dumbass scott

I live for Sciles and their goofiness. Stiles making Scott hide behind the door and bark and growl at salesmen. Melissa being really confused when people approach her about her new dog. 

Stiles painting Scott’s nails and dying of laughter when it turns out his wolf claws keep the polish and Scott is trying to fight Bad Guys with glittery pink claws. 

Scott scaring the crap out of Stiles regularly by hiding in the dark and doing the flashy eye thing. 

Scott trying to prank Stiles that he’s hurt by staggering into the living room saying he’s cut his finger off making dinner and Stiles just rolls his eyes and says ‘You’re a Werewolf that has healing powers, dumbass’ and Scott just stands there covered in fake blood like ‘Oh…Yeah…’

Guess this was a blessing in disguise

(A/N): more scoot summers!
Warnings: angst (just a lil bit), fluff other than that

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    There were only 3 things Scott hated: School, training, and (Y/N). He didn’t know why he despised the mutant so much, he just did, from the moment he met them he hated their guts. And apparently so did they. The two weren’t very nice to each other, their relationship was close to being that of enemies and neither had a clue why. The two tended to avoid each other at all costs, things usually turned to shit if they didn’t. Unfortunately, that rule changed quickly when Scott, professional dumbass at your service, shattered his glasses.

    “We can’t get our hands on any of the materials to rebuild your glasses,” Hank begins, his hand gingerly holding the broken glasses. “So for a few weeks you’ll just have to stick it out with that blindfold and someone to help you along.” Scott groaned, throwing his head back dramatically. 

    “Fiiiinnneee,” he folds his arms over his chest, pouting like a child. “Who are you setting me up with?” Hank looks to Charles, a devilish smirk upon his face.

    “I think (Y/N) would be great for the job,” Charles gives Hank a smirk, his eyes twinkling mischievously. 

    “Hell no.” Scott stated immediately. “Absolutely not. I hate them, I’d rather have a pile of trash guide me around rather than (Y/N).” Charles and Hank share a look before nodding in unison.

    “Perfect. We’ll have (Y/N) be your guide from now on.”

    The first few days were rough on both (Y/N) and Scott. The constant bickering, (Y/N) always making him bump into walls or miss a step or two, the sarcastic insults, it was more than difficult to get along.

    “Can you stop stepping on my feet Summers?” (Y/N) grumbles as they push him forwards slightly. 

    “If you didn’t notice (Y/N) I’m kind of blind at the moment so,” Scott grumbles back, just as unhappily. With a few more unhappy huffs from (Y/N) the two continued on their way to class.    

    As the days went by the two began to grow weary of the constant fighting and decided they should remedy their little problem. 

    “Hey Scott?” (Y/N) asks softly, not wishing to startle the blind man. 

    “Yeah?” Scott turns his head in the direction of (Y/N)’s voice.

    “I’m over here dipshit,” (Y/N) grumbles as the grab his head and not so gently twist his face to meet theirs.

    “Ow!” Scott yelps, slapping away (Y/N)’s hands. “Be a little more gentle next time!” He gingerly rubs at his sore neck, a very prominent frown upon his face.    

   "This is what I wanted to talk to you about,“ (Y/N) murmurs, "I’m sick of fighting all the time. Can we just- just stop for once and try to get along?” Scott hums thoughtfully, contemplating his answer. Sure, he hated (Y/N)’s guts but it wouldn’t hurt to get along just until he could get his glasses back. 

   "Sure,“ Scott shrugs his shoulders, "why not.” (Y/N) smiles widely, a small sliver of hope bubbling within them. Maybe just maybe they could make this…whatever they had, work. 

   Weeks went by and Scott still didnt have his glasses and (Y/N) was still attempting to guide him around. But something was different…Scott wasn’t entirely repulsed by everything (Y/N) did in fact he actually was beginning to…like what they did. From the way they laughed at his shitty jokes to the way they would teasingly direct him Into the wrong class. What he usually found more than irritating he now found…adorable?

    Scott was more than confused as to his new feelings towards (Y/N). He was usually disgusted by (Y/N) but now…now he actually liked him. Scott wrinkled his nose in distaste, his confusing thoughts clouding his mind. 

    “Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout summers?” (Y/N) whispers as they gingerly nudge his elbow. Scott smiles softly, a warm fuzzy feeling spreading throughout his chest.

    “None of your business (Y/L/N),” Scott replies, his tone playful.

    “C'mon, teeellll meee,” Scott sighs, shaking his head lightly. 

    “You’re not gonna like what I tell you,” Scott looks back to (Y/N), or relatively close to where they were.

    “Try me,” Scott sighs again, 'looking’ up to the ceiling in exasperation.

    “I think…” Scott licks his lips, contemplating his words. “I think I’m starting to like you…” (Y/N) is silent and Scott’s afraid he’s messed everything up, messed up the almost friendship he had with (Y/N). And then suddenly (Y/N) has tilted his head to the side, pressing their lips against his. 

  scott nearly moans, melting into the kiss immediately. Scott’s fingers tangle in (Y/N)’s hair pulling them closer to him. Scott finally breaks away, gasping for air. 

    “Guess this was a blessing in disguise, huh?” (Y/N) pants, a goofy smile on their face. 

    “Guess so,” Scott smiles before pressing another kiss to (Y/N)’s lips.

Original Imagine: Imagine Peter hearing you say his name in your sleep

Author: davina-the-warroir

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 298

Warnings: might be a bit out of character

Author’s note:  There will be a part 2. There might be some mistakes since english isn’t my first language. This is my first oneshot, so I hope you like it. Feedback is very much appreciated.

Peter watched how her eyes moved behind her closed lids and how her face mirrored her dreams.

He knew she thought she was ugly, but to him, she was the most beautiful girl in the world. He loved the dimples that appeared on her chin when she laughed about something those dumbasses Stiles or Scott said.

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  • Scott: We have a pretty good idea that she might be... you know... turning.
  • Jackson: Turning? Into what?

elfysparkles88  asked:

Can you do sciles + 6 from the kink meme thing?

Semi-NSFW meme — send me a pairing and a number and I’ll write you a ficlet about one
6) … giving a lap dance

They opt out of having bachelor parties, Scott citing that it’s kind of messed up to celebrate your last night of freedom from a person you’ve chosen to marry and spend the rest of your life with, and Stiles too touched and busy kissing Scott senseless to point out that also no one would come to Stiles’ bachelor party anyway, because all of his friends are also Scott’s friends, and they all like Scott a lot better.

So with that off the table, they decide just to have a party. All their friends, lots of food, and lots of booze.

And, after a bit of resistance from Stiles and Isaac and Braeden, no strippers.

Except, well…

Stiles gets drunk.

So, so drunk.

“Okay. Okay, no. No. I’m- Erica, let go of me. I need to protest. Empath- Em- Strongly protest. Because what kind of bachelor part- Erica, stop, I need to say this! What kind of bachelor party is this, if there is no stripper here to give my future husband a lapdance? Huh? And since I trust literally no one in this roo- Isaac, sit down! Like I said, since I don’t trust anyone here - especially Isaac - not to try and steal my man, I am going to have to do this myself, apparently.”

It shouldn’t be hot. Stiles’ bedroom eyes lose something from the way he keeps blinking them trying to focus, his “sexy” pout makes him look kind of like a duck, and he trips like five times trying to sensually sway his way over to where Scott is sitting.

It shouldn’t be hot, but it’s so Stiles that Scott can’t help it. It’s a conditioned response, like Pavlov’s bell; input stimuli Stiles, receive output attraction to Stiles. It doesn’t matter if Stiles is acting like a drunken, ridiculous dumbass, because Scott loves every single version of him (even the bad ones? even the bad ones).

So Scott doesn’t laugh. Scott doesn’t tell Stiles to stop. Scott doesn’t make Stiles sit down to stop him from embarrassing himself.

What Scott does is put his hands on Stiles’ hips as he straddles Scott’s lap backwards, leaning forward so he can nuzzle Stiles’ neck as Stiles grinds on him, sloppy and uncoordinated and 100% Scott’s favorite person in the whole universe.

Somewhere in the background, Liam is fake retching, saying something about “Ugh it’s like watching my parents” as he gets up and heads for the door, and Isaac is saying “What? Oh, no, I think I’m going to stay a while, just watch a little” before getting hauled away by Braeden, and in a minute or two they’re all alone in their apartment.

Scott doesn’t pay their leaving guests even half a mind, and Stiles doesn’t seem to have noticed at all, eyes closed as he moves to some fantasy rhythm Scott can almost imagine he can hear.

It doesn’t really take long (though Scott will admit he’s caught up in the moment enough that it feels like forever) before Stiles loses his balance and ends up sitting heavy and warm in Scott’s lap, a bit out of breath and his head leaning back on Scott’s shoulder. “Where did everyone go?” he asks drowsily, tilting his neck to allow Scott better access when he presses a kiss against his pulse.

“Probably wanted to give us a bit of privacy,” Scott murmurs against Stiles’ skin, getting a pleased hum in response. “So we could enjoy our last night of freedom and all that.”

Stiles giggles. “Well, soon-to-be-husband, we shouldn’t disappoint them,” he says, trying to stand up, and failing miserably. “Ow, ow, ow, my thighs are killing me, ow, Jesus. Scotty, please carry me to bed?”

“As you wish.”

“Seriously, you’ve watched The Princess Bride, but still not Star Wars? Ugh, you suck.”

skittles au - camping

It was supposed to be a pack thing. One big bonding experience, before they split off for college and stopped living out of each other’s pockets. But then Lydia’s dad took her to Europe, and Isaac got a job, and Kira’s parents were angling for some family time, so it turned into a ScottandStiles thing. 

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Violet Eyes (Stiles Fanfic) Part 3




You finally reach Beacon Hills after hours in the car.

“Here we are,” Derek says when you reach the inside of a loft.

“Nice,” you say as you look around.

“Hey, Derek, how was the tri-” a guy, I guess is Isaac says, but stops when his eyes land on you. He looks you up and down not so discreetly checking you out.

“Isaac, this is Y/N. Y/N, this is Isaac. Now that you know each others names you can stop checking her out,” Derek says directing the last part to Isaac, who just continues to stare at you. Derek leaves to go to his room and Isaac takes your bag and your hand and leads you to a room.

“This room is yours, mine is over there and Derek’s is there,” he says as he points to the rooms. You nod and take your bag from his hands and smile up at him. He smiles a bright smile at you. You start to unpack and he helps you.

“So Derek didn’t tell me much about you. Only that you had a similar situation as mine. So are you a werewolf?” he asks you.

“No, I’m not a werewolf I’m a witch. My entire family was werewolves except me. My family knew Derek’s,” you say. Isaac looks at you suspiciously.

“What?” you ask as he continues to stare at you.

“How do I have proof that you’re a witch?” he asks.

“Fine,"you say as you sigh. You think of a spell to do and  remember the perfect one. You close your eyes and open them, you can tell that their violet.

Isaac’s mouth drops open. The spell you do turns off all the lights in the loft, then makes a pattern of flashing certain ones one and off.

"Woah,” Isaac says as you turn all the lights back on. You smile at him.

“Believe I’m a witch now?” you ask him and he nods astonished.


You leave before Isaac because you want to walk around and look for your class rooms. You’re outside walking toward the school when all of a sudden a guy trips on  top of you. The guy has brown hair and honey brown eyes.

“Sorry,” he says as he looks in your eyes. He stares at you for a minute or two, but gets off of you and blushes when he sees that he was staring at you. He grabs your hand and helps you up. His friend laughs at the boy’s awkwardness, only to earn a glare from the boy who was still holding your hand. It looked like they were having a conversation with there eyes. You cough, to show them you’re still there.

“Sorry,” says the guy taking his hand from yours embarrassingly.

“I’m Stiles,” he says

“Y/N,” you say.

“Pretty name,” he says with a shy smile.

“Thanks. And you are?” you ask the guy standing behind Stiles.

“Who?” says Stiles confused. His friend rolls his eyes and steps forward next to Stiles.

“She talking about me, dumbass. My name’s Scott. Are you new?” Scott asks. You can tell with you witch powers that Scott is a werewolf.

“Yeah.” you say back smiling.

“Interesting necklace,” Stiles says as he stares at your neck.

“Thanks,” you say. Just as Stiles was about to say something you hear a voice calling your name.

“Y/N! Y/N!” says Isaac.

“Right here, dimwit,” you say to him getting his attention.

“Hey. I was just wondering if you needed help getting to your classes,” says Isaac flashing you a genuine smile,

“Uh, I’m good, but if I need your help I’ll call you,” you say back. You look to see Scott and Stiles with confused faces. Except they both are also glaring at Isaac, expecially Stiles.

“Okay. Well, I’ll see you at lunch and if not I’ll see you at home,’‘Isaac says to you. He smiles very brightly at you before he leaves.

"So, how do you know Isaac?” Stiles says trying to act nonchalantly, but obviously failing.

“I live with him. Um, I got to go I still need to find my homeroom class, so I’ll see you later,” you say walking away, not waiting to hear their responses.


I was walking with Scott when I tripped over a tree branch. I expected to land on the hard ground, but what I landed on was soft. I look down to make sure I didn’t fall in a pile of crap, but I see a girl. She has Y/H/C and bright Y/E/C eyes. I’ve never seen her before, so she must be new.

“Sorry,” I say looking into her beautiful eyes. I stare at her for like a minute, but stop when I realize I was staring at her. I get off of her and I blush. I grab her hand and help her up. Her hand is so warm, I could hold it all day. As I’m thinking about her hand Scott starts to laugh at how awkward I am. I glare at him and he stops. We start to have a conversation with our eyes.

'Dude, stop embarrassing me. This chick is hot!’ my eyes say. He rolls his eyes as if to say

'Yeah, I’m embarrassing you.’ All of a sudden I hear a cough. I look back to see the girl.

“Sorry,” I say taking my hand from her’s.

“I’m Stiles,” I say

“Y/N,” she says.“Pretty name,” I say with a shy smile. She talks to Scott a bit but I tune them out.

“Interesting necklace,” I say as I stare at her neck.

“Thanks,” she says. I’m about to say more but then we hear someone calling the girl’s name.

“Y/N! Y/N!” yells Isaac

“Right here, Dimwit,” she says. They talk some more but I don’t listen. I just continue to glare at Isaac.

“So, how do you know Isaac?” I ask

“I live with him. Um, I got to go I still need to find my homeroom class, so I’ll see you later,” she says walking away.

“That was weird,” Scott says.“Yeah, she sure is something,” I say distracted by watching her walk away.