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I have to say I'm really happy your genderbent Sanji and Zoro don't have long hair. I find myself questioning why everyone believes that now that they have become female they must have long hair and very prominent chests. Like whats wrong with a girl with short hair and next to no boobs. They exist too. By the way your Usopp is adorable as per usual. =//w//=

Yeah…I find it weird for them to have long hair?? I mean..maybe a little for the timeskip genderbends, but nothing overboard haha. But thanks, I’m glad you feel that way about them!

This…wasn’t going to be a joke about my height but goodness gracious the height difference between us this is the only possible out come for the first time we try and pilot. THE ONLY POSSIBLE OUT COME.

I sent thebigbadwerewolf a silly poem the other day and I decided it had been a long time since I had done CG art and it took me a little time to get back into the swing of things let me tell you. Man but it turned out all right, could have tried to put a background on it buuuuut I decided against it since it took so long just to make the suits bleh.

Hope I got your hair right wolfie that was the last picture I remembered seeing of you so if you don’t have your fluff bun anymore oh well~

I also opted not to have my glasses on in the picture cause they looked shitty and fuck man its giant robots and shit i’m sure they could whip up a prescription visor or something. Don’t judge me. 8I

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When you post pictures of things for your world its always creatures but what sort of plants live in your world?

This still needs a lot of work but here are a few plants. They are mostly a work in progress but you should get the main idea. There is a lot more but I think I’ll just show these three since it’s late.

This desert giant that grows in a vortex shape, venting out steam or gasses from the earth. 

This purple flower is one of the many located in a rainforest-like environment. A lot of animals come to drink it’s nectar. Vital wildlife food source.

And last but not least a black fungus that grows inside of skulls. Hope that gives you a bit of an idea on what type of plant life grows in my headworld. Still need to work on this topic a lot more and start seperating the plant life for different planets.