the worst ( best ) part about being on a college campus is having to walk down the street and see “JUSTICE FOR HARAMBE” AND “DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE” AND “HARAMBE 2016″ on gigantic tarps hung proudly from several balconies. just like, all the time

  • Me:*draws almost anything*
  • Me:i.. dont like it
  • Me:*draws someone dabbing*
  • Me:I Am 😭 so Proud 😢😢😢 my Skills have Come so Far I worked so Hard for thIs Acheviement I could not be Any Happier I

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When are you changing your URL? I'm excited for this!!!

it might take a little while since i’m terrible at coming up with urls, @worshippedlove is helping me at the moment so wish us luck lol.

do yall really think the snes was the first gaming console lmao

dumbass stick figure lookin sprites of ~retro inspired games~ mimick the graphical limitations of gaming consoles from the late 70s/early 80s, where they literally could not use more than a few colors per image and people were barely learning how to draw on the computer so they didnt look particularly impressive.

even nes sprites had similar graphical limitations, the programmers simply got around it by stacking sprites on top of eachother in order to use more colors

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y'all do realize flem doesn't associate with the art hoe movement because they know who the art hoe movement is for right....

👀👀👀👀 thank u im not a dumbass ……. lmao