So I’m in my sociolinguistics class and we usually break up into groups and discuss the readings, so this chapter is talking about how language is affected by space, so in other words, the way people exist and interact affects how language is shaped.

So this white boy from middle of nowhere white ass Wisconsin goes, “I don’t get what the author means by immigration playing a part in this. Like does he mean back in like the times of Ellis Island because I feel like immigration in the U.S. isn’t really a thing nowadays.”

Bro literally thinks immigration stopped being a thing after his ancestors moved here!?

and I’m sitting there like:

Like oh yeah, the rest of the world was just like, “Oh no, can’t go to America, that shit is reserved for the white people that “discovered” it. Never mind the fact that I will literally get murdered if I stay anywhere near where I currently am.”

So we all set his stupid ass straight and then not five minutes later he is talking about how slavery also should not be listed because that is also no longer a thing.

I swear, how can you go through life so fucking sheltered from the existence of anyone in the real world!?!??!?? Oh that’s right WHITE PRIVILEGE!!!

Just to let everyone know:
Outside of Tumblr, no one cares about these issues.
•No one cares if you think “dumb” is an abelist slur.
•No one cares that you’re an agender transmasculine panromantic asexual who uses they/them pronouns.
•No one cares if you think that “unsolicited compliments” are harassment.
•And mostly no one cares if you think all men are scum or all white people should die, they’ll just think you’re an asshole and go on with their day.

This is website is a tiny crank just trudging along in the grand scheme of life.

  • White People:I don't understand why its such a big deal that Mulan should be Chinese. Why can't she be white? People shouldn't be upset about this.
  • Also White People:ZenDayA CanT BE MarY JaNe BecAuSE sHe "DoESnT HaVE REd HaiR". TheY HaVE To StaY TruE TO ThE CoMicS!!!!
a list of things i dont understand
  • why school is a thing
  • why band merch is expensive
  • why people insist on posting their shitty covers on facebook
  • why people like nash grier
  • why white boys only wear cargo shorts
  • why victorias secrets bras are overly priced
Tom Sawyer: The Sexy Modern Reboot [pt 3/4]

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A young hipster-looking hobo is propped up against a shack by a river. He is dressed only in jean overalls and a straw hat, is smoking a pipe, and has a tattoo of an anchor on his arm. It goes without saying that he is sexy as hell.

SAWYER and BECKY approach, and HUCKLEBERRY FINN looks up.

SAWYER: Huckleberry, my old friend! It’s been a while.

FINN: It’s Finn now, Tom. It’s much cooler and sexier for the modern age.

SAWYER: Right.

BECKY: Finn, can you get us upriver fast? There’s word of strange goings-on at McDougal’s Cave, and we need to get there as soon as possible.

FINN hurries to get his boat ready and they follow after.

FINN: You should have called me ahead of time. I could get us there twice as fast with the help of my friend [BLEEP] Jim.

SAWYER and BECKY stare at him.

FINN: Oh, no, it’s not like that. We’re just really good friends, so it’s cool if I call him that.

BECKY: Yeah, I don’t think it is…

FINN: No, trust me. It’s totally fine.

SAWYER and BECKY look uncomfortable as FINN kicks the boat engine on.

FINN (almost to himself): You can’t be racist if you have a black friend.

The engine roars and the boat takes off.


to be continued….

[Ben Baker is a writer living in Arlington, Virginia. Like everyone else, he is on Twitter.]
white people whining theres nothing as white privilege on facebook

i didnt censor most of these names bc if you are posting your dumb opinions under a public photo then. yeah.

yes lets talk about how egyptians /who are suddenly remembered of being poc but i bet johnny learnt about exodus from his illustrated bible that had white moses in it/ enslaved jews and the impact it had on modern day america, other than ridley scott making a whitewashed shit movie

glenn clifton who is probably 60+ years old says white privilege doesnt exist because there were no xboxes in the ‘50s and he went on hunting trips with his dad for food instead of having it delievered by tesco van

i cut the rest of the comment because it was so full of racist slurs brooke luckey believes two german guys invented communism to make her feel bad about herself

people who think there is no white privilege because they actually have a work to go to

apparently there is no difference between stating a fact and offensive, prejudiced generalisation

yes wanda thank you for pointing out that classism is still a thing. this fact however has nothing to do with white privilege. white privilege isnt being great gatsby-rich at the moment you were born, wanda.

there was literally one out of 50 comments ive read that made any sense and wasnt white people whining that they are not prvileged because they have to work

White people don’t know what it’s like to live in “the ghetto” coz white people have never been put in ghettos, unlike black people and Jews (which Bernie and his family are).

So stop trying to drag Bernie for using the word “ghetto” because he used it in the appropriate context and we as white people KNOW FULL FUCKING WELL that we have never been subjected to it.

So have a fucking seat.