So our Pokemon Go Team Leaders are basically our new parents, right? MoOoOOoOm, I need more pokeballs, pleaseeee!! ò w ó ♡

after living in an old timey dorm with “historic charm” ie clangy pipes and an apartment that had been “remodeled while maintaining original architectural elements” ie CLANGY PIPES and because everything in champaign urbana is cheap i told myself that my next apartment would HAVE to have these requirements:

  • 1 bedroom, not a studio
  • be as old as my parents TOPS
  • $700 rent MAX

and so here i am, looking at a studio, no dishwasher, in another ~historic~ building with 695 rent and saying “i feel like it’s gonna be this one”

anonymous asked:

what do you think about people saying arya character has been assassinated in a more overt way by the TV show than sansa character, and that we can’t all be arya, we can’t all seek solace in physical fighting and retribution ??

that is some classic s/an/sa stan drivel lmao. thats not even an argument worth having re: the show either because they all get off on killing. sandra included. but in the books arya doesnt find any solace in revenge. thats the point. she uses her list as a survival mantra. its a cry for control. thats not going to be every characters approach but arya isn’t inferior for it. which is usually the implication.  

the idea that show!arya’s character has been assassinated while show!sansa is more in character is just stupid. until the very end of s6, when some dumbass writing choices were made, arya was fairly in character. by the show’s standards at least. i thought they portrayed the blinding arc well. they made arya’s internal conflict more obvious because we don’t have her thoughts but it worked. arya was lost, confused, and helpless but she grew stronger because of her determination. that development is right out of the books. we also saw her compassion with lady crane. arya was unable to kill that woman because she still respects life and has her own moral code. arya in s6 was not able to conform to the faceless men’s methods. we haven’t read that yet but we know its coming. she was both fierce and vulnerable. so overall arya’s characterization was decent. 

wtf did sandra that was so in character??? marry ramsay and become a Boss Ass Bitch?? please. grrm might be an evil old perv but he’s not going to just give her a standard Rape Empowerment Arc which is literally the only thing the show did.