(hahahhahaa theres like two meanings in this depending on if we’re on the same page regarding dumb celtic kids or not.)

Okay. 3/3 of my illustrations for my characters, featuring Lou Sheehy, Sid’s adoptive sibling whom lives with her and a colony of fay in a run-down cottage. 

Lou and Sid had a bit of a one-sided rivalry their entire childhoods. Lou has always been the token-child- smarter, faster, and better than Sid, who at the time had no clue how to apply herself to anything. It is on Lou’s passage day that Sid receives her quest, and Lou is left kind of in a lurch by who they thought was their parent. Of course, because Sid looks up to Lou so much, she invites them on the adventure, which turns out to be a bad idea. As time goes on, Lou becomes increasingly jealous of Sid, partly because Sid received the task and not Lou, and also Sid turns out to be an excellent hero. 

Eventually, her jealousy opens her up to being influenced by Balor (god of death blahblahblah general bad guy), and she tries to sabotage and eventually kill Sid and Keegan (who hitched a ride somewhere along the way). 

In the end, Lou is under complete influence, and becomes his puppet in the mortal world, while he’s stuck in the Otherworld. Kinda like a possession-sorta thing.

So yeah. that’s it for that small series. I had a bunch of fun.

I rly wanted to see what lou’s hair would look like down. I guess she just puts it in a braid and then gets someone to cut around that. Also undercuts and braids are an interesting combination, but idk about it on Sid.

russiancult asked:

3 and 7 for the artist asks

3. Show a thing that you drew last, no matter how small or “doodle” it is

also this song !!!! i’ve been listening to this a lot and thinking about„, superheroes

7. Do you have any OCs?

hhahahhahhhhahhahhahahahha i have so many. 


cla-ray.tumblr.com/tagged/skipper-and-co  <- this is legit just an earlier, smaller version of SIL interns that eventually I developed. 


I’m actually doing a thing with SIL interns atm too…i just….have to keep going. those wallys have been much-needed breaks from it.sigh