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Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 - Beyond the Wall

So, i finally caved.. I thought I would wait for the episode to air but the temptation was too great. This season feels more and more like it’s devolving and that’s not a good thing. The writing seems to have gone from bad to worse with characters being dumbed-down and some straight-up being ruined.

Now, I will discuss the episode here so all my thoughts are under the cut.

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Plus, if you ask someone if they WANT to continue doing something and their answer is just “maybe” you know they are done, just trying to be polite. There’s no more “we love doing the show and we love coming back, I’d love to do more” etc. both Ben and Martin are doner than done with each other and the show imho… and even though I can imagine Ben agreeing to do s5 again, one day, not now, in 3-5 years or whatever, I doubt Martin wants to continue doing the show and recasting John or continuing without him cause idk he is happily married to a woman for the third time and gives no fuck about Sherlock any longer, would be the dumbest fucking idea in the whole world, so…