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Jin singing B1A4 Sandeul’s “Stay as you are” in a Bangtan Bomb 

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that video. lol. i saw some people starting drama because dnp are becoming "that kind of youtubers" now, that just do random shit for views and i'm like, lol? yeah. they obvs did that for views, but also because it's ridiculous and unnecessary, but still funny? dan was so self-aware of this in the video (making it a bit ironic), i have no idea why people are creating drama over this

ppl are actually upset about it?????!!! lmaooooo why am i totally unsurprised. it was like,,,, a giant shitpost??? and it was genuinely funny for the most part??????? can ppl chill?

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So. This PewDiePie thing kicked up some controversy again. And the Firewatch devs decided to use the DMCA to take down his video. Your thoughts?

I understand why the developers of Firewatch would want nothing to do with a shrieking, dumbass man-child who can’t keep his mouth shut, but I think they’re wielding a sledgehammer instead of a scalpel. Unlike the Digital Homicide shitstorm, I think this is a case of Campo Santo doing the wrong thing for the right reasons, but at the end of the day they’re still exploiting Youtube’s broken system.

Now does that mean I’m on PewDiePie’s side? Absolutely not. I’ve made it no secret that I have little more than contempt for him and his “comedy.” He’s terminally obnoxious and he has a massive persecution complex to boot. This is hardly the first time he’s found himself in hot water for this shit and, let’s face it, it won’t be the last. And every single time it happens, he gives an insincere and half-hearted apology while making no shortage of excuses, particularly the old “Well, FREE SPEECH” argument, which is something his fans are all too happy to tote around defending his dumbass.

It never fails to amuse me that the Internet has all but fetishized freedom of speech without realizing what it actually means. It means that you have the right to say what you want without the police breaking your door down, but according to the Internet freedom of speech means you can say and do whatever you want without consequence and anybody who criticizes you is trying to censor you. No, that’s not what it means at all. Yes, PewDiePie had every right to drop the N-bomb, but had someone been sitting next to him they would have had every right to punch him right in the mouth. Remember; talk shit, get hit.

And whether PewDiePie likes it or not, he’s a public figure. More kids recognize him than they recognize Mark Walberg, Jennifer Lawrence, and The Rock. What he says will have impact, and shit like dropping the N-bomb during a livestream is exactly why Youtube’s adpocalypse is happening. No, I’m not saying he’s all to blame or even mostly to blame, I’m saying he’s not helping because advertisers want nothing to do with that shit. Not helped by Youtube insisting that the entire system be handled by fucking robots, but that’s another issue entirely. Many of his fans have defended him saying that he can’t control himself, and to that I respond that if he can’t control himself and watch his fucking mouth then he has no business doing what he does. As for those who pulled they “heated gaming moment” argument, they can all fuck right off. When I was a kid I swore so much that I wasn’t allowed to play games for weeks at a time due to burning through a month’s worth of allowance filling the swear jar in just under a weekend, and NEVER did I resort to racial slurs.

Sidebar, to those of you wondering why Nintendo refuses to put voice-chat in Splatoon? Because 57 million people think casual racism is okay.

I could go on all day, but I’ll finish with this. Most of the controversy that followed could have been avoided if for one thing; if PewDiePie grew the Hell up. If he had just swallowed his pride and ego and acted like a fucking adult for once in his life and apologized for his abhorrent behavior, people outside his fanbase would be willing to forgive him or at least cut him some slack. If he just owned up to it and said “Hey, I fucked up, I’m sorry, I’ll never say that again” instead of trying to justify himself, people wouldn’t be nearly as pissed off as they are.

But he didn’t. And from where I’m standing, he never will. If PewDiePie wants this shit to stop, he needs to grow the Hell up or fuck off. He can’t act like a racist dipshit and then be surprised and play the victim card when people call him a racist dipshit. I still don’t support DMCA takedowns, but if that’s what it takes for PewDiePie to get his fucking act together…well, some people have to learn the hard way.

And for the record, I don’t think PewDiePie is genuinely racist. He’s just an idiot.




to that anon i hope this was what you wanted sorry this took so long for me to put up

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how do you feel about pewdiepie playing dmmd? do you think its a good thing or a bad thing?

Bad. Very bad.

Don’t get me wrong, Felix is an okay guy when he isn’t in his dumbass Youtube persona. But when he is… just no. Over the years he’s just gone from decently funny to wow please shut the fuck up you are a giant idiot. 

I say this about the way he presents himself on Youtube/in his game videos. Again, the guy himself is actually pretty cool, and hey, Cry likes him well enough and Cry’s awesome, so he can’t be that bad. But yeah.

Felix’s fandom is borderline psychotic, and if he played DMMd, not only would there be no respect for the fact it’s in Japanese, but I dare say there would be rape jokes among other things, and also homophobia out the earhole. Even if Felix himself wasn’t doing those things, the flood of idiotic fanboys/fangirls would, and we already have enough of a cesspool within the DMMd fandom. We really don’t need to add even more to it. 

I highly doubt he’ll end up playing it though. Last I checked, the votes weren’t in DMMd’s favor, and I dare say it’ll stay that way since not many people know wtf it even is, and even if they look it up, a lot of his fanbase are gross childish homophobic preteens who’d immediately vote for something else. So I doubt we have to worry about him playing it, but I still sincerely hope he doesn’t ever play it ever. Cry might be able to play the game in a tasteful way, but Felix I don’t see doing so. 

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So you set up a pro feminism gaming table? Being in Calgary I'm curious as to what happened

Actually we’re anti-feminist. The best way I think to explain it is like this. Everyone knows that one person who’s anti-established religion but still has similar beliefs to what they were raised in. 

It’s kind of like that. Many of us, (the honey badgers) support the agency and autonomy of women, but really disagree with establishment feminism. I myself am, pro-choice, pro-birth control, and fairly anti-traditional when it comes to gender roles and what some would call gender norms.

However it came to pass, establishment feminism pushes the narrative that women are inherently weak and need the government or who ever to save them while simultaneously preaching that women are strong and independent.

Surely there are women who have been victimized and have been abused, but to portray women as only what is done to them and never as self-reliant individuals capable of healing, is fundamentally dishonest. That is why we don’t identify as feminist.

That and our support of #gamergate is why we likely had problems in Calgary. 

The moment someone says anti-feminist or non-feminist they think you want women back in the kitchen serving men, being barefoot and pregnant. Not the case. We think establishment feminism is the problem, and not female empowerment.

The booth was us promoting our podcasts, and Alison promoting her comic. We also support #gamergate because we felt that gamers were being painted as evil white male oppressors. Which we know is not the case.

We stood up for them because as men’s rights activists, we’ve been through similar smear campaigns. Where the media tries to portray the entire movement as a hate group because they encountered one dumbass in a youtube comment section or could not be bothered to do more than a google search..

I know gamers, and they aren’t all like that. So supporting #gamergate and what they’re doing made sense.