An au where xephos is a very grumpy fisherman and honeydew is a very small clingy chubby octopus.

Xephos would go to work like normal, very early in the morning ,he packs his lunch of a few sandwiches and a couple of slices of honeydew melon. When it comes around to lunch xephos notices a little orange octopus trying to eat his honeydew melon . Pretty pissed at this xeph throws the melon and the octopus back to the water. This happens every day until xeph gives up with the annoying dwarf octopus and just leaves it with the melon. As xephos walks away seagulls try to eat and attack the little octopus , worried about the little fellas life xephos chases off the seagulls and takes him home. When xephos arrives he looses the octopus and starts to freak . xephos then realises the little octopus has his tenticals wrapped in xephs hair and refuses to let go. Xephos keeps the little octopus and names it honeydew . When honeydew is happy he places his tenticals on xeph and lifts them up to give him little kisses. He also has a tanks all around the house. One next to xephs bed , one next to xephs arm chair and one in the kitchen. Honeydew can be out of the water for about an hour so xeph takes him for little shopping trips around the little village where he lives.