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It’s been a one hell of year guys, but I can say it’s been a hella productive one!

In a weird twist of fate, I must’ve gained a little over 3k new followers this year, so I guess things are getting a little more serious now! I just wanted to thank all of you cuties for all the crazy nice replies and notes! I might not respond to some of them, but I can gurantee you every lil nice thing I get in my inbox just puts the dumbest smile on my face. 

You’re all wonderful and I hope you have a good holiday break!

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Zen and V (separately) parenting headcanons!!! How would they be as fathers?


  • probably has a daughter and ends up spoiling the shit out of her
  • as a new father he’d be really anxious of his newborn baby and plays his own fucking music around the house just because 
  • zen sings them to sleep every fuckin night dont PLAY W ME ABOUT THIS
  • he cries on their first day of school
  • he’s really cheesy and embarrasses his kids on purpose honestly 
  • always dresses up their kid in super fancy nice outfits whenever they go out, think beckham family style
  • realllllly composed for the paparazzi but in private he’s making the dumbest faces to his own kid 
  • constantly takes selfies for his baby and puts them in the rfa chat
  • sometimes even he’s in it and that’s a double combo, they’re both photogenic
  • he literally loves feeding the baby but whenever the bub starts crying he panics a lil and is like “oh god what do I DO MC HELP OUR WOMB NUGGET IS CRYING
  • cries while changing diapers he can’t do it he can’t it’s too much
  • the kid knows all of zen’s songs by the age of 10. it would’ve been sooner if mc didn’t politely ask zen to at least let their child listen to some other stuff once in a while.
  • they’ve been hearing zen’s “ALL MEN ARE WOLVES” rant ever since they came out the womb
  • takes them on set to watch him do cool stunts n show off n shit because he wants his kids to think he’s cool and they do but they get distracted by the catering… same tbh
  • he is a loving parent and always compliments his kid because he never got that growing up and doesn’t want that to happen to his own 
  • zen realllly loves his kid, he wants to give them everything he never got and actively promotes their child to get into arts and doesn’t say much about studying as long as they’re passing
  • once their kid signs up for plays and shit tho zen goes off, jaehee style
  • he is a proud dad
  • 8/10 dad except for that one time he was about to leave a place swarmed with paparazzi and forgot he left his own child in the lobby and ran back to go get them


  • listen jihyun kim would be the most lit ass dad in the world
  • he would be a cool dad without even actually trying to be sorry zen
  • he’s got cool dad points already for his teal af hair
  • takes his kid everywhere. parks, malls, and is a really active figure in his child’s life because his parents weren’t active in his own and it really hurt him and made him internalize a lot of his pain because he was taught love was distance, from the people who were his first impressions of loving someone
  • has a really hard time lecturing them because it’s just h a r d he can’t say no to them unless it’s something obviously outrageous but tries to do everything they want to do
  • a lot of family picnics!! even when they’re a toddler v wastes no time to get the whole fam out in nature, and he snaps a lot of photos of his baby too
  • there’s a lot of portraits of them at home, from each and every age and even has multiple scrapbooks
  • the kind of dad that reads to his kid every night and tucks them in and makes them a bottle of milk
  • he’s a rlly chill dad too and doesn’t even flinch when the baby vomits on him
  • really efficient as a parent, is decent about waking up in the middle of the night to change their kid’s diaper and taking care of them for a day
  • a very supportive dad even throughout all of his kid’s tantrums and phases
  • probably volunteers at his kid’s school and knows all of their friends on a first name basis
  • knows his child is probably gonna try drugs some day and probably gonna make great memories growing up so he’s pretty chill about curfew and rules, just he needs to know where they’re going and if the people going with are reliable or not
  • used to have no chill when they were younger though because he’d probably lowkey track his kid but once they hit like 16 he stopped doing that
  • kid takes their fashion sense from dad and the main family staple is black turtlenecks and monochrome outfits because #AESTHETICFAM
  • lets his kid join so many clubs and sports and is supportive in all of them and cheers them on at games or takes part in the club activities
  • a really laid back dad that respects his kid’s privacy and doesn’t pry unless it’s really bad, but he’s so trustworthy as a father it’s like him and his own kid are best friends
  • 10/10 father

Bokuto and Kuroo talk a lot, and one fateful day, Bokuto makes a face that Kuroo sets as his icon for ten weeks.
This was actually a real conversation between my sister @wally-sama25 (Bokuto) and friend @mochiibunbab (Kuroo). I used their faces as references////orz

Dating Jungkook

Would include:

- *shy kook running away*

- him being really really REALLY shy at first

- not because you’re a girl but because it’s you and hes not sure how to act around you

- you being at first the one whos taking an initiative

- you trying to flirt but unsuccessfully

- him trying to flirt but unsuccessfully

- him slowly opening up to you

- you would know when hes fully open by his dumbest meme face right in front of yours rly

- him exchanging his contacts with you

- him never messaging to you

- you being the first to text him something 

- him being the type of person who reads your message but because hes just thinking too much he would think rly too much and answer you just after 10 hours with simple “hi”

- him always overthinking about everything

- him just wanting to go outside with you and members but they ship you two too hard so you are unexpectedly alone 

- strange atmosphere disappearing after some dumb thing what one of you does or says

- nerdy convos

- convos about movies series animes  

- you changing into nerd if you werent one before and falling in love with things which he loves

- you falling in love with jungkook in speed of 0,0000000000001 if you already were nerd as him

- first date would literally be just walking and talking about things what you two love

- this kind of dates when youre just together and enjoying each others presence

- movie dates

- sporty dates

- like rly so much sports

- him always being behind you when youre sporting just to see your ass

- sometimes he would unexpectadly touch it and you r like ??? ¿ ¿ ¿???

- “i just… i think you had mud there… yeah… ye”

- you actually doing the same bcs  you just need to have that holy view in front of you

- you always touching his thighs when you can

- him flexing his thigh muscles while youre touching him with some meme faces

- you being always jealous bcs whenever wherever you are going everyone knows him and so many girls wants to have a selca with him 

- you being understanding girlfriend but inside a bitch which is possessive af

- you always showing to your rivals that hes yours and you are always having that look on your face “DONT FUCKING TOUCH OKAY??? ^^”

- him having fun while youre like this

- him really liking it

- him being actually the same overprotective smug guy when its about you

- him really hating to see any possible guy around you

- “i know that hes your friend but… how many times a guy best friend in reality just wanted to date the girl huh?”

- his bunny teeth

- wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles

- bright big smiles

- his cute boyish giggling

- his cute dorky gigling while hes doing something strange

- you being always an offended potato bcs damn his smile is so beautiful why is he emo all the time just why

- him trying to cook for you something

- him always serving you some ramyun or cola with pizza from nearest pizzeria

- him coming home very late at night

- you being always worried for his health but proud nearly as mum bcs you love your boy so much

- him showering at home but then going to practise some more

- you quietly listening to his voice at night while hes covering his favourite songs

- you preparing for him tea with honey and leaving it next to door like some special kooks secret pixie 

- him kissing you on head when youre already sleeping with quiet thanks

- him singing you lullabies when he thinks that you cant hear him

- you waking up sooner then him just to prepare for him his favourite breakfast

- you always realizing that you woke up just too early and going to sleep again

- him being always late so he never eats your breakfast

- him realizing that only when hes on his way

- “im sorry i didnt eat the breakfast you made for me, but you can leave it for later… we can eat it together… if you want” 

- him being very observant about your mood

- sometimes you two lying on bed questioning life and being bored af just doing some strange noises

- like when youre bored you can expect from him anything

- “yoooooooooooooooooo.. hgdfjguzgZTDTDRgviughluiGHZgbGZGgzgzzuigkjh”

- you speaking with each other in your own language

- him being observant when you’re sad he would just sit near you and wait until you will tell him everything

- him becoming touchy just after some time so expect a lot of touches on your butt its like guaranteed

- backhugging you when you need it the most

- backhugging you when he needs it the most

- backhugging you just because he loves it just the same as you

- there would be just so many unexpected hugs

- you would be just standing somewhere and he would run to you hug you and run away

- sometimes even lifting you up when hugs 

- you tickling him when he does that so you both end up rolling on the floor and playing with each other

- but it wouldnt be the cute scene from some movie no no

- your playing is 3 WW, its Tekken, its Mortal Combat, its the battle for your honour and respect

-  you would fight sometimes so hard that you will break a few a lot things at home but then just laugh at it and continue to fight

- everything what you will do together would be like some challange

- him looking at you very often like challanging for something like even in who will blink more times in one minute

- you sometimes wanting to beat him

- him suddenly changing your playing into some make out sesion

- him lifting you up and caring in the middle of the room while kissing just to make you feel his muscles

- collar bone kisses

- jaw line kisses

- you kissing his nose and telling how pretty it is bcs you knows that hes kinda struggeling with it

- long kissing until youre out of breath

- him sometimes giggling in the middle of this make out session because your touch is just too tickling for him

- your make out session changing back into some fight again

- you sometimes dont understand if you are more friends or lovers

- him making you forget about such thoughts with single touch on your waist or word into your ear

- “im still just a boy but… for you i want to be a man okay”

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How does matsu calm his crying baby?

Osomatsu: He titls his head to the side and smiles at the child to see if that will help them calm down, but seeing that it doesn’t work- he sits right across them and starts making the dumbest faces he can think of just to see if he can get his child to laugh. If it works, good god. If it fails, he’ll freak out and try all the things his spouse had told them to do in case this happened until he gets them to calm down- if everything is going wrong and he can’t get a single step right, he’ll wait until the other parent comes back to help him mend the huge mistakes he had just made, but he had really tried to do this right.

Karamatsu: It had to be around 4 AM when he heard the baby crying. Getting up with a yawn he walked to the crib and picked the small bundle of yells. It didn’t squirm so much once he nestled it against his chest, so that it could hear his heart beat. Karamatsu softly rocked his little one and sang a lullaby with a tranquil tone. It didn’t took that long before the crying faded and instead was replaced with silence. Satisfied, he gently put the baby back into the crib, careful not to wake it. Unfortunately, exhaustation got him and his s/o found him next morning asleep on top of plushies in the baby’s room, snoring a bit. 

Choromatsu: He knew what to do, he had read all about this before the child was even born! So there was no reason or need to freak out over something as easy as this. Of course, he is still very nervous as the child is very young and he doesn’t want to accidentally mishandle them or hurt them without really knowing. He first tries by rocking the baby, his s/o had helped him with the way he held the baby until he got it right- seeing that it didn’t work, he scanned the room for the bottle- wait, where’s the bottle?! He still had the child in his arms so he couldn’t run, this was the worst walk he has ever had, but eventually gets the bottle and settles the kid down until they stop crying.

Ichimatsu: This was it, he was the worst father ever and he was doomed forever. His child wouldn’t love him anymore, he had really failed at being a parent and their s/o would be disappointed, it was about time to pack his bags and start searching for a dumpster that look at least a bit clean to go live in. No- wait, this wasn’t right. He had to get the child to stop crying, he held them up to look at them in the eye and with the monotone voice he always used, went on with “Stop crying”, “Tell me what you need, child”, “What are you crying for?”. The baby extended their arms- did they want to be held? Um, that could be done, with the hug and some playing, the baby stopped crying.

Jyushimatsu: His baby sat across of him on a carpet, playing with construction blocks when it hit itself with one and started bawling. He was alone, and freaked out, he moved his arms in the air thinking of what to do. An idea crossed his mind and so, he started making dumb faces, although it didn’t help much. He balanced stuff on weird poses to catch the babies attention and did silly dances afterwards. Much to his relief, his child was now letting out small giggles and clapping it’s little hands. Just in time for his s/o to walk in through the door, finding their husband making more tricks to impress the baby. 

Todomatsu: It happened so fast he didn’t even have time to process what was going on, but a sharp cry got him to react. He picks the child up and tries to figure out why it is crying. Diaper change? No, it’s still good. Um, it’s hungry? But it rejects the baby bottle. It doesn’t want to sleep either, he already rocked them for a while. He has no ideas left so he decides to lean on google for help, yet it wasn’t of help at all. He let’s himself land on a couch, baby in his arms and just hugs it close to him saying how sorry he was for being a useless dad.

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Kiss AskFic Meme: A Spin The Bottle kiss with that nerd Ravus and another awkward someone, perhaps? c:

I have the biggest, dumbest grin on my face right now, I feel like I should not have enjoyed this as much as I did >:D

When Ravus walked into the condo that evening, he expected the usual. Lights on, classical music playing quietly on the stereo, tea kettle simmering on the stove, and his sister studiously fulfilling her college assignments on the couch, hair messy and beautiful in a tangled bun at the top of her head.

…Well, the lights were on. His sister was present. But, the music, the libation, and the company was an unwelcome foreign intruder into his home.

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