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Question - in the mermaid au, is Oikawa's back always covered because of the legend that says their backs are really ugly? Just curious, I'm so interested to see more iwaoi! How did they meet? Did Oikawa try to drag Tobio under but was stopped by Iwaizumi??

I couldn’t resist, this wouldn’t leave my head. This is prolly what would happen if Goody were to be the one doing the alley fights haaaa

Bonus Faraday+Vasquez ver cause let’s be honest, out of all the 7, Faraday would be the most probable to pull some shit:

  • Portugal: *only smug around his little bro* how does it feel to be in…last place?
  • Spain:
  • Spain:
  • Spain: Fan-fucking-tastic!! Yes!!! I just wish I didn't get those five points! Holy shit yeah!! I lost!! Suck it!!!
  • Spain: *happy dance*
  • Portugal: ……
  • Spain: and uh yeah congratulations…
  • Spain: *more dancing*

more on topic of @mxchnst prompted lunapark theme :D

Dissatisfied with rollercoasters Q is making her own fun while also making serious experiments (what is air? there are deferent types of air that are airier? you can fly with those?!!!) while sam is getting heart attack somewhere off screen

stitch came with little dialogue that meant to be a comic but I’m too lazy

  • sam: you should prove yourself and win us a plushie
  • tron: it’s simple accuracy based game that i’ll just win. how it;s proving myself?
  • sam: user tradition (magical argument that explains any bullshit) and I want that giant boston terrier plushie for marv