Are people really this stupid? Who thinks to themself, hmm maybe I should write an editorial on something that I have no intention of researching and that I have a clear bias about. Someone launch chicago into the sun so I don’t have to see this stupidity.

On Dean Ambrose being "Lazy and Complacent".

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

It pisses me off so much when people say that Dean Ambrose is lazy. Like what? Lazy? He is visibly one of the most hardworking wrestlers in WWE. At every show, every live event, he’s stealing the show.

Hasn’t he traveled over 190k miles this past year?

Hell wasn’t he number one in wrestling the most matches last year across ALL promotions? Does anyone get how insane that is? There is SO MANY pro wrestling companies and he wrestled the most matches out of ANYONE. And people have the actual nerve to call him lazy. I honestly can’t grasp the fact that people actually think he doesn’t work hard.

And at one point wasn’t he doing two shows in one night. He would wrestle, then (probably not even be able to shower) be put in a car quickly to travel to the next city and wrestle there.

And he does all this hard work and he doesn’t even complain. Has anyone actual heard Dean Ambrose complaining? He had NEVER even mentioned the fact that he’s wrestled the most matches out of anyone in 2016, he’s never even said a thing about the miles he’s traveled. That’s how humble this man is. That’s how fucking passionate he is about pro wrestling. He doesn’t NEED statistics to prove that he’s good. He keeps doing what he’s doing because he’s LOVES what he’s doing and he KNOWS that’s he good.

Without a doubt, Dean is one of the top workhorses in WWE. When WWE creative doesn’t know what to do with their talent (and this happens a lot), Dean is always used to fill in because they KNOW that he’s entertaining. They know he’s an amazing, charismatic, wrestler.

But obviously some people like to deny the facts.

When you remember exactly how stupid the fandom is
—  Y'all idiots are saying Alec is biphobia when it was never about the gender it was about the amount.
Alec was scared that he would turn into one of the MANY lovers magnus had.He was scared magnus would forget about him. Magnus would be Alec’s only lover while Magnus would have many lovers afterwards.

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So I got blocked because some dumb bitch on here was making physical threats on here to physically harm people who like pewdiepie. I’m sorry that I have morals and wouldn’t physically harm someone over someone’s dumb actions. He’s an idiot yes! but you don’t go threatening other people’s lives. God this is why our world is shit. Over one word, you’re going to act violent and hurt people. Why stoop that low??? Why go below!? Be above and let the ignorance show everyone’s true colors!