white people whining theres nothing as white privilege on facebook

i didnt censor most of these names bc if you are posting your dumb opinions under a public photo then. yeah.

yes lets talk about how egyptians /who are suddenly remembered of being poc but i bet johnny learnt about exodus from his illustrated bible that had white moses in it/ enslaved jews and the impact it had on modern day america, other than ridley scott making a whitewashed shit movie

glenn clifton who is probably 60+ years old says white privilege doesnt exist because there were no xboxes in the ‘50s and he went on hunting trips with his dad for food instead of having it delievered by tesco van

i cut the rest of the comment because it was so full of racist slurs brooke luckey believes two german guys invented communism to make her feel bad about herself

people who think there is no white privilege because they actually have a work to go to

apparently there is no difference between stating a fact and offensive, prejudiced generalisation

yes wanda thank you for pointing out that classism is still a thing. this fact however has nothing to do with white privilege. white privilege isnt being great gatsby-rich at the moment you were born, wanda.

there was literally one out of 50 comments ive read that made any sense and wasnt white people whining that they are not prvileged because they have to work

  • Me:This school full of nothing but white folks
  • Random white girl:I'm not white.
  • Black friend:Emerald (me), You can't go assuming everyone in this school is white.
  • Me:What are you then?
  • Random white girl:I'm Irish, English, German, and Italian
  • Me:-.- sooooooo you're white..
  • Black friend:she not white.
  • Me:Bitch is still white.


I'm so fucking sick and tired of seeing white people talking about how race isnt a problem, police arent the problem, white people arent the problem, the justice system isnt the problem


if it wasnt a fucking problem this shit wouldnt happen

your white liberal ass is the problem

your fucking ‘everyone is equal, lets not see race. racism is over’ BULLSHIT is the problem,

i literally cried in class on tuesday after a class discussion on ferguson where everyone shot down everything the black students said and kept defending darren wilson, i fucking broke down, i cannot take this goddamn country, i hate the idea that we cant fight back without being ridiculed, we cant live, we cant survive, so if i hear one more white motherfucker talk about how WHITE cops MURDERING black people constantly isnt about race, ima fucking hurt em, i swear, and if youre one of those dumb white people, please, please PLEASE unfollow me, dont speak to me in person, dont ever fucking look at me ever again,

Ever After High, you’ve embarrassed progressive white people and disappointed me on a personal level with the Fabybelle Thorn.

I was promised a girl born with natural teal hair and get a platinum blonde with a streak of teal?

dear Monster High, I only looked the other way for a minute because you were without new webisodes and the anime seemed to have stopped, take me back!