dumbell rows


I went to the gym for the first time in 3 years on thursday and did an arms workout with alex. Holy crap, am I weak! I stuck to 30’s and 20 pounders and did 3 sets of 12 of each of the following:

✔Straight Legged deadlifts
✔Shoulder presses
✔Inverted rows
✔Incline Dumbell presses
Wow, I really want a gym membership more than ever after this. I’ve been so used to bodyweight for all this time!

My back and shoulders are STILL sore. Oh, happy pain!

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2/16/17 - WOD

So I made it up and into the gym. I am glad I went today! The coach was right, today’s workout was more core and upper body focused so my knee didn’t hold me back. I ended up really enjoying this workout and since it wasn’t timed I could take things slow at my own pace.

The WOD was 4 rounds - not for time
4 Turkish Get Ups (I did 0lb / bodyweight)
20 russian twists (I did 6lb)
100ft sandball carry (50lb)
8 seated dumbbell press on floor (10 lb dumbells)
8 ring rows

When we last did Turkish Get Ups, I was new to Crossfit and they made me feel hopeless. I remember while learning them, I just resigned to defeat feeling like I’d never be able to do them. I couldn’t support my body weight to pass my leg under myself, keep my arm extended outward, or rise up from lunging to standing position.

They haven’t come up since and when I saw them today I was so nervous. But to my own surprise I had definitely improved. I can now slide my leg under, keep my arm out-stretch, and transition from a lunge to fully standing. I still need to work on keeping my elbow locked out and my balance, so I stuck with just body weight for today.