Blaming God because some random person somewhere does something stupid is even dumber than blaming Colombia because your coffee was cold.
—  Mark Hart

Lay - 150801 Zhang Yixing’s Studio’s weibo update: “听说本周我老板被绑架了 要比智力,极限三傻派他出场,结果如何,我老板没说,还是看#极限挑战#吧”

Translation: “Heard that my boss got kidnapped this week Need to compare their intelligence, limit Three Fools sent them out, what is the result, my boss didn’t say, nevertheless watch "go challenge”“

Credit: 张艺兴工作室. (1Note: ‘Three Fools’, which is akin to 'dumb-and-dumber’, is a name for the trio of Wang Xun, Sun Honglei and Yixing)

new gw2 blog

So I made a character specific gw2 blog

I’ll still be uploading gw2 art to this blog, since this is my main one. But the other one will have dumber doodles that I may not upload here and screencaps and other gw2 related stuff , plus character pages and jazz.  

Basically only follow if you want to see just gw stuff haha.