dumbass people with no lives man

You know what makes me sad about Donald Trump? He’s not even that smart. He’s not subtle. He’s not a genius. He’s not manipulative. No, he’s just a dumbass rich brat who is very  rude about his beliefs. And so, so many people fall for it. The man didn’t even have to TRY. That’s what gets to me. That’s how pathetic this whole thing is. Hitler had to work to trick and fool people. Trump simply doesn’t give a fuck and knows everyone will buy his repetitive shit about big walls, guns and evil immigrants regardless. And because you’re sad, soulless, stupid fucking idiots, you accept this, no questions asked. You didn’t even try to be a challenge. My God.
“Hey, be civilized to Donald Trump supporters! Don’t belittle them and be elitist. They’ve had tough lives.”

Fuck that. What do I, or anyone for that matter, owe dumbass, happily ignorant racists who are more than eager to elect the next Hitler?

It’s not my fault they willfully chose to be prejudiced dimwits. That shit’s on them, man.

You know, loads of people grew up poor. But they didn’t end up vicious state-sanctioned psychopaths. 

girl in my school that weighs like 90 pounds & gets 200+ likes on all her pictures: Just love yourself!

how? how do you expect someone that constantly gets put down and ridiculed because they’re bigger than most girls in their school to love themselves? how do you expect someone who gets asked out AS A JOKE to love themselves? how do you expect someone who gets told to kill themselves every fucking day to just love themselves? how do you expect people to love themselves when the society they live in tell them they aren’t even good enough to live there? Instead of telling us to love ourselves you should tell others to love each other. We can’t do this shit alone.