kind and really patient with the kids. I know it’s not easy looking after them for 4+ years, so I commend you for your long lasting endurance. You really have a heart of gold even if you’re not always able express it because you’re too busy sleeping~, hehe! But  I know you always mean well and love us Angels. I wish you all the happiness, health and success in the world, Bang Minsoo. Enjoy your day and Please always take care of yourself and the rest of the kids! I will love and support you, always and forever! 

-Love, Hadley