Imagine the harry potter books if Harry had actually killed Voldemort as a baby and he just thinks Voldemort is back, but there are much simpler explanations.

  • When Hagrid says “Most of us reckon he’s still out somewhere but lost his powers, too weak to carry on.” Harry gets all scared but voldemort is actually dead
  • Book 1: Quirrel is just a mad lunatic running through the school screaming about trolls.
  • Book 2: the same. the other tom in the diary was basically just a cursed book. 
  • Book 3: the same.
  • Book 4: same but the port key takes harry to a tea party.
  • Book 5: Fudge was right the whole time and Harry was just being paranoid.
  • Book 6: Dumbeldore gives harry irrelevant history lessons about a former threat.
  • Book 7: Harry and Hermione go on a scavenger hunt

Talking with my boyfriend about baby names, and he tells me “we’re not naming our kids any weird Harry Potter names like Dumbledore or Snape or something.” So fast forward to him telling me names he DOES like, and on the list is Owen. I told him I like Drake as a first name, and he says Drake Owen would be a good name. 

Drake Owen.

Drake O.