I just wanna be someone’s “perfect” ya know? Not the “oh my gosh you’re so beautiful and flawless” kind of perfect, but the “I see your flaws and they fit me like a glove” kind of perfect. I guess you only find that once, and it takes time, but it’s hard to wait for something like that.

Equality Golbat: “Child, adult, doctor, musician, gamer, optimist, pet owner, car enthusiast – These are labels. So I’m pretty sure you don’t actually dislike *all* labels.”

This is the fallacy you commit when saying “I don’t like labels.” Actually, you use labels all the time. Unless you literally only ever refer to yourself as “I” or “this one”, you seem to be a big fan of labels, as long as the particular labels being used aren’t a threat to your privilege. You don’t say “I don’t like labels” when somebody calls you by your name, or occupation, or hobbies. If you object to the labels of white, cis, straight, dyadic, neurotypical, and abled, then say that. If you say you hate all labels, you’re probably lying.


intp/introvert communicating problems

•you need to look at and hear what the person is saying and doing to know how to reply

•texting is a problem because youre left in the dark and constantly contemplating whether or not they meant it this way or that way

•you need to be in person to know how to reply, but you prefer not being around people too often

•you feel like you sometimes talk too much, especially when your conversational partner doesnt know too much about what youre talking about/doesnt seem to be interested

•small talk is hella awkward

•when you want to escape small-talk hell and bring up another subject but dont know how to go about it

•all your ideal conversations end up being more like in-depth analysis on every subjects’ subjectivity

•you leave every one of these in-depth conversations with regret because you a) didnt convey that particular thing the way you wanted to/said the wrong thing, or b) didnt say enough

•there’s a certain topic youve wanted to talk about FOREVER to the point where youve actually come up with every conversational scenario you think possible

•topic comes up and suddenly youve forgotten everything. shit.

Cracked readers, I want to get to know you better. I don’t actually want to see you in real life and engage you in deep conversation. I’d rather you sum up the infinite complexity residing within the shimmering light of your soul by way of a questionnaire, the most comprehensive way of learning about a person that doesn’t involve hiding in bushes with binoculars.

“10 Very Dumb Questions You Should Answer Right Now” by Luis Prada

  • Sandor Clegane:Little bird, I love you and want to make you happy, but I fear I'm just not good enough for you. I cuss and I'm filthy.
  • Sansa Stark:No one's perfect, and I love you just the way you are.
  • Sandor Clegane:I said some real shitty things to you back in King's Landing.
  • Sansa Stark:You were trying to warn me. You saved me time and again.
  • Sandor Clegane:There's a darkness about me, girl. I've killed so many people.
  • Sansa Stark:We've all been forced to do things we haven't wanted to. What matters is what you do now.
  • Sandor Clegane:I can't stand lemon cakes.
  • Sansa Stark:....
  • Sansa Stark:....
  • Sansa Stark:....
  • Sansa Stark:All right, um...gimme a sec here. I'll - no, no, don't worry. I'm fine. I just - yeah.
The Signs As Dumb Things I Have Done During Sleepovers

Aries: Forgot headphones while listening to EDM music on Spotify (I literally woke up the entire neighborhood)

Taurus: “I’m only going to eat ONE slice of pizza.” *Four slices later* “Nvm”

Gemini: Chatted with my friends on Skype instead of talking face to face.
(We were 2 feet from each other)

Cancer: *Suddenly hears a noise*
“So this is how I die”

Leo: Whip’d and Nae-Nae’d at 3 in the morning. Literally scared the turd out of my friends.

Virgo: “I’m going to get sleep!”
* Tumblr: 99+ Notifications *
“Sleep is for the weak”

Libra: *Accidentally trips on the corner of a counter*
Me: “Help me, I’m shot.”

Scorpio: Turns the AC on 15 degrees Celsius and wears two jackets.

Sagittarius: “I’m going to pretend I’m drunk!”
*Starts mimicking every move my sister makes*

Capricorn: “I’m going to go look at Creepypasta”
* Five minutes later *

*Creepy whispering*
“What if aliens are real”

Pisces: “I’m finally going to pull an all nighter!”