In general, I need white dumbasses to know Black people refusing to engage with you has nothing to do with maturity or intelligence level of the Black person but typically where they detect your emotional intelligence level to be. If you’re trying to argue for appropriation or bigotry of any sort in 2017, you’re presumed to be a fucking moron with the IQ, EQ and cultural sensitivity of radioactive sludge.

Another Installment Of :DumbAss People

Okay So!

I’m having a pleasant convo with a American guy friend of mine. He’s new to my life, but he’s very nice and he seemed like a promising lead. We’re having a very nice convo when he says he wants to travel back to Mexico. I respond with a polite “Be careful the crime rate is very high there”

THIS RUDE ASS GUY gonna respond with “ The CRIME RATES not high! It’s the SLUTTY ASS WOMEN who live there crying rape all the time!

Ok no. I have friends from Mexico. I’ve visited Mexico. THAT IS NOT THE CASE. Let me remind everyone: THIS IS AN AMERICAN MAN. He has no idea what it’s like to live there everyday.

“It really is bad there for women, I hope you don’t really think that! Women have almost no rights!”

“OH God, Your not one of THOSE FEMINISTS, are you?”

“What’s wrong with being a feminist?”

“Oh no! You seemed like such a nice, QUIET, SWEET GIRL. You don’t seem like ONE OF THEM!”

I’m done. I’m honestly done. I have never wanted to kill more in my entire life! WHERE DO PEOPLE PUT THIS RAGE?!?!

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Do you consider Jason more as an antihero or a morally grey villain?

While I went in depth with my Jason Voorhees is not evil video here

HE IS NOT someone I’d consider a AntiHero AT ALL because he actively kills innocent people. 

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So heres my thing with Jason. Jason is like a WILD FUCKIN ANIMAL that is Territorial and will end you without a second thought if you go on his turf.

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PEOPLE KNOW CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE has this Killing machine 

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And they’ve tried

  • Burning Him, 
  • Drowning Him, 
  • Firing Squad, 
  • Blowing him up etc 

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but thanks to his Deadpool esque regeneration he ALWAYS comes back.

Now here is THE KEY DETAIL You’ve tried to kill this guy in MANY WAYS and He wont die. BUT If you are not on his turf he wont fuck with you. 

The MAIN TIMES he left were because

  • He Hunted Alice in Part 2 cause she killed his mother
  • He got on the boat in part 8 because it was IN CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE’s Territory.
  • He was tricked by Freddy into going to Elm Street to kill teens cause he thought his mother wanted him to do that

So my thing is this. if You know for a Fact there is SUPER ZOMBIE who Cant Die over there And every method you’ve tried has failed but realize that He’s not hostile if you dont go onto his territory the

FUCKIN BLOCK OFF that Area and dont let dumbass people go there!

to me its honestly like me telling someone 

“Hey There are vicious Bears over in that forest and if you walk through it they most likely will kill you so DON’T GO THERE”

and yet you decide to walk through

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its your ass! People do this thing where they dont take personal responsibility for their actions. 

Jason DOESN’T HUNT people like say Leatherface to eat them

or actively enjoy Murder like Freddy and Chucky

He’s just angry and thinks that these campers murdered his mother and if you go on his turf thats on you

So just let the dude be

  • “I want to date a Korean.”
  • “I want to marry a Korean.” 
  • “I want to have Korean babies.”

How do people say these things so matter-of-factly and not realize how perverse these statements are? They are fetishizing an entire population of people based on very limited and very skewed representations of what they’ve seen in mainstream Korean media. 

South Korea isn’t all about K-Pop and K-Dramas. It’s not all cute and fun. It’s a nation of people struggling to get by because the vast majority are overworked and underpaid. It’s a nation of people trying their absolute hardest to find happiness and solidarity and peace of mind because the government has been horrendously failing its people. When people make dumbass comments about how badly they want to date/marry a Korean person just because they’ve listened to some catchy songs and watched some entertaining dramas, please realize that they are dehumanizing an entire nation of people. 

Including their favorite idols, despite the fact that the media likes to portray things differently.

Note: Listening to K-pop, watching K-Dramas, etc. doesn’t make you a bad person. But something is to be said about someone who obsesses so intensely over one aspect of a people’s culture but they can’t be bothered to even look into other, not-so-positive aspects of that same culture. How much can you truly say you love a culture when you can’t even be bothered to, at the very least, research struggles the people face? 

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Youre actually fucking disgusting if you think you can call straight people "toxic sludge" as if straight people as a whole are the issue, and if you do fuck you. This is coming from a gay woman. Youre not a good ally in the LGBT community if you think straight people are the problem you fucking dumbass.

straight people are toxic sludge and this fake ask proves it 

  • Me: *sees an article about bpd*
  • Me: oh, neat, this isn't a bad article
  • Me: *looks at the comments like a dumbass*
  • Person 1: people with bpd are manipulative, attention seeking, and awful in every way!
  • Person 2: I'm a therapist and hate everyone of my clients with bpd LOL.
  • Wish they didn't exist! Impossible to treat!
  • Person 3: people with bpd are impossible to be around, live with, or interact with in general; a scourge upon the human race
  • Person 4: I dated someone with bpd once and they destroyed my life and killed my dog.
  • Person 5: it's so heartbreaking these people exist and force us to suffer in their presence...why is life like this :(
  • Me: *breaks down crying and wants to die* Dammit, every time. Every fucking time.

I really fucking hate transphobes & i hate when they go out of their way to misgender trans people & talk to us in third person just so they can use the wrong fucking pronouns for us i hate dumbass cis people

  • Kazama: [kisses Tsukushi] You're so amazing!
  • Tsukushi: [blushes] Thanks, Kazama-kun!
  • Ooshiba, holding Kimishita's hand: They're so gay.
  • Kimishita: I know.
  • Kazama: You know you guys are holding hands right? That's pretty gay too.
  • Ooshiba and Kimishita, still holding hands: WHY WOULD I BE GAY FOR THIS DUMBASS!

1) I’ve blocked like 50 dumbass people tonight who are desperately bending over backwards to defend mocking the suffering of people in America for the sake of their shitty music competition and it’s so funny… calm down

2) I did some digging through my own archive and remembered that last year I made a super similar post that was in response to a post that went around along the lines of “americans cant complain about eurovision until they’ve fixed their police system lol” and I got like the exact same level of backlash and whiny british people crying over how I was “taking away their fun” By reminding them that people are For Real Dying…….. holy shit

3) I hate racist white europeans who feel some weird sense of superiority over americans and think the death of nonwhite ppl is a funnie joek as long as its happening in the US like how pathetic…….

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Hello, love your blog. I'm going to Scotland and was wondering if you could translate some slang before I go? Thank you

Cool! Scottish slang is VERY different depending on where you are, I live in the highlands so…I’ll try to cover as much as possible.

  • Aye - Yes/yeah/i agree
  • Ye wee prick - you rude idiot
  • What are ye playin’ at - Can you not
  • Piss off - I don’t know, sorry
  • I don’ey know - Do i look like Einstein to you or something?
  • Ya want a cuppa - bitch you’re getting tea whether you like it or not
  • It’s pretty nice today eh? - The rain demons have given us a break 
  • Ya wanker - dumbass
  • My mates - The people i tolerate 
  • Ye wanna go to the pub - I want to get drunk and fight you
  • Wanna sesh? - Wanna go get drunk in the woods 
  • Inbreed (Commonly said to me JOKINGLY from my dad) - You are not a pure Scot.
  • Any occult like chanting i.e. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7OFo6zth00 (My team for example) - Another team is nearby
  • What ye on mate? - You better be high because thats stupid 
  • Lad - you are a friend (Very rare if you are called a lad by a Scot, it is the equivalent to being blessed by the pope)
  • It’s all gone tits up - Shit went down
  • Your a bonnie lass - I wish to bed you
  • Decent banter - It was a good night
  • Bantz - It was great
  • Go suck one - I hate you
  • ye love me - I’m sorry
  • Sorry mate - I really ducked up   
  • FREEDOM! - Somebody from another British country is nearby

Mun can’t think of any more, ask me if you need anymore and have fun!

Heroes Wear Dresses

angelica schuyler x reader

prompt: angelica is tired of seeing people trample over the new girl in town

a/n: ah i love the thought of defensive angelica but lmao its 3 am and this kinda sucks ah i need to write better fics 


Angelica didn’t know the new girl’s name.

Quite frankly, she didn’t know much about the girl besides the fact she moved from New Jersey and now owned the locker beside her own. Angie knew she had the most wonderful smile and would always say hello to her when they were both at their lockers. Ang also knew she was possibly the cutest girl she had ever laid eyes on. 

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Asking why there’s no “International Men’s Day” or “White Lives Matter” or “Straight Parade” is like asking your parents why there’s no “Kid’s Day”, when there’s a Mother’s and Father’s Day.


Sun and Sky

Pairing: Kagehina

Rating: G

Tags: soulmate au, fluff

read on ao3

So I’ve hit 400 followers! For those of you new here, every time I hit a multiple of 100, I add to this soulmate series. This time, it’s Kagehina’s turn, and I’ve been very excited to write my otp!

Hinata Shouyou hid his soulmate mark.

It wasn’t the nicest thing he could do, he guessed. It probably made actually finding his soulmate harder, considering he was in his first year of university and hadn’t seen a trace of them, but it was the best choice for him now.

He had the night sky on his wrist. If you looked close enough, you could see swashes of darker purples and blues, constellations packed into a small space only a couple centimeters across. Shouyou thought it was beautiful.

Other people didn’t think the same.

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