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Finally found your page! You're smoking and a total inspiration, godamn praise. Anyway, I'm rather a beginner at fitness, but I've been thinking about going to the gym. At first I just wanted to lose a few pounds, but I'd really like to get some muscle too, and using my body weight at home doesn't seem to be doing much. What machines/ exercises and reps would you reccomend? Also, may I ask your height? I'm 5'4 and I'm not sure if muscle would show on me like it does on you.

im 5′5″ and muscles will show regardless of your height really its all about body fat percentage.. 

for a beginner workout: here is my example workouts from my faq but ive eliminated any workouts i may find challenging/intimidating for beginners (and ive also taken out any repetitive alternative exercises for the same muscle)

the italicized are COMPOUND movements which is what your workout will be centered around as it involves multiple muscle groups.. generally as a beginner rep scheme is not too critical imo but ill provide it because you asked

Bench Press.. 4 sets 8-10 reps
DB (Dumbell) Incline Press.. 4 sets 10-12
Pec (Pectoral) Deck.. 3 sets 10-12
DB Shoulder Press.. 4 sets 8-10
Side Lateral Raises.. 3 sets 12-15
Front Lateral Raises.. 3 sets 12-15
Overhead OR Rope Tricep Extension.. 3 sets 12-15
Dip Machine.. 3 sets 12-15 

Deadlifts (whole body workout).. 4 sets 8-10
DB Row.. 4 sets 8-10
Seated Cable Rows.. 4 sets 8-12
Lat Pull Down.. 4 sets 8-12
DB Curl.. 4 sets 8-12
Rope Hammer Curl.. 3 sets 12-15
Preacher Curl.. 3 sets 10-12
Rear Delts: 
Face Pulls.. 3 sets 12-15
Reverse Pec Dec.. 3 sets 12-15

Back Squats.. 4 sets 8-10
Calf Raises.. 3 sets 12-15
Leg Curls.. 4 sets 10-12
Glute Kickbacks.. 3 sets 12-15
Leg Extensions.. 4 sets 10-12
Seated Leg Press.. 3 sets 12-15
Hip Abduction.. 3 sets 12-15
Hip Adduction.. 3 sets 12-15

ABS (added to one of the above days.. I usually do this w/ legs)
Leg Raises.. 10-15
Planks.. 60-90 seconds
Weighted Ab Crunches.. 4 sets 12-15 

Morning gym session.

20 minutes stair master intervals. 51 floors total
Squats with dumbbells
-30 lbs, 3 sets of 10
Sumo squats with dumbbells
-30 lbs, 3 sets of 10
Lunges with dumbells
-16 lbs, 3 sets of 10
Donkey kicks
-3 sets of 20
Fire hydrants
-3 sets of 15
Lying side leg raises
-3 sets of 15
Lying side bottom leg raises (no idea what this is called I’m making it up)
-3 sets of 20
Standing calf raises with dumbells
-30 lbs, 3 sets of 20

I’ve been feeling stronger but also less challenged by my workouts. I got a free trial for fitstar and I’m going to try that tomorrow. Has anyone used it before? Love it? Hate it? I’d love to know!

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Hey gorgeous, can you do 10. “Come over here and make me.” and 13. “You’re lying, you’re blushing.” - “Shut up, no I’m not!” with Bucky? Please?

10. “Come over here and make me.”

13. “You’re lying, you’re blushing.” - “Shut up, no I’m not!”

“What’re you thinking about?” Bucky sauntered passed you, a smug look on plastered on his face.

“What?” You switched to your next stretch. “Oh, nothing.”

“You’re lying, you’re blushing.” Bucky sat down on a bench and lifted a set of dumbells off the floor.

“Shut up, no I’m not!” You scoffed and stood up off the ground, dropping your hands down to touch your toes. 

“Thinking some dirty thoughts?” Bucky grunted as he lifted the weights. “Who’s got you all hot and bothered?” 

“I thought I told you to shut up.” You stood and crossed your arms, jutting your hip out as you glared at him. “So do as you’re told and keep quiet.”

“Come over here and make me.” He dropped the weights to the floor and stared you down.

You shook your head and sighed. You and Bucky had been dancing around your sexual tension for months, teasing whenever possible but never actually acting on the feelings. Your composure had been chipped away at since the two of you had started your little game and it had just come crashing down. 

You charged towards him and pushed on his chest; his back hit the padded bench as he smirked up at you. His hands met your hips as you straddled his lap, your lips crashing down onto his. He battled for dominance but you weren’t about to let him win; you tugged on his hair and he gasped, his mouth dropping open to let your tongue in to explore. You rolled your hips against his growing hard-on and he moaned.

“Tsk, tsk. I thought I told you to keep quiet, Barnes.”

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What exactly do you do to get in shape?! 😩 like what exact workouts and eating habits??

i lift heavy and do low reps high sets. i workout at home. wear a back pack with weights in it and do pull ups and push ups. I have one set of dumbells. crunches. run. i dont eat processed foods. or try not to. whole grain. i drink whey. and pre workout sometimes. i think thats it

[ROLLING STONE:] You guys are shooting in Iceland this year — where you used to live, right?

[RORY McCANN:] I hadn’t shot in Iceland with Game of Thrones before — I’d always shot in Malta or Croatia, and [I] was far too hot in that armor. When I was told I was going to Iceland, I couldn’t believe it. Six or seven years ago I went there to do a Viking film, and at the end of it they were like, “You’re going now?” “No, I’m staying.” “No, no, the job’s over.” [firmly] “No. I’ve got my tent. And I’m staying. Thank you very much.” I phoned my agent and went “Don’t phone me unless I’ve definitely got a job.” He didn’t phone me for a year. [Laughs] “Hello? Anything?” I ended up being a carpenter, building houses. Then their whole market crashed, and I borrowed some money off an actor pal that I met up there and hitched out of the place.

I got there last year to do [this season of] Game of Thrones. I’d hitched out of the place on borrowed money, and suddenly there’s this beautiful blonde driver beside this white Range Rover, all smoked out, going [in Scandinavian accent] “Hello, my name is Herta. Should we go skinny dipping before we go to the hotel?” [Laughs] “That would be lovely, Herta.”

Then I was meeting people over there that still didn’t know me as an actor, they just knew me as the guy who used to go to the library. Some still thought I was a local there. I met old friends again, had my bicycle again, did all my old things again. I only partied on the last night, because I was behaving myself. I thought I was gonna have to get my top off for a scene, so I was working out — I mean, I didn’t even drink water for the last 24 hours. On the day, the director comes up to me, and I’ve got dumbells on set, like [makes weightlifting motions] “YEAH! UHHH! FUCKIN’ READY!!!” He touches me on the shoulder and goes “Rory, I was thinking about it last night – I think we’ll just keep the top on,” and leaves me. “Fucking…I haven’t been out for fucking four months! I haven’t had a beer in fucking three months!”

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What's ur gym routine when it comes to glutes?

In no particular order (1set= 20 reps):

leg presses - 1 set with light weights as a warm up then do 2 sets with weights I am comfortable with but still challenging then 1 set with more challenging weights

squats- normal, sumo, pulses and some with my legs together. I usually do 2 sets and I sometimes use barbells as well. I do a mixture of these depending on how I’m feeling that day

(2sets )dead lift with kettlebell/dumbells

(2 sets) kickbacks -either on the machine if i go to the gym and with ankle weights if I’m home 

2 sets side leg raises while laying down 

2 sets bridge then 10 of glute isolation while doing the bridge

Hope this helps :)

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Do you have any tips for at home glute muscle building? 😊

Invest in some weights! Bodyweight exercises would only form your glutes and lift them but won’t build them up. I do not know what kind of equitment you have available so I will talk about what I have and use(d).

When I first started I used a light set of dumbells. Later on I added resistance bands (3 types; one round, one formed like the number 8 and the cable kind), kettlebells (10 and 15 lbs) and ankle weights (5 lbs). If you’re already working out with heavy weights those would not do that extreme much. But if you are just starting or only used your body weight up untill now it’s a great start!

There are endless type of exercises you can do. With the resistance bands mostly did glute kickbacks, donkey kicks, leg lifts, side leg lifts, cable squat, cable pull through, monster walks, squat shuffle, fire hydrants, rainbows, knee ups, rdl - basically almost everything you can do with a cable machine and then some more. With most of these I used it in combination with my ankle weights for more of a challenge.

With the kettlebell I did deadlifts, kettlebell swings, squats, goblet squat, sumo squat, donkey kicks (foot thru the loop of the kettlebell), straight donkey kicks, single leg romanian deadlift, side lunges, curtesy lunge with the kettlebell in my hands and squat jumps.

I also have a balance board. I don’t use it that much as I prefer a bosu ball. But I did use it for squats (bodyweight or with kettlebell), deadlift, deep squats, lunge with front foot elevated, pulse squat and cable squats while standing on it.

With bodyweight exercises I find plyo exercises more effective than static bodyweight exercises with a lower intensity level. At the end of each workout I still perform about 5-10 of these exercises for a complete burn out. Those exercises are: squat jumps, jump lunges, broad jumps, tuck jumps, prisoner squats, bulgarian squat, bulgarian squat jumps, wall sit, single leg wall sit, around the world lunges, ski lunges, burpees, single leg squat, single leg jumps, high knee runs, reverse lunge to front kick, glute bridge, hip thrust, pulse lunge, pulse squat, drop squat, squat hold and other exercises that I don’t remember right now. With the exercises above you can also use ankle weights.

If you have or are willing to spend more money on exercise equitment you can buy a barbell set. I ordered mine yesterday on clearance for 135€ with 70 kg weights it includes dumbells, curling bar and a straight barbell. I ordered it bc the winters can be very cold here and I want to continue training to prevent muscle loss when I can’t make it to the gym. With a barbell you can perform multiple exercises to really build your glutes. I find that hip thrusts, kneeling squat, good mornings, squat with kickbacks or with lateral raise, deadlift and reverse walking lunges are a few of the best glute building exercises for me when performed with weights!

But most of all experiment ! But never sacrifice your form!

Much love,

If you like Izumida and Shinkai please imagine:

  • Izumida and Shinkai Skyping when Shinkai is at college.
  • Izumida bench-pressing Shinkai.
  • Izumida and Shinkai doing the Couple’s Workout (aka Sexercise).
  • Izumida and Shinkai each giving each other a set of dumbells for Christmas.
  • Izumida and Shinkai fixing their bikes together on a day off.
  • Izumida and Shinkai hanging out with their brothers all together.
  • Izumida and Shinkai playing with Usakichi.


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What kind of strength training do you do? Could you give us an in-depth description of your workouts?

That’s going to be one hell of a long answer!

Im going to write down a typical routine for each area:

Triceps + Chest:
15 Pushup x 3 sets
12 Barbell Incline Bench Press X 4 sets (5 kgs + barbell)
12 Dumbbell Incline Bench Press X 4 sets (12.5 kgs each hand)
12 Dumbbell Fly X 4 sets (7 kgs each hand)
10 Parallel Bar Dips X 3 sets
12 French Press X 3 sets (5 kgs + w bar)
12 Tricep Dumbell Extention X 3 sets (9 kgs)
25 Incline crunches X 4 sets

Back + Shoulders:
12 Pulley Pulldowns X 4 sets (36 kgs)
10 Aided Pullups  X 3 sets
15 Bent Overs X 4 sets (15 kgs + barbell)
15 Dumbbell Rows X 3 sets (12.5 kgs)
15 Elbow Raises X 4 sets (6 kgs)
15 Shoulder Press X 4 sets (10-12.5kgs)
20 Lying Rear Delt Raise X 3 sets (3-4 kgs)
12 Front lateral raises X 3 sets
25 Incline crunches X 4 sets

12-15 Leg Press X 4 (120 kg)
12 Sumo Squats X 4 (20 kgs)
12 Smith Machine Lunges X 3 (15 kgs)
20 Lower Pulley Donkey Kicks X 3 (20 kgs)
15 Leg Curls X 3 (40 kgs)
15 Leg Extensions X 3
15 Stiff Legged Deadlifts X 4 (30-40 kgs + Barbell)

I do change stuff up and try different things, so it’s just the general idea. I love sticking to free weights, but whenever I feel my muscle is fatigue I move to the machines to help me with stabilisation.

Strength legs session that ruined me! (as requested by anon)

- Warm up for 2 minutes on a spin bike just to get your knees ready

BACK SQUATS: 3 warm up sets. work sets will be of the MAX WEIGHT you can lift for 3 reps/3 sets! (my max was 75kg)

LEG PRESS: 2 warm up sets. work sets will be the max weight you can push for 3reps/3sets! (mine was 140kg)

LEG CURLS: 3 warm up sets. work sets will be max you can lift for 3 reps/3 sets!


straight onto the lunges, i used 17.5kg in each hand. Again, 3 reps/3 sets. After the first lunge set, go straight to the kettle bell sumo squats. Wait 60secs REPEAT

LEG PRESS CALF RAISES: 1 warm up just to stretch your calves out. start off with a decent weight; 12 reps. then add another 20kg; 12 reps. another 20kg; 12 reps. another 20kg, till failure

SEATED CALF RAISES: warm up 1 set. increase the weight, 3 sets of 20 or till failure on the last set

- cry cause sore. -happy cause u strong

Leg day left me feeling pretty strong today. Those high rep sets I did are going to make sure Im not gonna be able to walk tomorrow, but who am I kidding I LOVE feeling sore after a good workout! 😎

Leg press
Warm up - 20X40kg (2 sets)
20X100kg (4 sets)
30X2 9kg dumbells (4 sets)
Leg openers
20X45kg (3 sets)
Warm up - 15X30kg (2 sets)
15X40kg (3 sets)

Cool down - 30 minute walk on the treadmill 155-160 bpr

… I only partied on the last night, because I was behaving myself. I thought I was gonna have to get my top off for a scene, so I was working out — I mean, I didn’t even drink water for the last 24 hours. On the day, the director comes up to me, and I’ve got dumbells on set, like [makes weightlifting motions] “YEAH! UHHH! FUCKIN’ READY!!!” He touches me on the shoulder and goes “Rory, I was thinking about it last night — I think we’ll just keep the top on,” and leaves me. “Fucking…I haven’t been out for fucking four months! I haven’t had a beer in fucking three months!”

Rory McCann interview for season 4 of Game of Thrones



Please excuse my huge photo spam but today has been a good day, better than a lot of days I’ve had recently.

- At 6am I took my man to work, he’s agreed some early shifts because of someone letting them down, so little old me has to be up at the crack of dawn all week because I’m a cute gf etc etc etc

- I came back and docked around for a while then went out and did some sprints, I did 30 seconds on, 1 minute off and then did 16 rounds of tabata, walking and running as fast as possible. 20 minutes of torture tbh. I nipped in some bacon and scrambled eggs post sesh

- Then I had to take mum to work (50 mile round trip) then went to the pet shop and SPOILED THE BUNNIES TO DEATH. With a couple of new toys, specially tasty hay, a new little cottage house and more toys 🐇🐇. I love my little fuzzies!

- After that I quickly cooked my seafood pasta! Covered prawns in turmeric and fried zucchini pasta in garlic and goats butter with broccoli 😍.

- Picked adam up, made two brownie batches for my clients, finished off another clients meal plan then went and strength trained - this bit I’m so proud of.

Compounds with shoulders 😍

10 x 20kg
8 x 40kg
7 x 50kg
7 x 50kg
7 x 50kg
7 x 50kg
7 x 50kg

10 x 25kg
8 x 40kg
6 x 50kg
6 x 50kg
6 x 50kg

Bench Press
10 x 12kg
10 x 32kg
6 x 37kg
6 x 37kg
6 x 37kg
6 x 37kg
6 x 37kg

Shoulder Tri-set

Dumbell shoulder press
10 x 9kg
10 x 9kg
10 x 9kg
10 x 9kg
10 x 9kg
10 x 9kg

Dumbell front raise
10 x 5kg
10 x 5kg
10 x 5kg
10 x 5kg
10 x 5kg
10 x 5kg

Arnold press
10 x 6kg
10 x 6kg
10 x 6kg
10 x 6kg
10 x 6kg
10 x 6kg

- Poooooost workout I had my high intensity class with of me new faces, who did AMAZING! Had a pleasant surprise when two of my new clients turned up. and Paige my online client is trying to get Tuesday off every week so she can come, such dedication!

- I came home to a lovely dinner and yet another message to order MORE of our protein brownie! (Seems to be going well!). We had chicken parcels with veg, and I had extra butter.

- I’m up again tomorrow at 6am so good night guys. I hope to have another good day tomorrow even if it is date night! My peeping baby delt and traps have made me motivated!!! 😉😉😉